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TyJ E W GOODS BEOEIVED fiieïTlewis i CALL TnE AfTENTtON OF THE I'EOPLE OF HIK CITY AND COUNTRY TO riIEIli EXTEN'SIVE AND VVKLL A83ORT1.1) STOOK Oï SBASONABLE OOOUS IN THE LINK OF BOOTS -A.KT3D SÍ2OES, Wbicb they now hnve in stre . and to which con stiuit addilions will bc made throufihout. the season' The troods which we oflVr tire new and tieth lïnm Lhe F :ctoiy, and iu uil cases will bc found aa reprcácuteü. EVEltr DESmiPTIOX OF LIGHT AND HEAYY WORK, FOK MEX, TVOMEN AM tHIIDIlEA, We have tbs EXCL US1 VE SALE OP TUK CELEBB.ITED C1LF BOOTS AI SHOKS. Made by JAMES jSI. BÜRT. OF N. Y. CITT. EVERY PAIR WARRANTED BOTH IN STOCK AND WORK. Aleo the F.XCl.rsirE SALE of REYNOLU'S BRO'S. LADIES FIXE SIIOES OF EVEKY STYLE The nbnvo vroik is fnr superior to nr.'y hcratofor? El'i,' offerod n tlils clt , nnd we enarantee H iu every particular, and sell it at HSW l't'R C'i.'.V3.beow U6troi1 ï'iicen, on the enme , Sf fr t m Sabscrlber8 to Peters I 1 IV i-r Mueu-nl Monthlv re KetV2.U V lív.ií thelr Music for less rhnii Iwo c-.Mit a pieco. T B Those who havo not Fcen I ihis Musical Magtirne I shoald sond 30 cents for a ■ I II I snmplecopy. The miislc Is -r,-. I I iiy H:iv3."Thoma, KinIH [ I I ttel PenlCT. am". otbw JLJi ■- AJÍ. po; nlnr writora. Two lack numbers lor A New School Book,b 4'ccuts. PoorbncknomH S PrRKiN Pril-,. :era f' 75 Sub' H. . 1KRKIN8 ":' scribersget 5T.60 por d"zcn. - - 1-iriiïi over two tmndred new and 1 IJ I ' t beantiful sonps, duets, etr.i I ■ IX' l L hy Will S. Hnys. Web" H iter, Thomas, etc. Every I T N 'iIiil; i new, froïh, amVJL f 'pnrklinp. Content and fv w ■ W % poelman pagea aant tree Eli tl % ampie copies mailed frpi II Ijjl I I i 1 afpoatageto teacherafor V ) i 11 . 1 JL l KJ 5 cents. Liberal terrae rurintrodueliun. Worth ofltaakfol $3 Address," J. L. PETERS, 609 RroadTVOj, '. V. Tf-achers flendJnc u thcir ofdftrR for $ 0 worth o mtittic can clnim a yeara sobeciipiion to Pcteni Musical ilon toly. ISittt Go toR.W.ELLIS & CO'e for choice Wines and Liquor , ?or Medical Purposes . __ ..__ !t metimj AT LAST! AT 24 Main Street. The undersigned. having located nt tfcis rplacé, has just openedasFINEand SELECT an af soit .1 clou, mrnm & FANCT railiü, As can be fotind west of New Tork City, whitb he is prepared to make up into the most STYÜSH GARMENTS, AT THE SHORTEST N0T10Ë, AÍÍO LOWEST POSSIBLE PIÜCËALSO A LÍNE Oí1 CENTS' FURNISHING GOODS. Cali on JAS. BOYD and hc will GIVE YOU FITS JAIVIES BOYD, iy.t f 24 'lulu Street.vyHEN YOÜ WANT FINE PIIOTOGRAPHS, GO TO SAM. B. REVENAUGH, 'o. 30 Hnron Street. GotoT? W. LLI: & C0"t t"o) ftrictlj Pnn ':'" ■ ;i ■ ,ü:'nirtt-,r)ii?,&c.


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