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AccorJing to t : rnati th V, ■ has adogt) d a i low '1 to advantugo ;n oi j.s. Thu Club choose .1 coiiiinittee ut' .-ix to ïii'ie of tlu' mewbers, ai. cl assigu ;t certain numbor of 1 tb y mr fy) visit tb"se far]UL .,;-.i fttjs ut' June and rejport,.and p... ut tlie saine to the Club during its wintw 8 sion anda prinor il tut record of Üw bwuois by tlu ary. ; illowditg iju.-'s! : . uud answei's ui eived : Number it' aprs " ■.': Kuinlu-r of cow - -iiiutv.of muk duily 'i [mprovements mad ■ n Vi-itilizii-s wed Mid ü. in i i Wlint ninoinit y This i'i'nturr Works well. Aa ;i wi'i-k's ïiiiiicc ia xivi.'ii, tli.' t ocoupant lus ;hi opportuaity totrig tliins up ; and a ni;m pf anj í t mi UI do the Club genurally put a few u] o ; tliis coiniaii ■ 1 lination w'no ore slach in tarm operatious, hoping that a view f Baore thriïty uoighbors' ill stir tliem up. In illustnitinjí thn fniita of adveré i an exchange says : "A familvin Floi lot their littie boy, and aavertised for him in 11 daily paper. Tlmt vri y offeernoon :m ullifraii swamp and die i on 1 kv front ■ stomaoïi w:i fbr.nd n liandi . red huir, boi e houn buti ns, a V" : glass-alley, o nu! R pper ilollar Tlic a' tisi 'iimnt 'li'l t."


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