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The Future Of Europe

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Such, then, is tho power of Gerniany as t has come out of the grcat war of 187071 - boundless, without a rival, with íothing to provont it from satisfying its usts or completing its destinies. I never :elt so keen ly the aptaoss of this saying L a Frenoh writer: "Nothing is eo lorrifie as the absolute victory oí' an y Mi' . t tin; .- tin: tlüc, flrfl tnay, even iiow, far away ia tlio future discèrn tho jmbryo of unuthcr grcat con test for lOiHtij,, ;m sujj'vi.iic; . "As Italian unifl-. satioñ was the patten upon which Bistuarek worked out tho unity of Oermuny, Lrurmaii unity, in its turn, uiay boeoino the rignal for a thini and stiil gTeatei aiovementof thosame ■ bind'PangennanUan, nul. r&rj Lar now from its OOmpletion, will certainly rise Panslavism, witli its nuclous in Eussia, witli thtí Vistula and the Luitha for its westMTB fnmtier, and stretching to tho south nu far as Cape Mata-pan. Tnen, and not till then, will the real odntqot t:ikr place - ono in compansoi with wlich tlie of 1H7U itself may dwiuilUi inlo ingignineánóe. For the present, all symptoom Of auch revolutions aro doniiaut. The oourts of Berlín und St. Petersburg are friundlv. Tho Bmperor AUxundcr has rendored bis now imperial con: ] r whifch deservo uskoowledfftneBt, and has alroady rnoeiyed a substantiaJ return in th'ë modifioationa j ut iatrodttoed ïnto thei rèaty of lN")(i. Kussia, moivovcr, is far lïum lx:ing rrady : it h-.m téftliked the bemeflcóal conseq-uenoea (A tl ■ (jmancipation of tho serfs : it is actnally eDgaged in tho pvóoeéa of inoreasing and ir;msforming its aiiny. Yot we muet ttot forgotth;:: ent good underetanding betweon i.'u ia ana Gtormany it inerely to tho throne of Russia is at no poing to conccal hú v. ry iliilciiiit tVvliiicrs. and, ;il)uvi' all, th:it the Kussian party, if whal is tin: ïaain puit uf the nation lu.y be r:illcil a party, enturtains an uqual dislike for its Germán fellcw-eiti.riis at bcniound tin., (uiiran natioBabroad. Socfii nu tho ulemrnts out of whicli Kililical S])oculatovs must try to evolve tli ■ tut ure history of Europa. One thing, at all ivi nts, is olear : the. reaatt of tle last war will bind in future the forcign policy of Franco to that if Itussia, sinco Prsnoe i-m liave no hope ófrovenge or remedy tas the drtedKUl treatióent she Ikis experiencéd :it t!u hanHa of (rermauy exccjjt throogh the tÍM " a power mow (rigan-tio still tlian that of which we havo


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