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TUESDAY, AU&UST lsf 1871, YPSILANTI, WEDNESDAY, AUG. 2nd, MANÜÍIÉSTER, MONDA Y, JULY 31st. tüe GHRA.iNrjD.EiSi1 AND MOST STÜPENDOÜS ENTERPRISE ÍN THL WORÜ) ! WAIT FOR IT. IT IS COMING. SOMETHINQ 3SrE"W TTlSrXDEI?, TUZE SXJjST, Jp A Monster Museum, K amamot;lü Menagerie, H SK Maguiflcent Circus_ THBEE BIG TENTS ! 01 THREE SEPARATE SHOWS ALL FOR ONE TCKET! t$SÈji&L!M WONDERS OF ART AND NATURE, COMVFWto FLETE AVIARY AND ANIMAL KINGDOM. T . greAÏ PACIFIC MENAGERIE AND CIRCUS f miÁg PERFECT Z00L0G1CAL AND EQÜESTRIAN ORGANIZATIUX . fc-L%f NonesoGkand! v ïPy&yMv NONE SO COMPREHEK N. JPSm L.argest Concern B ïïifJÉlV ■U Ik make wav Fon Ti 1 1; "-jffgfJE $50,000 Elephant, Empress, 4fê& 'i The Wonder and Admiratlon of the World and Marvel of the "á?J - l'Jth Century. 11 feet 4 inches high ; Hegistcred lwMto Weight 0 tons 480 pound ; Aged YYfJ&Ur EXÜIB1TED DílLY WlTnOÜT EXTRA CHARGE In tho ANUAL Department ,-,g5s. The Menagerie, whicli is exhibited iii a separate tent. has a stiffi"Ta clent number ot Wild Animáis to flll THIRTY CAQES, conrined 1'ml. iJt - '" tlu' new an;1 magniflceiit doublé compartmenl 1 ■ 1 1 -- . built expiessM jLmgF ly tor this grand Caravan, by the íamous bnildcrs, Fulton íC Walker, HRfSKT by Castor Recht of Philadelphia Fielding Brothers of New York, .JfJ0 Qj_ uiid l'latt ot'London, Englaud. the MAGXIFICENT STREET PAEADE. yjX The Manager most respectfully invites the public within Dfty miles j BjH of the places where his Museum, Menagerie, Circus and Caravan has %SWS tho honor of appêariog tliis seasan, to witness the grand and grutuHH vk ll''us display of the proliilc resources of this lElffijpj Leading Moving Zoological Garden OO Of the world, whlch take place every morning at 10 o'clock, in the . great Public Proccssions, and J4 á frbb to allí VSMjma Vroi. A. J. Forpaugh will appear every clay in an open Steel P.UjlJi%nÊeffZ&i ice Car, performing his SÉ" HUGE SAVAGE KAFFIE LIOXS jei Showing the power over the Klngs of the Forest, and whnt a fcarless dQOI?if3fcíl?: man niny do. This extra attraction, an original of Warner, is ttlraíjMnlll, L-rouglit before the public ata cost of 19,000. Following these are JIÍbEI C3"E SOLID 3VIXX,E 1 SÊÊMÊmi qj I'rinccly Deus, Carriages, and I i ' VanB, gorgeously palnted Id green, White and Gold, with costly IJanf-iS 7 "iaj - flf ners FlagS, and Mottoes, floatlng P% (V, -Á (I ' Irom tbe tops of each and every tíLk rr V ] ""e, coDtai&fdg the Ró.val Beasts. vS? E bb The llorses aily plumed and the tHÊss. i'i Drivers 11 theli richest holid.iy atUB} Pwi Lsl tire, presentlní; a scene of grandW) 'w ' I3Ü pur c"n8 "le wildest enthiisiy- % IPn asm everywhere. Unprecedented y A'1 %. In the annals of show history. J Wmfi. p_J n this magalficent M n TP -igajS tego is the Qllded Car ot Oberon, 8?"f 'ln"iïï # rM il ïflim L from -whicli the soul fp j" f [=. v V ring and Ingplrlug intisic of Capt. x3._=_ _S_ 1 v Joe Whlther's famous Cornet band. ƒ,'- ■i= 'S. And her attendants, the Camels ""Jl -"" and Uromediules, clothcd In their Conrlly Robes of Crimson and Gold, keeping step to the music, and apparently conscious of the great sensation created. s n entlrely new feature, and reqnires an adiütional Tent, (making three large tents n all.) is Ulied Womlers of Art anl Freaks of Nature, and is added at a cost ot 20,000.00, Itirther demonstratina: to the public the Managen deterral natton to keep up ith the proirressive spirit of the age The public must bear In niind that Warner's Great Pacific Circus, and Caravan is the only establishment West ot the Alleghaney lioantaina that uses Thrce Big Tents. All olhers use 011e. Head, Heflect, and Patronixe the Kstablishmnet that fjives triple returns for the money expended. Be piirtlcular to sec the diagrams, and don't mistake the THREE BIG SHOWS IN ONE, or confouud it with any of thosc light waisted cstablishmeuts with only one pavillion. RETvIEÏwiEBER NONE GENUINE QnleM they have Three Bi Tents. The Great Pacific Iris the best Circus on this Continent. We make 110 exceptious, and challenge the World to equal it. It has BETTKIÏ BA.REBACK RIDERS, BErrKR FEMALE RIDUIiS, UETTEU LEA.PER8, VAUI.TEUS AND TUMBLERS, BETTBB M'MLETES, liETTER CANNON BALL PERFORMEU8, BETTEH DOUUI.E BOÏIER8AULTER8, BETTEK rRAPEZE AUTISTS, BETTER CLOWNS AND GYMNASTS, BETÏER EQUILIBRI8T8, BETTER POSTURERS, Etc, And more of them than r.ny show travcling this season It is the best dn-ssed Circus Company in and out of tlu ring, that ever appeared In public. It draws a better class ol people ind jjives botter satlsfaction than any troupe ever seen belore. ES1" Inquire alter It from the time the Agents arrive in town, two weeks ahead Talk about it until you see the great Procession ou the day of the Exhibltiou, and Uien, if nol satisfled. THAT IT IS THE BEST SHOWT In every particular, that you have ever scen, don't patronize il. TWO EXIIIBITIONS DAILY, AFTERNOON S5 EV-fc-NINGK Doors open at 1 and 7 r. M. The Arenic display commeuces at 2 and 8 r. m. SEATi? I OR ALL. OOMS EARLY. Atlmission, 50 ets Chhidren ander Ten Years Oíd 25 ct. 'I II. V. WARNER, Contracting Agent. O. P. MYERS, General Agent.


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