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A Day At Whitmore Lake

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MR. EdiTOK: As no reporter- Argus or other eyed- was present with the largc party of tlie M. E. Chureli people who vlsited Lake V hitmore 011 Fritiuy last, I senil a brief report of the "ílay's doings ; " thougli I am sure jour many friends thdre on that day would preier to have seeu vourself and iainily there wilh them, when you could editorially have chrouicled the evenls of the day. As the track for the iron horse on the T. A. A St N. it. Ii is iHt laid as far as Whitinore, the lonrists had to depend on the olU lashioued equlne steeds,- some o( vrhleh, by the way, may be marei human lh.iu lias been supposed, possibly entitlwl to "brevet rank, - and all are sarely In the line of Darwinian promotion- au Itsm worih reiiiembering by hard di'ivers. pur friends at Whitmore eau not eipect to amount lo inuch until they borc : tl Artesiaii Well aud lor a Northern 11. R For tlie beuetiis af sucli instilntioiis witiiess Aun Albor! 13ut, to switch back oïï tliat side track. The Mutliodixt congregaliou and their frieuds, to the uunibcr of about eijjlity, took a "new doparture," and spent a verv pleasant day, stopping at the CUlteo Hou-e, to tlie proprietor ol wliich, Mr. D. F. Sm tu, tliey are indebted for in .,iiy considérale attiMiUons Cfadt contribiHed macb to tlie enjoyineiii of tlie visit. The boais ere dry hiuI clean. Mr. Ö. seems to eomprebeod tiiat onc oftbe prlnelp! things t:ial people go lo Wlr.tiuore tor is tlie lake ltself; and wc can a.sure him thpy will vvays appreciate efforts whieh add to the conilort or convenieuee of those who wisu 10 navlgate ts waters. His eaterprlaa lu Iiiring extra boats for the accominodutiou of the party was commeudable, and liis liberallty WW be rcmcmbered. He is playIng a new role as "landiord," and tliougli wel', supported is a "host in himself," and is provlng his ability to "keep a hotel." The diuner was abundant and excellent, and thorunghiy discussed. "The bfeeze biew fiwhly and the sun shonc bright.1' The saüing was deliglitl'ul, the rowiug was said lo be exhilaraiiug and appetizing vour reporter tuok the word of those who tried it, but ventures to privately express the opinlfin that Uk1 wliole company must have been rowing bc foro dinncr, or rode or bceu on the road, or eUc that sucli stlmulants to appetite were not reqnircd. A survey service was institutcd, water lilips captured, aad some prominent citixetis of Ann Arbor, includina drugïist, a mércUant, and a bauker, claim to have caiiüilit a fish, but whetlier he was drugled, lou.ulit, or hoked(?) tliis doponent kiioweth not, but It was said he carne from Dead Lake, and hc was dead when ezhlblted ! Two ar-ious eveots occurred whicli might have proved much more strious. The hii;;e sloop "Ripple," in atteinpilni: to cross the bovvs- to w iulward - of the sniall yacht "Col. Ellsworth," colüiled and had a hole stove in her shle-thoiigh lor tunately above the water line - and carne viiy nfar l'umiing down the smaller boat, greatly endatigcring the lives of those In it, as well as CHOBlog somethlna; more than a ripple of excitemetit and alarm to thcin and thcir fric-nds ot shore. Next, two youug men demoutra-td, by experiment, that a verr sinall t'acing boat, built to curry only, will not carry two at the same time. and white (iolog so, took a bath lliat coUld hardly be considered an iu rringement on KifoWurou's, (dr ), and we do not tliink it will bc patented, and as tliey wcl'e nearly half a mile from any other bdats and more than thac distance from shore, it was prolonpt-d some time befors thcy couid be reachcd and rtsclled noni ihcir periious posrtlOO. Jlsantime the unxiciy ano fear offrleuda in their bebalf wal bruaght to a high pitch, and many heartielt t!;anks were uttered at their safe delivcrancc. Providentially nothing worse c;nne of ihesc niishups, and uothing cbe occurred to mar the eujoyment of the dajr


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