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_Kow i. the time to pay what you owe it the Akgcs office. We waut a pile of jfeflibacks. _That nfwflr-ibcll wclghs 1,250 lbs., uid not 12,050 lbs as the Aious itemiiSer M(teitlast week. _ln answer lo a correspondent we have joiijthat Dr. W. F. Bnp.AKKY, of thisclty, lsuesamining surgeon uncler the pension Kt -Dctroiters of Scotch birth and decent are arrnnginir to celébrate the ccli tennitl annivernary of the birth ol Walter Scott. -UanDoM'H Hogkhs has arrived at Provldcnw, and will probably soon enter Iis8ppernce lu ourcity: hls old stampIgground. - Prof. Tyi-EU hns been prospoctlng at Curnell. but condueles to " let Well enough ione:" thiit Is rctain hls conncctlon wilh lí.c Michigan University. - On and after Monday next the Atlan :c Express train on the Michigan Centfal Morun rVi the Air Line from JacksOIl to Kücs. saviii;; seventcen alles. - Woonnuri' has discovered the sev .:r,li house gotng op at Ypsilantl : also a man mowlnR weeds In the streets. The lttcr discover}' is ncodod herc. - Imltatteg President Guant, his Cabtwuilvisern, no' olber JUtlnanlihed offló!s, Cuunlj' C1erk EtoBMoi lias left the (coimty) capital, nut for Long Branch, but tiitt'rip to tlie enst. - Ssailry Vot owntrs on División street liave trinuncd p tde tnoee Iront of their rcsldtnY, so that dajrli(;lit may shiue in Lpon tk'in at othor hours thiin high noon Siy lüeir gol example be .'olloweiS. - We sawa very flne sample o.' Dleht het from the farai of J. W. Cowan, of Shírou, a few 4ays ince, whlch the Coiinty Cltrk asssved tis a fiiom a field tvhicli tïoulrt clean up 35 bushels per acre. The berry was pluinp and bcautiful. - The lire cumpa nies liad a trial of! másele on Tueedsy afternoon, for a purse ttfSi, settJMg lUtir enülnes in Main Street 6cínSíortlí, aixl drawlng water from the; (toga tt the Cffowlng of Main and Wh iïluu streets. Helief Cuuipany threw Hl ft 7 'niches, and Protectiou Coiapany - thtlie old M;iy Fiower rnnjafi WW feet (iidies. KtlítíOínipanv brolle a plDDger on her flnal trial, and the contest is to be mewedon Wedaetdiy aftercoon next. - "Hoes" ÍJaukiüon says lie " pui a leid" on a '■ big níger" Tueedaj evcnlnjr -"Hoss" is bllIMolf black a the ace oi ipadcs - for callin-; lihn a "d - d Har;" more iban his dlgnlty emild stand. And ra Weduesday noou t wUite óoys, with Wás turned Ity wiisky, tricd to pivvoke ii!m into a fight when " Hossc'h" flst ptnt Í u the back of one of thein riminded kim of an earthqutkc. Tliere ha been otber skirmishing around the edges, rettiingthe dullness oí the streets. The great how of the season is ad ver Usl for Tuesday next, August flrst. Van Ambcrgii may have had somethin of a BraaTv; and Dan Rice a circus of sume PMcusious, but it has ben reeerved lor Wakxeh to combine uudcr one mauageWt Museum, Menagerie, and Circus, 'kreeenterlaininents in one, and for but a 'iyltudmiiisioufee. His mamiuoth Elephant. " Eaipress, Is the largest on tuis contiat, Ix-lng 11 feet, 4 inches high, with a nstewd weiglit of 12,480 lb. The other Mimáis are rare and attractive. The Mu '■ is a new feature und hns many points ' interest. The Circus troupe uuinbtr ""nfof the best artistes and performers. ")d tliere wlll bc a flue dUplay of cques Win feats, posturing, vaulting, and grand ld lofty tnmbling. On the whole, " The Great Pacific Menagerie and Circus" offers "ly lull of sport. Thcre was a vcry severe hall and wind 'torm iu the juiheastern part of Jackaon Cuanty Wednesday afteruoon, blowlog dD stacks, unrooüng buildings, destroy '8 orchards, kiliing sueep, and ttolng oth " (tamage. - A similar storm on Sunday afternoon, j% 16th, made sad havoc in Lima and "lom, and also hit Lyadon and Sylvan, "vcling from uorthwcst to soutlioast. ihewlieat erop ins been cut and secured 11 S1 order, the berry is of the flnrst Ualiti', the yicld oxcellont, and our farmer 'fciidsarejubilant TUe tlirushors are at fk and new wlieat is coming into maret Wc quote: New white, $1.151.20 ; "''Í'-.IOI.IS; ncw am'ier, $1.10@1.15: J'I105@110. Too low, in view of De wltprices: $1,40 for extra white, aud $1, 31 for No. J, Patiuck Boxkr, a masón tender at work the üniversiiy Hall, feil from a scaffolcl dnesday aOerooon, Ktrlking across a ''".lircaklng a rib, aud otborwlse injnr'igliim. ]Te 'i"0 writtcn l our notes of the Pub. er' Excursión at snch lengtli as to exf uk'our'Commercia; Letter' and otlier Oturs oflocal intwst.


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