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European Monarchs

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lliomas Jeüerson, BÓine fiity ycars ago, discoursos thus of the crowñed heads of hi time. If he is slightly 'rough' 011 them ho seems to have good reasons for his stiicturos. a satiafaction it ia to know that nionarchs eren iiuproTe with the tiques : " Whilfi in Europe I often amuscd ínyself with üontumplating thu characterp of tho tlion reigniag sovereigns ot' Kuiopo. Louis XVI. w;ia ,i fuol, of iny owu kiunvlodgc, and despitp of the angwersui ulo foiq hiin at his trial. The King of Spain was a fooi ; and of Naples, the same. They passed their lives in hunting, and dispatched two couriors a week one thousand miles to let each kimw jyhad gftniq they had killed tin; ptecodiiog days. Kiugof Sardinia waa a fooi. AU tl were Bourbons. The Queen of Portugal. a Bragajlzá. v;is au iiliot by nature; and so was the Kiug oi Denmark. Their a regenta, exerciaed the powera of góvernmuat. TheKIngofPru ''ssor to the great Fxederick, was a tneue hpg fli body aa well as in mind. Gustavus of i and Josoph of Austria wtfio really trazy; and Cjeorge of Eng] you know, was in a straight waist-coat, ïemained, ihen, nona but old Catharine, who had been too lately picked up to have lost her comnion-seuse. In this state Bonaparte fonnd Europe; and it was this state of its rulere which logt it with acaree a si) These animáis ■ une v. i; hout mind and powerless; and so will every hereditary monareh be aftera cations. Aleaiider, tho in 'it' C l l i: l L-i: : ception. He is able to hold hls own. But he is only of the third geueration. His race is not yet worn out. And so eudeth tho book of langs, fioni all of wlioin tho Lord deliver ás."


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