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The Follies Of American Women In Paris

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In treating of the politics of v.-oincn it would hardly be a'possible thing to ignore the hegira of American vfomén to Paris during thu lust twelve years: To i;iin 1 "ti is ii;is been the end ttaé aim of the iin'iitiiiu-; dreanu of tnany of oür infatuatod :ouii1ryvoiiH;n. It has been to thi'iu wbat rilling in a cart was to Tilly Slowboy - "the sinninit of liuiii-.m happiness, fchehigheèt pinaole of narthly hopea"' And once th"ro, thruv, :es to tlu winds, these husbandless wiveeled a career mueh more Parisian that of the 1'arUians themselvi s, paynjg little heed to the - Imoitt iilwiiys ivtrurdi il by Europeun woraen. To be admired bythe emperor was a mattet of bonst - tobe t.ilkcd abont becante the great earthly pood. Three Amerioafl vomen, whoae munosare sowell known that tiu v would be inimediately called in every club and in everyparlor in XcwYork, have a Boropean infamy in this ay, nn'd unfoi'tuuatcly tbeir exaniple spreid, for they werc all bandeóme and gifted. ïhey bought beautiful di -- i toï tki ir l'iiiiiis at home - they were tnuoh couid d ly the more decenr Aii. ricans, very g'Hd to bfe etdmitted tótheTuileriea bti o by the I staira. The curtain 'mis fallen on uüííappy Paris, whoso follieS vere those of the Rtissians and Americana far inore than Her own ; and one at lenst of these ppor butter Biöo, the rtioét WflliáBi of all, lias boon crushtd. bn Foitar.e's wheel. What has bocouie ot' tha iHiuTs .- Wh'art will bo . tlu.'ir f'att', what their old agei vhoii the poor filory of brhi the ' empetoif sfavorite " is taki-n away, and wln-n boawty and only the meinory ot'i'ollv retnrtinst Yat the story is ;i.s old a MessHnt as Thfodora, i-illcrodia-i. Woinen v411 tl befóse kiage, mul they wiii wigods. They will mistak e notorioty for 'aun-, aud will lingei in ti i df á tictitious brUliaacy iill K)me ftrei speotre of a KNVJt huir of all : . . , ■ ihi'in that thi'v biava cii apples. -


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