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The Detroit Post Gets Off An Unjust

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ïcisnvon thopoemot Mr. Caribton", read bofore the recent meeting of tho Publhhers' Association at Bay City. Wc don't see the " oant " of wliich tho Puit speaks. It claimed no special favors or immunitios for oditors, but only " took off, " iu a humorous and perfectly truthful way, the opinions held of newipnpcr men by outsiders, and the ' patronage " bestowed up011 the press by a large liuss if üommunity. Thore are man y nicn of poli'tical and business note who loso no opportunity to sponge upon the columns of their "favorito journal, who seek every method to get a " free puLf," and who will " stop my paper," and without paying for it, if a hint is even given them that pay is-wanted. Such men, with thoss who bolieve that editors are mere machines and eniitled to neither politica! isor social considerutioii, ivnd who beliere themselves competent to direct, Carleton was ifter. The guests he depicted are by no means of raro types - unless it be the lattur one. - Since writing the abovo paragraph we have reeoivod tho Kalamazoo TelegrapJt, which goei for the " poetical critic " of the Post in right lively style. So we drop tho subject. Mr. Gladstone anncranced ín the House of Conrmons, on the evening of tho 2Oth, " that the Quecn had solved the purchaac problem by canceliflg' tho royal warrant authorizing the purellase of eommissions in the army." A bilí accomplishing the same result had been passed liy tli; Comtnons, but had failed to procure the asseat of the House of Lords. In this latter body the announoemcat was bittcrly denoonced by the opposition o iory party as both arbitrary andunconstitutional, and tho nieasure was also vchemontly attacked by the Time and otlior London journals. We are not surprised at this manifcstation of opposition, for it is one of the severest blows struck at the aristocracy. If eommissions in the army can no longer be bought for the " younger sons " they will have to go -without, and if no longer to be sold noble spcndbhrif.tB will find a lat souvee of income cut off. The Oerraan Republicans of Iowa are after Senator Harlax. They charge that he has abused tho patronage of his office in a selfish, despotic, and vindictive inanner ; that he has eudoavored tO' corrupt the press and make it his tooi ; that he once spurned the office like a " sucked orange," prcfeiring a Cabínet positicn as more pr-ofitable ; that he favors injecting a religious test into the constitution ; that bo is opposed tota riff and civil service reform ; that they lack confidence in his integrity as a politician ; and that he lately made himself the subtle tooi of the President - in furthering tho San Domingo scheine. Like " Truthf ui James " their " language is plain." Col. Henry Bakxs, of Detroit, long connected with the Press of this State, in an early day with tho Free Pres, and later the founder of tho Tribune, committed suicide on Friday last by shooting himself in tho head. Mr. BABS8 was an activo politician, held a seat in the State Senate in 1859, was appointed Postraaster at Datroit by Axdy Johnson, and afterwards was Pension Agent. He was 56 years Old. Financial embarrassinent is assigned as he rea-on for his " taking off." The Indiana Democratie State Central Comniittee has formally placed ex-Senator Hendricks in nomination for President, subject of course to the decisión of the National Convention. A worse nomination might and may bc made, but then it is a little early to put candidates in the field. THE Tribune aims a joke at tho Publishorá' Association bucauso no clergyman was invited to say graco at the Bay City banquet. Considering that the members of the Association wore guests, and not the rulers of tho feast, where does the arrow hit V A letter was received Saturday in Chicago from Dewitt C. Sprague, United States Consul at Brunswick, Germany, whi.h says that Zeigenmeyer, tho murderer of Gumbleton, had endeavored to dispose of a starch factory which was purchased by moncy taken from Gumbleton. Application was made by the Consul to the civil tribunals nnd an injunction was issued restraining him from selling until ho should give security for the money. Agents of the banks interested in the money have arrived in Brunswick and will take legal nieasure to recover the ainount. The Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad Company has issued instructimis to their agents that all goods intended for exhibition at the Buffalo International Industrial exhibition which will be prepaid to Buffalo, will be returned at the close of the exhibition over that railroad free of all charges. As a farmer living in Madison county, Hls., was thrashing his wheat, frietion set his machine on fire aud entirely destroyed the thrasher and the stnek of wheat. The fire also 6wept over the entire iield, consuming everythiug that came in its way. It was with difnculty that even tho horses wcre saved. Tho Lehigh Valley and Pcnnsylvania & Beading Railroads havo purchased, for $141,000, three hundred acres of land at Perth Amboy, N. J., with an extensiva water front, to be used for tho construction of docks and as a shipping port for tho coal traffic of tho roads. Tho reigning Duke of Brunswick owns the largest nollection of valuable and curious snuff-boxes on tho European Continent, it is belioved to be worth upward of one hundred thousand dollars. Throo hundred ani forty-nine ladies in Gerwany have received raeduls of honor from Emperor William I., for valuable services rendered in tho military hospitals during the war. A messenger of the Bank of Now York was knocked down on the corner of Broadway and Warren streets Saturday aftornoon, at 1 o'clock, and robbed of $30,000 in government bonds. The thievt'S eseaped. Russia has given her adhesión to the International Tolograph Conventicin of Vimma. This brings tho Ru-iin li)uni t.i tho Amoor and Doad Sea under the operation of the terms of that convention. A fall of black rain oceurred lat month near W"orcester, England. It poured down liko ink for a quarter of an honZf covming sheep and otiu-r animáis in the field with an adhosive substanco ag black as soot. No oxplanation has been given. The Lamar Fire Insuranco Coropany, of Chicago, has suspended. Thfi affuirs of the coropany will be placed in the hands of a raoeiver. The Scotcbmen of St. TíOui aro making extensivo preparations for a grand celebratiwx of the centennial aiiniTersary of the birthday of Sir Wolter Scott. I


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