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gOMETHÏNG B E V AT 50 Main Street ! LOUIS WA LZ, GROCER &CONFECTIONER HAS AP LL STOCK IN HIS LINE, AND WII.L PROMPTI.Y SKItVH THE PUBLIC WITH SUOARS, TEAS. COPFEES SPICES, SYHUPá, CANDJES, ETC. Partics Supplicd WITH CAKES OF ALL KINDS AT SHORT NOTICE, OP TUK BEST QÜAL1TY, ND AT TUE MOST LÍBER 4L TERMS. -A.3srr see i-iiimc BEFORE PURCHASING. l.i:(U-mü. pOLt SALE ORTO RENT. A Qentcpl RecW"Uce ! '.; milca frm the Court Ilons1 juare In Ann Arbor. tociln-r wtth 5 acros':{ orrhard hearing ohotae fruit, a acres imsture, well waterèd, (rardMi Bhrubbery uil of ftrut quality. Sttaatiou . nealthy and tr.-uitiful. T4 ptrtlM wlshini benefit of our BdncMlODÁ) {oslitiitioue, this propcrïy lp vcry (Í4ir;il)lc. Pnc6 m'Xl'ciate aid ujcoixunodltlng, Euqtilre of 1828 w.1 .IO1ÍN N. OOTT. Aun Arbor. OEOPLE'S DRUG STOxvr,i R. W.ELLIS& CO. CÖNSUMPTION. lts Cr?.re and lts Preventive BY J. H. SCHEPÍCK, M.D. M:my n hnmfin betng faM pussert away rr wlios (N:ith ttivri' WtU DO "thtT roïMOn thun thn TlOglOOtO known .'trui Indtaputa-bly proven iïiciuh or crtrv. Thos . ni'ar nui dear to f.-imil y ml frtönda re nttféptng th dreamlcas alambor foto irbtvh, nul they enuriy adopte Dit. JOSEPH n, BCHXKCK'4 SIMPLE TKEATMEXT, and iiviiiled themaotvoa of hls wonderfully ofBcnclou medidnos thoj wonld nut Ikitc falten. Dr, Bchpnok lias in hi inn ohm inT'd that wlier ever Bufltelent vitiiltty remnln.s, tti:it rltnllty, by hi medicinen and his dtrectiona llieir use, ld quieten ud int liettlthful vi.r. In thin ntJit(m'Tit thero is notlilnig prtumptuoufi To tlic fuith nf the invnlid rt made n representado that is nut h tbOUHOnd tinten PUtxstantUted bjr hvin mul visihlt; worke. The ibèory of Uc cure by Or Scbcncb'e raodictne la iw himple ns 11 Is tin f. ut ing in phitniphy renulres 110 art;umenfr. U i t'li-;i?sur tnr, sclf-convinctnjf. The SiLi-wf eii Tontöhna Marmrako FUI nre the firp twn weapom wit'i wiiirli tht' oltadel of the nw'adTi a&snlled. Tw. tbtrda r the raso of cunsumutlo oriiiinatü in dyapopvtft and :i fnnttii'iially dirdere liv.r. Wlth tfels condttlon the bronchlal tubes " lyn p:uiiic" witii the ■tuiDHch. Tin y rmpond to tti tnoiHiHc4ctionof the II ver. Hero thon ctne8 th en miüutiitK resnlt, mul the setting in, wltli all ÍU Uia Uüsslng -yiiiii jiii, of CÖNSUMPTION. Tlio NfftïKlrako PHIs ire roniposed of nnoof Nnturo noblest Kift,s -the roilophillmn Peltuthm. Thoy is bom :iil the blmd-ottreblng, HltcroUvo prupertles o oalomel, bot uullfce calomol, thty "IiEAVE NO ST1NG nEHIND." Tlio wcirït of cnre i now bffjinnniR. Tho vittíitfí mui mucous depoaltin the boweis and In the alt men tury citiiat uro efoctod. Tho lirpr, likt; clock, 1 wound u. lt arDimen trom té rin.l ity. The tvm aoh acts rcstxifis'volv. and tho patteiit begins to fee thuL lic is gottlng, üL last, A SL'PPJLY OF GOOp BLOOD. Tho Ba-weod Tonlo, In oonj.inctlon witíi tho pina perinoiitfs and asttnlltit6fl wfth th food ChyliHca tion is mv liOCVCWrinif without lr preTlOQS torttlNM Dlseatltin booomea painle s. &nd tüe oure in neen to b Rtnand. Tbere is no moro flatalenoe, nocxacürUitlon of the stomsoh. An nppetlte seta In. Niw oomea tho groAttMt Btond Portfler over vet Tri v en byan Indulgen! fatlier tosufTtTingman. Schonck Polmonlo 8yrap comea ín to perfora it fnncttonaan t bnaten luid complfiti the cnre It enters ut onc upon Itswork. Nature oan nol bsoheated. it eolleot and ripens tho Impatred and dtsoiued portions of th lunera. In the torra of atherlngs, fl prepareathem f expectoratlon, and i" ! i:i a very nn ri tuno thu matad is Tunqiitahed, tbe rotten throne thut it, oecupled i renovuted and mode ne a:id the patiënt, in nM tl ilinity oí regained vlfwr, steps furtïi to enjuy th mauhoud or womanhood tbak was (;IVE t'P AS LOST. Thoscmi tli Ing is, tho. pattenta murtstoy In n wnrra room ut'iil they M-.'t trell; U in aJmual imponHlblo t prevent takhi r oold whon the liingsarodlsi'ajspil, hu it must bis prerented ur a emu can not bn rlTortoi! Presh air and ridin ont, espocliilly In thls seetion o the oonntry, in ttio f.ill and wlntor nonaon, re al wrong. PhyslcUuifl wbo rc-oíininicnd tbatooane los tlifir pation tn. if t'ioir Iutm nrv badlr diracd nni vet, bocaiis th(T ar in tnu finase they ninsl nut M down (jnirt, ; ihey ninst walk itbont the room ih miici and os fustas the aïrength wlll beur, to jcetupagooc circnliitlon of blood. Tho pallcntfl mnt keep in gxK ftplrlta- tie dotiu-mined to ctwoll. Tliis hns a prra tlüal to du witii tUo appeütö, and is the graal pomtt fr:t In. T( despair of (ïiire after Btich evMeneeof tn po?sl blHty in tlio worst cases, and moral ccituiruy in at utliers. Is sinful. Dr. Sclionck's portonat statcmn to the Faculty uf hts own cure ivas i:i these modest words : " Many yoarft aro I wns in tho last stnfroa of con Bumpcion; oonflnod t my bed, ;i' at otic timo, m phyüicians thuiiKlit that 1 could not live a wook ; thon IJKs a drowntnjt mnft catchtnK nt, atraws, I heard o und obtatood tho prcpavntinuK wliirh 1 now offer to the public, and they inadn ti fforfect cure of rae. I so.emed t mo that 1 ouuld f_l them penétrate m wft ;.: r-ca. Thoy soon rlpetieil the matter ín m langd, nnd JTf-mld pit up mire thnn a pint tf uffen slve yciiow matter overy morolos for ïonK time. ' A3 soon as that bejran to subbidc, my courh, fevcr pain, and ntftht Bireau all bcgan to lenve nu, and m uppetlte bceani" ao greal that it wus with difllonltv tha I c uïd Iteepfrom eatlng too muoh. I s(ongai'1ai stronRth, and hnvc prown in fliisli over slnce. ■ 1 wua iretghed Bhortly affeer my recoyery, edd ed the Doctor "tuon looking liko a mere ákeleton jnv weiftht wan only nlnety -aeren pounds: my pres out vcihtis ttrohondrod and tircnCy-flVB(22S)ooTindfl and for ycars 1 havo enjoycd uniiiterruptcd licalth.1 lr. Bchonck has discontinnoil liis proieaflonnl visit to ew-Y0rk and Boston. IIu or nis son. )r. J. II Bchenok. Jr., ttll cntimio t eco patients at thei nfïlco. No. 15 Nfrth Bixth Streot, Diiladolphia, ever Saturdar frpm 9 AM. to 3 P.M. Thoe who wlsh thoroiipn examina ti'n wlth the Ebéaplrometer wlll b charced $ö. Thp 1U splrometer declares tho cti Ion of the Iungs, nnd patients can rcatílly lcar wliother thov are curable or n't. I lie ttrectlonü for takin tlie niedicinoflarondapfot i,i the Lntolitgenoe oven of :i chlld. Follow these diroc ttonSt and kind Nature will do tho rest, exoeptini tfiü tu lomo cases the Mamlnike Pilla aro to be taken i Increaaed doso; tho ihrcc mcdirfncfi need no othe accompaniments thau tho nniple instructionK thntar oompany thom: First creute appetite. Of rettimtn hi-alth. nqnror Is the most welcomo ,.ympiom. Whe it oomes, aa it will como, lot the despairinKot once b of good oheer. Good od at once folluwüi, the cour loosens, the nitrht pwe:it la abatod. In a short tlin both of these naorbld sympuims re sone f orever. ]r. Botaenek's nifdictncs are constantly kept in ten of tbuUHaiid of fnmihuü. As a lnxativc or purgativo the Msndrake Pilla aro a standard preparation ; whil the Pnlmooto Byrup, as u core oí conhs and clds 'jnay bc regard ed nsa prophyhictcrlc againstcousuinpífon in anv of it forma. Prtce of the rnlmunle Pyrnp and Soa-wefrt Tonfo, f IJiOa bottlo. or Í7.5U a halí dosen. Mandrake IMIla, 25 cciitü a box. For salo by all druggists uod dealers. HÜRliBUT & EDSALL, 32 Ijake Mreet, Cliícaíío, III., "Wholesale Aüetits. PAINTS PRINTS PAI2ÍTS Oils Oils Oils Varnish Varnish Varni'sh Brushes Brushcs Brushes V1IJVËKAL PAIJTí. &c, LOOK TO YÖÜR INTEREST AND CALL ON E. W. ELLIS & CO., BgFORE I'UKCHASING & JDL w WsSrmd? sBSaMkJJ t Hlñlfíj iáLE3i ■sBHbmU&w A FALSE REPORT! THAT A. A. TERRY HASGONEOUTOP TRADE HE STILL LIVES, AND HAS A LARDE AND COMPLETE STOCK OP HATS & CAPS ! JUST THE STYLE, A.NDAT riUCKS 'lo BUIT THE TIMfiS. ALSO AFULLLTKKOF (ÍMNTS' FURMSHINU GOODS! DONT PURCHASE YOÜR SPRING ANDSÜMMER OUTFIfS ÜNTIL YOU O-I"VE HIM -A. C-A-IjX.. 15 South Main St.. Ann Aibcr. laal-tí. JAM. B, REVEÑAÜGH, PHOTOGRAPHER i R ETOUCHES ALL HIS NEATJTES HE I ORE PRINTING, SO TKAT FRÉCELES, MOTUS AND TAN Po not show Ín any of hie Pictmes. No Extra Charges. Finest Assortmentof Toilet ! Goods in the City, by 1t.i.flJÍí&e0M,;DlPiigLijsis. 8 U 1 o 2 3 GO g Í ..I . h S i a w K J ' r Si „O & 3 U 8 .fe .. 3 5 E . B b 5 W ! .Z n Ë - I hl .2 1 Í rl P9 3 1 5 ü g I R1 w ; cm z o X 'R s EÖBo P 5 WCO y (1, ei H O i M a a M Í_O __ _ ÍJAM. 11. REVEWAtÜH KEEPS ON HAND A. LARGE STOCK OF1 OVAL AND SQUARE BLACK WAL NUT AND GJLT FRAMES ! OF ALL SIZES CHEAP. No. 30 HTJRON BT BW GOODS WM. WAGNER'S A Large anl Choicc Stock o SPRIM AND 8DHHER GOODS, 1NCLUD1NG CLOTHS, CA8SIMERE8, VESTINGS, &C, ATKST 8TYLES &ND BB8T QÜAL1TÍE8 WHICU UE W1L1.1 on tcrms to snit. Also a full line of REAÜY-MADE ÜLOTHING AND Sents' FÜRNISHIEG Goods. BLIST STYLB. AU cLADIE'i and GENTS M0ROCCO SATCHELS No.21 South Mals Street- Ext Adt. OALL AND SEE THEM. W1IIJAJI WAUNEB. Ann Albor, Hay, 18TI. A UGÜST lOth, 1870. NEWWHEATFLOUR superior (jualHy, tt(ie ANN ARBOR Cl Y MILLS. ery nice boltfd Corn Menl. coarae Maal. Oraliam lour - iood secopd qnnllty Flour at low prlce, - rackcel Whe(, and all klndn of Teed, at lowect ricesTand dulivered inuny tntl ufthccUy. Tcrmn ;ash. Vtr Ordor left In njy Order Box at the Post Office ramptlyatteudcd to. mt J T SWATI1EL PUYSICIAHS' PBBSC8IPTIÖI8'"7 ACCURATELY AND OAREFULLY PREPABED BY R . W. ELL1B &C0.,DRUa GIS1 S . FARMERS ! t denire now to roturo my henrty thlIDkl For the HImtuI (Mitrooqgt! r the Pprraers oí VFashtcnaw and ndjeiolug ('onittic. whö hrtvc fir o ttany yeftrt In the pust exteoded io me their trarte, and I bopfl and trunt sstinTuctoiy umi profltiiblfl to lolh purlies. I hope Lo rci-cive a fair han? of thelr pair oase iu the future My efforts wili huue&lly alrected tuwurd the Inlerests of my Customers, as wel 1 Hsmyown. And alruin my alm wili be, not to keep a chcap goode as pisiblc. but as good a eau bc fon ml and At a Low Rata aa the cjunlity of my ju"(1s K-nii hv :tfr.ii(lr(i. I wili not Lu OOmpote in prlCM with inferior goods. I wili not lm(aïr iln' qnality of my in onl-r to re tïuce the prico. Tlu pOfQhaM of cheap 0OOda of any kind provai an ïinprolUablo inTektmeoti aa inany havufouud to tUcir cutst. I .-hall kiep u FLLL STOCK OF FAHM1G TOOLS on hamlfthftt U irenerally fouml in marki-t. I am the authorized agent for theMlowlng THRESHÍNG MACHINES Senmtaa Buffnla Puts, Bnffalo, N. Y. 'I ii lni,;i:i S eriwtakvii, lint lic Urcvk. IVicliolv A Shcplierd'N Vibrtor, B.C'r' ik. 'l'Iir tieiitvr 'I;n hint', Huciue, Wi. ALBO The Champion Reaper & Uouer, Sclf Rake. The Kirby Seir-llaking Reaper, omiiiiuil. The Kirby Twu-Ulirclcd .Tlowcr. Wood's MarJiiiir, Comblned ; ith Self-Rake. JACKSON WAGONS, Buckeye and Shortsville Grain ErillsFahbank's Scales, all sizes. 'Ï'IÏB OEUINE CURTÍS AND DODGE PLOWS, Jlauufactured at Kal;iraazo. I hnve located myaelf at the old and well-known Apple l'acking House of l Henntng, on Detroit Street, opposite Buchoz' lilock. I Mali De happy tu mt-et as mnuy of my old cuptomers, aud ue mauy iiew oneu hh mny picase tu come, I have ee.ciired the permnncut ecrvlcee of Samiie] Mcf'lare,oncof my olduhop huud, who pcrfectly uuder'tiinds AU klnds of Aricultnral TiioIb, and wili bo on hand erly in thc inoriiiiiu aud late it nlght, when uccessary to accumiaodatu . m. rocers. lnn Arbor Apr'l lít 1871. llllml SAM. B. REVENAUGH PHÖTOGRAPHSR, MAKES ALL KIMJS OF PICTURES FROM HE SMALLEST LOÜKET TO Til E LIFE SIZE, AN D FINISH ES TH EMIN INDIA INK! "WATER COLOEs ! IN A SUI'PEKIOH MANNEIS. 1319-:y. !'o. 30 BOBO STB EETÍ BOOTS AND SHOES ! CHEAP FOR CASH! JUST IUCCEIVED AT B. F. Rice's SHOE STORE, OPl'OSITE HANG.SÏERFER'S HALL ! A ncw Stock of Scasouable Boots and Shoiis miioiii; wliicli s a Une assortment of thc lateM Stylesof Ladles' Misses' and (Jhililivns' Fine Shocs n ÍtTi, Gout and Kid; A Gruat Variety of Muns' hoys' and Youtlin' FINE GOODS IN PSUNELLA Frenen Cali", and also an entirely new .Stock of Slippers, üorcd Buskins, and Sliocs of Faacy Goiors of New Styles. Wc atifl to keep the best atul uiost seiviccable work, AT REASONABLE PRICES. Particular attention given to the nuinu lacture ol SEWED & PEGGED CALF B O O T S i Which are guaranteed to give cntire satlsfaction as to FIT AND DURABILITY. BEPAIBISG DOE PROMPTLY ! ! CALL AND SEK OUR LAUIES' POUSH [WATER PR0F GOI.D Bl t'RI-K SERUE SHOK, OM.Y $3.00. i.ad1e&' rolisii h11er proof silver bichie se.r(íí; suoe, -.oo. Sergc (iailers, ÜI.OO. CloCli SHppiT... .50. N. B All Prime Gooila. No Sliodily. MMiil M G. S. WORMER & SON, Dealen Sn all kinds of VVoocl Sc Irou "VVorlcinx ]Taoliinery. !:, 101 niid KSJcfferson Avu., Detroit, Mich. fiiiuisTA iu:iii,isi(;, j WESTERN 8TBAM 3Vt-A.Ii.BXuE ■WORKS. Manufacturera if Marble. and Marhleized M.'iu'Ics, Cabinet :unl ['lumbers' Stock. Monumental and Cemetry Work of every description on hand. Also dealers in Orales. Cor. Munroe Ave. aud Farmer st .Detroit. Mi'h P. Ciihipta. Oeo. F. Mxiii.ino. JA.TI j;s iVALL JU. A CO., Dëalera iu CAItPETS AND DRY GOOD ! S7 ttooSirara Ave., cor. Lamed St. N. B. Wc have au immense stock and wil] scll goode low onvughto make tt au ubject for tho-ein the Interior to buy ofu.s. CAUPIils. we makeaspedalty. GEO. 8. FItOST & tO. Chas. Noble. Goo, S. Frost. C. W Noble. 1 IÍJi; AND F .A. E, TsZ IiíG LA3STDS FOB 3H.X Iu Jevcry part or this State and the United States DETROIT. i K. SwalKS& Co., INDUSTRIAL AGENCY! For 8:ipp!yii) every descriptln of induslry VIO?I3C LABOR Oíllce with GKOKGE S. FItOST fc CO., Detroit, Michigan. JAMES JEXKS, f Establishcd 18Í4.) Uealer in all kinds of M-ACHINERY ! A.I) 8ÜPPLIB8, Alfto Agent for Hitll's l'atcut Shinglc machine. 39 Atwnter strect Uast. ' etiveen Bates ar,d Randnlph streets, Detroit, Mich. i T)Vr WHATIF ITSHOULD FA EL? JJ In the biL'ht Lexicon o( yoath, wliich fate eserves f. r his young niauuood," there is no euch wol'd fail. RandaU's Circassian Cream Wasli Was nevér knwn f fail t" Freckles, Pimples, M.nb Pilche?. Tan, &c. If used as per dirce li nn. ii rl perseverod In, n yonr driigiit has wt i?ot it, teil hlm to neml Tor il. J. J. UANDAI.L. Proprietor, ' FisherBlock, Hetroit pimK ANJ FAR9IITO LADS,_We A odcr for fala 25.0'0 acres of Valuable Piue and Farmiu I.nnds on Time. at Trices rnnirini; from f)2 to !?1O Per Aor W:i aorcaof these i'inc J.aitdK are located on the WlaooDsIn Rivor '.i.ivjii aorei on Waters leédlQR to Cheboygao or Dnnciin .Mich Uu acres on ih: Aagrea Rlrer. 'Í, 00 ticroe on Tbunder Hay waters, lcariin-; to Alpena. 8S0 aeree ou the TlUbawasia Eiver. 2.200 aeret In Gladwln cso.. Mich. r.r Varma and Tlmber. 1 2T2 u:res uhoice .Minenil and Hard Timber Landa i-, ir Ontonairon, i II uren Pralrioland in Nebraska, near tiie Union Paciilc Rallfoad. ROOacros ffood KurmlriL' l.niul i n Cratim euun'y UtoSApi Ef" of Oio e Lauda :m; wonii the pi ice we ■akfbrlhein fó Farmlox purposes after the TIm berlo cut. Kor i'iill deecrijition, ince and terms, send fur Circular. l. TRESTOX & CO., Bankers, Detroit Mich. R. & W?F. INÑ7 JIanu.pacturers of round Cüflces Spicrí. Jlustard, etc , ett . And Wholesale Doalera in TEAS AND GR0CERS' SUNDRIES ! ! 220 Jefferaofl Avenue, Dotioit. TOIIN COPLAND, Manufacturcr and " WholMabj dealer in a hire yariety of Crackers, Snaps And IJiscuits. Orden boIIcKi d aad ttUed at luwest market nrice Send lor Price Ust Keel Oven Sraam Bakery, corner Randolph and Woodbridfia streeM, Detroit. tLBEBT 1. l'Ii;ilCEA CO., ïl IIOLESALE B35KCW r_DCBD3a) 35 Woodward Avenue, DICJL'IiOir. - - - MICHIÖAN. HUGH JOHNSON, Manufaciorer of and dealer in OARRIAUES, BÜGGLE8 AND 8LÊIGH8 ! A fine ausortment of the lateat stylcs of liome made lid Bastern c-miues, lodudiDg La.mus, JjAk. knok aml Kamii.v Cariíuoks from the celebrated factory of J. Uott A Co.. Brldgeport, Coun., coustanlly on band and furnllhed to order. Nos. ÖG lo 1U(5 LarnedSt. west, cor, Cass St. Detroit CaiVv Iñge M n u nf ao t n rt r-, JOUN PATTON &SO, Are offering the largest and beat assortment of CARRIAGES & BJüiiES IN TUK WEST, At Greatly Redticed Prices. All work made undcr our own Mipervision, nnd PciLt 17abbaNtsi), Fnetory and Wareroms coiuer Woodbridge and Hrush Streetb.Detroil. SSaaaaagSLggaHBBi BLV For 'Plireshinss. siawinj Wood, MtUclnff Cider, Ötoamina JTood lor Cattlf , co. D. E. itloli, Hanofaoturer. 191 ATWATER STRBZT, DETROIT. Gui;i;i'L &. BuoriiEn, importen and Uualeis m FANOY GOODS ! Toys, ïaukce ïolion, Hosiciy, Laces and Ti iniiDiiigg, AXD MANUFACTUUEUS OF CHILDRÏM CMtlllACKS, BASKETS AND .Slci'hs, Ko si mi I 9J 'u,l'.v:iril .we .Detroit. Transplant Tovv.- Fruit and Ornamenta! Tree, hrubs Hoscs, Grape Vines, and all the mail fruit Breen Boueeand Beddine Planu, Duhlias, GladlolH, 'mbe lioses. Maileria Viues. Ac, nhould be plan led after the muidle of May. Sekds of thebysi varietie.8- Field Vegetable anrt Flower, all new. tlii? the lirst year uf our seed trade, wo have uo oldseeds on baad A vcry lar;;e stock of the moderate rates. Address, WM. ADAIIi, Detroit. TÖHS W. A.UI'III.KTr. U WIIOLKflALK DKA1.RR IN R0CKINGHAM & Ohio ST0NE WARE GLASS AND STON FRUIT JARS. Send for Price Lint. 6-4 & 80 "Wocxlbrili Stroet West, DETROIT MICH., Uilliard Tablc flami fin-turpr, ;ii Di Paleni Steel Wire Cishions. '■'" 100 and 1"' Randolph Strect, Ketroit, Mich. Branchi St.Joaepb, M. I also mmifaetii piaeontiole, Jenny Lind and BagwteU Tablea and do all kind? of nlterlngand repaiTinL'. Keep always on hand Second hand Tables and aTl s:cioi1k appertaining to nilliurda. Bowling Iini nud Balls for sale. Aleo all kinds of trimming rionc. Comniissionors' Tfoticc. CTATISOF MICHIGAN, Coiinl.v of Wushtenaw, ss. O The ancergignad . havlng been appoimcd by the Probate Conrt for'aald Couiity. Cmmlwïiiier to reccive. examine and adjiflt nll ctaima :nri demanfls ui .',11 pursona ilnttbalateof Ci ristopherLaoKe. late of aaid uinlj'. deceased, bereby f;vo uotice that lx miniih irolM date are allo wed. dj order of ttM Probate ivnrt for crediton t" preaeni their cfalma asainsi theestateof aiii dcoaaaed. and that (hev LilTl mnot ntthn rflUt of Richard Brabas, in the'iitv of -vuil Albor, iu said Cotinly, ou;irday, the Bftli day of Ancnaf, and Rat urda j. the ilxtb day of Jan'uarv next, at ten o'clotU A. M. of eacb of Haid day, tö receive, examine, aud adjast soid claims. Uated, .Inly th. 171. lü30v4 RIÜIIARD BEAHAN, { c„mm!s:iiQ1Pr8 JOHN LYNCH, $ .omroiaaouera. Commissioner's Notico. STATE OF Mli'itH.AN.ioui.iv ,1 Vbteoaw, aa. The undersigned, havxng been avixiintcd by the Probate Courl for suid onunty, Conuniarfoner to ieimine and adjust ll olalma rnid demanda of ill p-i.-ons agoinst U estttteof Allen W. Bcrdins, late of Baúl i it'. a iaaed, hereby givO nohoe that aix months from date are allowed, by tildar of said Proi;ii.- Court, toi oreditoiii to uioont fcbdr olalma igainsl the eatato of Beid deoeaaed, and that they wül meet at the residonce of Aaron chili, iu Aogusta, m saivl county, "ii Satarday, the twrnt-itb flay ■f Aufmat, and Thoraday, Üie tWBnly-eighÜi dayoj r, m-.vt, il teno'clock . ■■■■■ of enoli "i nu iuyM, tú revive, exatuine, :ui(i ljuwt said chum. Datcil, June !8th A. 1 i-'l. 132'J -Üïs'rüit-ViglLTO. Con-músioners. F IVE GEiSSj; FEATHiiRS PIBSTQUALIl'Y, Donstautlyouhaud aud foi salí by BAClfSr ABEL Goto R. W.ELLIS & CO'e forstrictly Pure Drugs and Medicines, Paints,Oils,&c. - . - ■ ■■ m - ■■ - -- - -■ C h i ucery Motice. OTATE O? Mirnui.VN'.-Tk Circuit Coúrt for tíi Oranty of Wtuhtenaw : Ín Chanoery. M.UíY W. 8AVAGB, Cumpla i iiunt, Auóüfctüsk, sAVAiii:, oefi ndanl. n ily appeanng to thia Court by nfficlavit that tlie defendánt, Auguatua M. Bavogo, ï nof b ni of this Btate, bul realdea Ib trie Btate of IlUnoia; on rñotiun of Felch Uranl, sulicitora for oomputinant, it is ordered that the defendaní hfo appeuranco to be entexed thnemonths trom the date ut' this order : and Uut in case of iii. appearing, h i .ver lo the complainunts bilí to be filflo, ai ui a oopy thoreof to be aonred on Uu oomplainant'a aolieiton within twentydaya after service ol .1 oopy of aaid 5'ill of mm pi ai ut , and notiee uf this order, uu! fndefaull thereoffthai the hu! Mil bo tnken aa ed ii the s.iil deftendant. And it is further ordcred, ih:tt within twentydaya the aaid complainantoauae ft oopy of this" order to be nubllthedm tho Michigan Argutt a newapapex printed m eaid county of Washtenaw, and that tho publicutiun continue' at once a weck for six weélu in anoceulon, ot llmtshecmise a copy of this order to be peraonally aeryod 00 the anid defundant ncoordiug tothe ru pinctii-t' ut' lilis í 'ourt. itaUJ, Juuu 27tb, 1871. II. TÏEAFÏANT, Circuit f "ourt ('ornimiii-MiHUT, Washtenaw County, Michigan. & (rast, ComplainaiHM Bollato. 1330. Eeul Estáte for Sale. STATE OT f!('!IiOAN, County it Washtenaw sa. In the matter of the catate oí Anthony Kly, deoeased. Notiee is horoliy urivt-ii, tïmt in punaaneè of au order prranted to the undersJgned, ailminjstrtktor of the uatateof said deoeesed, bythe Hon. .indge of Probate for the County of Waahteviawtn the ftlt enth dayof May, A. l). 1871. there will bu wad at public rendue, to tho higneet bidder, it tlte aotith door of the ( ourt ECouaft, in 1 he ( 'iiy of Ann AfDur in the cornil y of Waahtenaw i:i aoJd Btate, on Wedneaday the ornth émy rr Attgrat, A. D. 1871, nt one o'clock in Uw aftüi-noon of that day (subject to all cncumbmnces by raortne or otherwttO -xisting at tho time of the Wth of said deccHHüd, uud also subject to the ritsUt of dover of Jii wiilow therein), the fottowuig di real eatate, to-wit: The undiTlded half t u panel of land bounded au fubrA : Béginning at northoaat corner of Cross and lluron atroeta in tnodtyof FpaiLiuti, i-ounty and .State uforesaid, and runninu' tinne: north along lluron streel nine coda, thenoe easi along G. Sanders' lnnd to tho river, thoaoa down Üm rtrer to 1 oaa atree thenos west to the place of bennning, (exWptíiiK and reaervfaig the pareéis of land uwncd by Charlea MoConnLek aml the " " i t y of Vp.-silinti. % Iatod, May 30th, A. I). 1871. 1327 1IIJÍAM IAY, Adminiatrator. ShQrüTfi Salè. ST A T E ( )V M Ff i i II i A , County of WaAtVWWS i By virtueof a wiit of executiim iaaoed out ní and iinder the aeal of the Circuit Conrt, for the county of Walilunaw, State of Michigan, dnted tho 2:kl day of June, 1871, and to me dirocted and detivered, agaLuí the gooda and -hattlea, land.1 and tenements of Uwen ( nnuaii, lcíendant therein named, I did, on the 2-lth dayof June, A. U. lWIf for (ho want of froorls and oh&ttiee, levy uon all the interest tïmt Oweii Croman lias in the folio wing deaorfbed real eatatcs to-wit : all that pieee or paiwl of land lyjag and beinp in tho tovnof Nofthflold, oonntroi WaahtenarW and State of Michigan, described as follo'ws, to-wit : tho northeasC QUartac of soction number tilt een iu township one south, and range nomber six east, accAnfiitjc to theonguHil surrey, ountatbing forty aoiba of land, which prcinises I ahaUeocpoae. for aole at pubUo anction, t the hibest bidder, at tho south of tho ( ourt iluiisr-, in the city of Ann Arbor, on the 18th day of August, A. D. 1871, at 10 o'clock a. m. of said dar. í)atod, June 27th, 1871. MYROXWEBB, Bheriff. 132S By JojtTiN foBBa, Uuder iSlientf. Mortgagc Sale. DMl'AULT bet. ïnailrinthe conditionof a mort - gagetxec4ii uj QeorgeKaoffmao and Adam lïosbach to JameA McMahon, dated AprU 39th, A. . 1868, and recorded sam.: day in tlie Begurtat'a ottice of Washtenaw County, in book :i7 of mortpuL-i 11S, by which tho power of sale therein omtainod beoame operative ; which mortgage was tin the twenticth lay of September, 1869, issigned to Lucy w. B. Morgan, and tbe aaaignment recordnl June 21t, 1871, adosa the record of said morfegBge, and thesumoi aeventy-üve dollar.- bebw now t-lainnxl is duo tnercon, and no suit or proooodlng havini? been instituttd to reooi er the same, or any pari (Lereol ; Notie-' ia thi ffiveo, that said mortfrafre will be f oreclosed bj theaaleofthe mortHgod premisc, to-wit : " I.tit immber thirtcn, in bhók number four&outb, range onmbextwu west, ín the city of Ann Aïbor and State of Michigan," or ome partthcreof at publio vendue, at the CouH Hooee,in nid niy, bi thu twt'iiiy-thirtl day of September ntxt, at noou. Pated, June22d, 1871. LUC'Y W. S. MOKOAX, Mortiragce. E. W. BlOBOAH, Att'y. Mortgage Sale. ÜEFATJLT having been made in the payment o: inoney with ton per cent interest thereon, Koemei by a Osrtttin inilentuiL of inortgugeexecuted by iliran Btorma and Agnud K. Storma, Ujtli of the city of Am Arbor, and Ktute of Micliian, to John A. Nichols, o; tbe same place, and beariuj? date the aere&th day ol June, A. J. 187', and recorded in tfaekofflce of tbe 111 the vounty of Washtenaw, Btate of Michigan, on the eighth dy of June, A. 1. 187U, in liber 4;l of mortgages, at page 285, by which dofault the powoxof aale iü said ïnortgnge has bccome operativo, and no suit or pioceding at luw or iu Obonoery haviug been instituted to recoverthcamount duo on aaid mortgflge, or any part thercof, and tlie öuin of aereo hnncbrad and fitry dollard beiugnow daimed to be dno upo& aaid uiortgagu and tbe bond aco inpunying the santé; Notiee la tberefore hexeby givcu, that said mortnügc will bo foretüUwed by a aale oí tlie moxtgaged )remifH,'K, on Satuiday, the ninth day of fcieptembvr, A. I. 1871, at the hour of eleven a. m. of said day, at the south door of the Court House, in the city uf Ann AxhQX afoteaaid, ;tho .same boing the place where tlie Circuit Court for aaid county is held) and that at that time aud place I shall BftU at public auction, to the higheat bidder, the premiaee iit-roinafter deacribed, (bemg tlie said mortg-agt-d premises), or so mueh tbercot' ius .shall bv. mvrssny to satisfy tho amount due on aftid UOrtgS&e and bond at tlie date of this notii.'f, with interest, and costs and exjx:nses allowed by law, toffathet with an Attoxney'a t'ee of tliii-t y dolíais nvovided for in said mortgage, that is to any : uil uom uuitain mecea ot panela oí land situated iu the couuty of Washu-naw and State of Michigan, known, bonnded aud desenbod aa follows, to-wit; béing the woolen fAfitcuT in Btown &Fuücra addition to tlie Tillase of Ann Arbor, in said county of WaahteiiaW witn all fefae privileges and appurhn.HH'.'s, iiicluilin all the inachinciy, appirulus and ilxtunia remainiug thereon and to bc put thereon ; and alao the roUowing deecribavt'eralpaioeboflana and priTÜegea ajad water power, to-wit: dófaunendna at tbc sout-hwesterly bouudary of Mili stri-et in said awlditiün, fifty-six links soutlicasterly t'rom the point where a iiiiu drawit trom the south conit-r of woak thrce in aáid addition, aexoss and at right anglce with 2lill strtct, will ULtereeot aaid boundaiy, thence noitliwostfeiiy ulong said thxee ohauifl and erenty-eeven linkí, thence áouth thirty degrcon west to the uiill race, thence down said noith thiity degreee east will internet the point of beginnuig, toeaoe t the place ot' beginning1, togethex with all tho nnTitegea of uaing thereon aeveoty-two square inchus of water to bu taken Irom aáid race ; alao commencing twolvo ieet nortlnvusterly irum the northerly iornor of tlie rake factory or cabinct shop formerly standing oetwtñn the raoe and rivcronthu aouthwobterly biilo of aajd mili race, theueo up the line of the raoc lort y feet, thence Boathweaterly al right anglea with the of the rnoe to the river iluron, thence at rigbt anglea down the dyer fbrty feet, thence i.orthra.steily at right anglea with the line of the race to the place ui tagioninff, fox the purpoae of ervcting ;i bulk head and eucli oliier buildingd as tho parties niay toot, With the privilege OJÍ usinj; uu said laml IU square inohfia of water, t bo taken from aaid raer, togethex with all the land and privAeeesof ewary nature, kind and doscription, conveyed by Sheldon Toiulinson and Abby II. , bifl wile, to the party of tbc Ht-t part, on the 2d day oí .Juno, A. D. IH60. Datcd, Ana Arbor, June 12th, 1871. JOHN A. 2ÏICIIOL8, D. Ciïamfr, Mortgugoe. Atfy. for Moitgagce. 1326 Mortgago Sale. DEFAXTLT haring been nade in the condition of u cortain mortgage executed by Georgre Vw. McCoruiick and NeUie ttoOormiak, of the cuy of Aun .Arbor, county of Washtenaw, and Stiftte of Michigan, to Ali'v'M. Beer, Of the .same plaro, on the 23d day ot Blarob, a. í. Iftriíí, itnd recorded in the líñce of tbe Retrwtor of Deeds Of said omuty of Wanhtenaw, on the 3d ilay ui Mamfa. l'., at 'i o'clock r. m. of aoid day, in LÏber 39 of mortgages, on page -r)J0, on which inuitiintre tliuie is clrtinu-d to be duo at the date of this uotioe tho sura of one thouáand audsixty-cijíht dollajs and -;cvonty-four cents, and &n Attoinuy's fee of thirty lullar therefor, in addition to all oUh.t legal costa, should any lü-Goeodings bö taken to foreclose siiid mortgttge, and no proceedings in law or in equity baving been had to recover ftaid sum of moncy or any part thereot : Xow, thercfore, notiee is horeby trivcn that, by virtuc of a power of sale iu said mortuat.! oontained, I aha)] seB at public auction to the liighost bidder, on the socond day of September next, at 2 o'oloek p. m. of sHÏd day, at the front door of the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, counfcy atore811 id, (that bcing the place of holding the Circuit Court for said county), all thoaeoertain plecas or parcela of land situatoil in tho city of Ann Arbor, oonnty of Waahtenaw afOTOaaidc knowjif bonnded and das as folio (vs, to-wit : lioing (he west half of lots nine and ten (9 & lü) block number threc (3) south of II nu Btreet, and range number two (2) east, according toa reoordod plat of tho villai?e :now city) of Ana Arbor, county of Washtenaw aforcöaid. June lst, 1S71. ALICK M. BBBBB, Mortííapoo. John N. Gott, Atty for Mortgayee. 1324 Mortgugc Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the condition of & ceitain mortffage cxccutcd by Tonry ('. 'lhompson, of tho city of Anu Arbor, county of Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, to l'hobe June Klbworth, cf thf towuship of TxkIi, nninty of Wnshtenaw .tfori.1said, on the '22d daj of -lunr. L. i. 1868, and recoidud in the office of the Keglsler tt' Deeds for aaid county, on the 2(ith day of June, a. d. 1868, at VM o'clock a. M.,inI4ber29 of mortgagce, on page 191, on which mortgíuze and note accompanyinjí the samo there is . i4 Ih: due at the dalo of this notiee the toni ot ninfiliiindrcd and ttvo doUam ud sixty-twn cents, ulso uu utturnöy'a foe of thivly ÖolUsa should any lingsbet&kep tú foreoloae thia mortgage, and no aait ov procecdiM 'm law er equity haring leen intstituted to rocovur the debt or any part thereof : Notiee is taeréby given, that by virtue of the ixtwor of sale contained in said mortgage, I shall nD to Bhe highost bidder on the socond day of September next, at '2 o Vloek p. M. of wiil day, at the front door of the Court House in the city of Ann Arbor, in said OQQttty of Woahtenaw, thetiremiaes deacribed ín aoid mortKagfl m aU thóee osrwns oee 01 pwoela of land attnjated ín the cáty of w ArbWf, oounty of Washtenaw and State afanniil, EnOWO, bounded and uVrribcd as foUows, to-wit : Being lots uumber ton and eleven iu block number ono, anl lOta lïVè, six, twonty-threc and twi-iityf our in block number twu, and lot number four in black nombèr tour, according to a recorded plat of HHPa addition t the r-ity of Ann Arbr, Mich ïfrau, reaarving ficom aaid aale tota ten and eieren iu block one iiforcsaid, heretofore released. june it, kan. PHEBÉJANE EI.r.SWOlïTIf, Mor! John N. Oott, Attorney for Mortgagoe. 1 il Mortííago Sale Dr r.M ïr hnvinff been made iu theconditionaof a rtgage exoouted by Mary SI. Watuia tp Edward Tn-miwcll. aml daied April i'h, isto. whioh 1 i&rccomad in the office of the Register t Deods for the oounty of WaahtenaW, Btate of Miehi?an, in Ubea W, on page Ï21, an.l iy toyo of sii there being now due the sum of two ihouBHnd sovcn hundivil iuüI t Mity-thr.y dflttMt ml tiiihlyijghtcentAt im an Attorney'a fee of thirty. doüarg, and no pioedüings ai laiw orin eoortr havtngbeen had to recover aaid timount ; Notiee is thexafore lioieby viven, that on Satunlay, tbeStJl day of August, li7J, af rlrvi n O'clock of said day, at the wmth door of thu ( vuit Souae, in the aLts of AnnArlwr, in said '.iji'it,, i shii'il wil al y.ublic auction, to tbe banaal bidder tbe premwee deeerAed in aaid mortgnge, that ij to aay : all uf the following pieers or paroeJa of land sitúate in the citv of Ann Arbor, aforesaid, known and described ft followR : Lot No. oiic, and the enst half of Ui' HO. fcwo, in blok Xo. one north of Hui-on strcot, ii range No. two east, according to tho recordod plat '-Í oii'l city. Dufetfl. Aun Arlor, Ma ih, löïl. EDWA1Ï1) TiïEAmVKLL, D. Chamar, Jflortiragce. Att'y. for Mortgagee. Wil , „,.vi,„ Mortgago alo. U cerlam mortgat xecuted by Vill ' ' and Charlotte Pofncroy, hi„ wifeboth uf L ""t Michigan, i., l,MV-v E. Allen of the ?."'' a'W uhi.:h mortgaga tin, ufth du of iX! in the office f, lof thecounty ui Washtcnaw , ia " page l.'tt, and n.s aisisu, i7 K m lnVr wo Of assignnfent .,f ihurS1"11. P' B 1'-. ra O I Office SÏMdficgfatttoTïSM day 1 Maren. A. 1). isui, and T1 o Luw i,"1"'; by wlgnment recorded in lieer two ui ii5,ift"1i 600, in the office of ot Deeds, and by rei won of raid delault tlu Z&6 lidmortgage baring become oneniiïïH iog tura ddmaa tu ft rlue and ,ro[„„e' m note accompanyinjj the saine n1 .,i ate hundn-d nu.! eighty-on dollars „,',,i , oents, ui-., on Attoraey'a fee of twent dolk. ""n Buitorprooeedingat law or in chanó-ry h"?1 insUtated to recover the mie or anv umi Notja IsthereforeherebygtTen, inat o the ninth day uf September, A. Ii. 18; o'cloek v. il. ai uid day, at the onth i""! ' purt House, ín the city of Ann Arbor, m,?'"-'. ol ashtenaw (the Mime being the pl-M-TÏÏ 5":! Circuit mrt foreaid connty is held), I lunSS public auoüon, to the highevt bidder tlu Í "t heretooftci dewnbed the premier m smd mortKHgv) or o mach tlu-rcof rl bo neceesary to utfcfy the smount duo m"1? mprtgage and noto al the date of tl.i, wnli Interest and costs and expenses JA Uw, thal u to aay : all that pieoe of lond „ !,,M Ann Arbor, in the oounty. of Was)it(.,iw r iis all tliat part of the west half of the northfTn!! ter at section nnmber nineken (10, in „ " nuiiibi-i -iBusouthof raupe six eost, in uJiHS Michigan, whieh was deeded by Geono n nííM jrffa tothe partiee of the Bnt port in Uid '"Jf by deed mude on the flrst day of Ai and rtooxdsd in Ubcï number 61 of deed. ' i oounty of Washtenaw, on pngc 109, eontKini'nX?1 crea more or les, to wlmh last „, ■"' deedthi sdvertisement reien for a furtlicr ?■""! fckmofsaid premlies. "sscfy Dated, Ann Albor June 12, 1871. LUCY A. lir.N-xi.T-r D. CnAVF.B, AasiL'iiw; of v. '■ Atfy. for aid Aalgnee. jJjgKH Estáte of Heman R. Gage CjTATKOPMIClUGAN.Uountj ol Wa,Ur,v . O AtaHOSBionofthel'rolmte Court for tl,f " pfWashtennw, holden at the Probal, i. Cuy of Ann irbor, on Tucsdar, the twentr ll( 5y'J"""' '" tlll! yi;i'r oue tt'-iWu"??11 hiindrcd aod seTenty-one. Present. Iliriim J. Beakê, Jodeeof Prohu. In the maller of the eetutc ui Hmu R r deceucd. ""ti Onreadlníandflllngthe petltlm (lnlverilfi . Kuil, K Gage and Knwell Whipp:e, Adi,Kj tors, prk)inK that thiy inay bc Uceofèd iom tata real eatate whereol sid deoearad dij ' Thereuijou it ia ordered. thui w -i',Bni ., Bixteeinh day of Anut iiext, at ten o'eloShï forenoon, be assiucd for the henriiuV,, ' petition, and that the hèlrs at law oí ni] ItZ '1Í aud all other persons iutcrcVt, 1 In ij?ÏS are rcqulred to appcar at o session oí ,'"'■'■ then to beholden at the Probat. tX?1, Ann Arbor, and show cause. Ifany tlier, K V thepr.iyurof the petitioner shonld nnl l,c .„„í? Anditisfurtherordcred ttaatp.ii(!petiM-o,u.,"J", tlctothepersonelnteretedln8aldestóteoltJ.ii: dency ofsald petition, and the hear timnlt canefng copy of thif Order to be pablbhed li'tS Mickyati A rffus, a newspllp(.rprint.d aiidcircul,, ! in said connty, fotir sucecssive weekt prmknïi! niildny ofhenrlng. ■"iiio (Atrnccopy J HIRAM .1. BEAKE8 '330 Jadee ofProlMt, Estáte of John R. WoodworüL OTATE OP MICUIÜ N, County of Wathw,,. „ O At a session of the Probate Court lor the Coni". of nashtenaw. holden at the Prohnte jja City of Anti Arbor. on Thursdny. the flub jfi of Jly. m the year one thousand ei"ht hul, ! and seventv-one. Present. HlramJ. Beakes. Judpe ofProbii ín t matter or the tstateofJohD E. Woodwír incompetent. Emory Barnes, (uardian of said estáte fomn into Court and rcprisiii's tliat now pnM,i to tender bis aecond account as such Onaida Therenpon it I ordered, that Hoi dy tkeitMt day ol Auïiist ncit, at ten u'elock in the hu mion, beauljrned for ezamlningandtlloniimit account, and thnl the di xt of kD of' J inooDuwtcnt, and all olhcr periotis Dlfris' ed in said estáte, are required to atipesr i; , session or niii Court then to be hnlnra u n. Probate Office, in theCity ot Ann Arbor, in nj connty, aud show cause, if any therebe, iiijZ saldaccoBntsbopIdnotbeallowed: And ii &:'.. ther ordered, that said QaanHan eive noti a the persons iuterested in said estale. ol the pa. dencyofsaid account, and thrhrarlni.' llirrrolti ciiitsinsia copy of this order to be pnbli.hcd ie .;. Michigan Ar gut, a newapaper printid tod ttti latins in said Connty. three succewin ntb previous to said day of hcarine fAtruecopy.3 HIP.AM J. BEAKES, Ml td Jodueoi Pruta Estáte of Coniolius LaugLlin. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of WhtB,, At il wnfllrfon of the Probate Court for the (cudit ot Waahtenaw. nolden at the Probate uttiw, ia-if City of Ann Arbor, on ï-'nturday, the tijrlith d; tl J uly, in the ye.a oae thousand eight hundied aai seventy-one. Present Uir.mi J. Reakes, Judgc of Trobate. Ju the matter ot' the JLbtatu ui Curtidme LaBgMc, deceasod. On rcading and tilin the petition, didy TiiiW.if Bridget Taylor, praying tliat tiOUK.' bir.iifiy be apjxiinted AdiuinLstrator of ail ■ Theieupou it ia ordered, Thai Blonda)', tteama day of Anguat next, at ten o'cloek in the ftneKe, he aatóglaed for On hearing of said potten, ui that the hoir at law of snid deeensed, and 11 persons intoreated in said estáte, are requürdtoafrpeji at i session of said Court , then to bê holden, at tk Probate Otfkv. In tho (;y at' Alm Arbvr.amJdw euust:, if any there be, why the pniyerot'thfpctitiMirt hoold nol begranted : And it istortheromHttil ai'l petitioner give notice to the person.i bbcntoi a laid estáte, of the pendency of taid (ctiridu. w W liearinr theroof, by cauaing a copy uf tlus orw 1o It published in the Mirhutnn Argutt a newspaper priütM andcirculatin in said eounty, three siicees.ic %ttL pNVtOUfl tO said ilav ot heariiiL'. (A tiue copy.) ' lliliAM J. BKAKES. 1S3O _ Judge of Irobatt Estato of Jaoob Sangree. ÓTATBOF MICHIOAN, County of Washtfjjw,. O At a aeson of the Probate Court for the Connti of Washlenaw. holden at Lhe Probate Oflit. iütbf City of Aun Artor, on Thnrsday, tbe isth dit of July, iu the year one thoaaand eiht QnndrtJ aml st-venty oue. Kreseni IlIramJ Beáken, Jfidge or Probstc In the matter uf lhe Bátate of Jacub Ssa:trr, deccaed. On rcading and Allifi the petition. du !y Tcrffiri. nf Anna Sangree, prayiu tliat a cri.ui: laM ment nöw on tile in tliis Court parportuiff to bltfcl laat will and tsiamentof said oecoarad ni.iv )! niitted to probate, and th..t shu maj lx jpgiuni sole Exrcutiix theré f. Thvroupon it is .mlcred, tbat Mdulat. thf sevt-i.tli day of August Dext, :lt ten o il) the torenoon. be assïncd f"r the huariaf oF sald pi'tiiion, aud that the legateeft] dci"ï '-■' heira at law of said deceased, and ali ei'1' persous iuterested in said estáte are reqoirw lo ajiear at a session of said Court, then tube holdeu. at the l'robate Office, in the City of An irbor. and show cause, ifany there be. wliy the itqt of lhe petlüoner abonld not be gtanUd: lurthcr ordered, liat sad ietitionei give D perHonsInlerested in ald estáte, of the leoriewj paid petftion, and the hearing thereuf, by tanriiï1 copyofthis order tobe published in trieVi)V ryu.í. a newspaper prfnted and circalalii Connty. three successivc weeks prevfow of huanuir. fA trne copy.3 III I! AM HEAKES. l:!3U'e of PnitaK. Estáte of Ellen NeDigan. STATE OF MICinOAN', County of Waditemf, At a seswion of the Probate Court for tb CI of Washtenaw, holden at the I "róbate 'ili i" tb lri of A mi Arbor, ou JlowViy, the third July, in the year uue IhoiUliud eight liuudred seventy-oue. Present, llivaiu J. Bcakoi, Judge of Probate. In the matter of tlie of EI1 ■■:■ deceascd. , Catharine Walah, i:xecutrix uf the Iiwt m testament ol' said deceaaed, tomes into Court uw 7: resents that she is now prepai-ed to remi. account as such Kxecutiix. Thereuponit i.i ordeicd, that Monday, tiie tbirtfirst day of July, inst , ut ten o'cloek ' forenoou, be assincd lor examinini.inf? such accouut, and that tho 1. he'u-s at law of said deceaseil. and all Dther iit-rso! ested iu said estáte, :ire requrced to uppenr t ?" of said Tourt, then to be holden at the Pi-otateW in the City of Ann Arbor, in said County, nno ■"" causo, if mi}' there te, why the said aeeolli beallowed: Aml it is rartbur ordered, tha utrixg-ive notice to the persons intvroted in '' tate, of the lendeuey of sitid account and the w1?! thereof, by oausülg a copy ot this order lo be futW n the Michigan Argus, a newspaper printe(i :lIlJ lUting in said Couuty, three suceessive weeks pie :o said day of hearing. (A truc eopv.) III UA M J. I'.KAKK13L-J Judseoi 1'roWEstutc of Fitch Hill. STATE OF MICHIGAN", cöuntj "f V:isWcns' At a sessiou of the Probate Courl for tbc' Washtenaw, holden at the Probate pffifrS ïtyor Ann Arbor, on Xuesday, the t iay of June, in the jour, o&ethouaand figlit IaW and seventy one. rie.-ent. ' J, Ilcakes. .7 udpe ni PrOM , rn the matter of tbeeatateof Fitch Hill, ('''"'■'" ' Com.stock F. Ilill and David Allmendincer. " tors of the last will and testament of sanl ace' come into Court and represent that they are yJZ pared to render their linal aceount as mi. il fin reoupon it is oxdered, that Monday, flrst day of July next, at ten o'd&ek iu llci"2S! beaMgáed fir exav..iiiin-' and llirwing ""'""Jj md thiit the légateos, di isees aii(i beirs at li JrZ leoeaaed, and all othet peraons interested it lrLj tate, are reonized to appear at a aeasioa of íTíf then tohe holden at the Probate Office, in tl"""1', inn Arbor, iu said couuty. nndehow causo, i' theie he, why the said accouut shoul,'. owod: And it is further ordered thatfsaW 'TJ. uus give notice to the pcraons iutorested tute, ut endeney "f .-.i i oc '■.va, ami "'l ", ui; tliercdf. bj mosing a copy of tliibltóhcd in the .ViVAyri .tiius, a niuteil ánd droalotíng in said county, thrco ave weeks rrevious tu said day of lnaiiii. c (Atmeeopy.) uuiam ,i. BEAft 132J Judge of ÏW1 ; Kftato of ?ntrick llobnn. Q TATE OF inCHlBAN, Connty of WashUaWJ 0 Ata session of the Probate i ."; fw'í'ij! . if Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Oifitt, of Ann Arbor, on Tueaday, the tweuty-a of June, in the year one thoueand eight hiumw Bèventy-one. . Present llirain J. Beakes, Judge of I 'roMt - . M In tho matter of the estáte uf 1'atlJli U01 i.l BUng ix-tititn, duly w''fr GeorgeChrAü, ;Vdminist ratol' . Wl "'■" '1 ;i vill nniitixeil, praying thnt bc m , oertain real cítate, hereaí m' ■ ed. .,,„ kil TLeiuupíU it Ú orderil, t'ijj " ' y lay of Augnl next, M teu 'olaek in the f'f:,' taslgned for tho hearing of said iK'ticion, auu i 0 1 gatees, devisees and In is at law of said utlVrJr(l lil ut hel perattBS int MBted in said í-statf. ffnlde. p appeaf at a gestión "I said eourt, thm to t" j Athe Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arw',t now cause, ifany t In-re be, why the pi '■'" . ...f ïetitioncr should not 1 grautttl : And il '5 ,. rordcicd, that said petitioner givu notice t0."'., r! wns intented iu said estáte, of the 1 s;iid iietition, and the hearinK tliucui, by " '. ■opy of this order to be published m tl -". ;.j.l Argta, a newspaper printed aud ciiwlaunf 'jl( county, four sucooesivo wteks pievtous to. sa1 Aecopy, XintAMXAK 1320 Judge W(W


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