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A Woman's Love

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A sentina! unevl ritting liifli ín gtafj f axá tliis rshiill vfti] nut; t;it from poigatory; 'Hoye mercy, mighty ungete, heat íay bíoij : t illv. ■■ i , and, blind with powionate loro, I fell, o e ij.niL'tu un: down lo denth, iind dcaUi tu hell, iov Ciod i ju, and doath fo si h weü. I do not legt 1"!'.'J5'; lii.i lií?li dcpreo. pfoi : . ■ Uk thol iit-.-.n' slüiU be; iïut tor iny love on i:íirth tobn mourna foi tur. (iroat Spirit ! Le) toe aee my lovc again, And comlurt hiin í)!hi liour, imd I wew rain To iuy a thousand ycar of tire and pauV" I hi ti said the i!lyiis Ungl'I, " N'fly, MtwlJt Thai iMvow! l.ook, t ili.ii-iiiiL'-i V l:int Down to tia last liour ut thy puniflhmcnt !" Bnt still Bhe wnilcd, "1 nrny thee, let me t' .■ riseto peooe una leave hlm .. o, leí me eooíhe bim in ):is bitter woel" ïlic brazen patos jToonfl sullenl}' ajur, And upwinv, joyotts, il i i.iiir stHr, Shc i'-i' and vañiehod in tho ether lar. Bot won adown the dying aimsct sailinpr, And liUf a wounded bnd hei pinions trailingr, Slic üuttcrcd bode witJi bitjken heuilcí wailing. tobbed, " 1 found liim by (he summer sea i, bia heud upon a maidcn's knee- . She cuilvd hair and kiistd him. Woe is me . She (rept, " now let my mntahment begin I C httve úeen fond and foolish. l-'i iü To expiatü Di] ■ '; m andmyaiu." The iingcl onswcicd, " Nay, sd soil, po higher ! To bc dei i ved in yn.n true heart'a dedre V:il.ittniT than a thousand of llrel


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