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Blunt Words From A Poet

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John G. Saxe has boon a regular nsitantat Baratoga for eighteen sommen, luid hopea to bo probably for eightcen summora more. Talking with hun the other day, he diaBovered hunself a skeptic in regard to the possesaion of any tuorit whetever by vromen. Hesaystney have noitheroriginality, inventivo íciiius, nor beauty! Il quoted Eumboldt, wno, ivlicn some one asked why, of uil cieation, the human aniiiuil was the only ono of w'hich tho female waa the mostbeautiful, replied that ho denied tho faet. Saxe denies it too, and asserts that ono of tho reasons is, that vromen are never content to l(;t naturo alone i tin-v are always falsifying it by urts and tricks which deccive uobody, but whioh dwarf their own fair growth and dovelopaient. Farmer, he radely declares that they are S0 ioolish that they will follow fashion, even though it compals themtomake (hemsflves hideous and display their dcfoi-mities rather than their attractions. He admita them naturally slender, graceful, spirituolle. with a delicate beauty o their own, which would in all probabih ty expand into womanly proportion8i it was not dwarfed and stunted and Bpii dled by bad habits, bylatehours, by wai of out-door oseroise, by adding unnai nral bumps and protuboranoes, by whio no one isdeoeived, and whioh only rei lor them totally unliko theuisolves, am notatalllike anytbing elso - human divino. lie saya it is a " bad form," " bat ityle," " lad art," and so it is. He doos not bying his daughtera hei till they are oighteon, but confesses tha there is much moro freedoin now than foi merly, and that i1 is more agreeable on thttt account. Ten or flïtaen yeara ago Southern ludios gave the tono to Baratoga society, and made it a grand caraival of fashion. It was thoy wno brought fiftoen trunks i' onormoua dimensión?, whp dressed live; times each day, eaoh time moro elaborately than the last, who prepared themselvos, in fact, during the entiic year i'or the few weeks of display whioh they annually made al the Northern watering-plaoe8, and foroed upon inany silly women tho nocessity of folio winij their example. Orit Women. - We are porsuaded that our gentlemen-roadora wifl fully endorse the sontamente of tv. writer of the following, which we clip from Mooru's Ituial Torh r: It is a prevailing vico among men - of doubting the virtue of women. To us ii iïke not only an outrago to good , but also betokons a want ofintelloot. Beadee tliis, it. betokens a besotteo natiiM'. and pas8Íon8 tbat would diagraoe :■ bi is 'i":' idea of dragging womeo down to mën's levcl, in point o virtue, is so repugnant to the feelings, so ntterly ui varianoe with tbe truth, thnt the ut tcrer ouglit not to have a place in oivilizcd society. We would wish to ünpress upon these wlio oast thia slnr apon the eter of il"1 woracn of land, that it' what fchey oharge were truo,"this world of ours would be a perfect hall, The women i' out land are as fai above thoso who make these assertions the lioavcns are abtwe the earth. Om women ate the liighest t}'iie of purity and virtue; and iiiiv evaven wlio would drag thi m from ' this high estafe, deserres tho execrations , of all good men.


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