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Tintod writing-paper and visiting carda are restored to favo:-. I-hese ure not of the 'li epi coarse huea that once ofifended tasto, bufc aro faintest tinte, mem shadows of colors, 80 delicate and soft that thcy aro approvod by fastidious peovle, who had protestad againsi any paper but that of im macúlate whiteness. Falcst rose and lavender are preferred by ladies ; alt-o the empresa tint, as stationera cali the Nile green - that lovely shade, at once both Dlue and green, adopted by Eugenio in preferenoe to rlic vulgar yellowish Metternioh green. The tint.fadeB into white, near the edges, forming a sli.slit Jlno of border around the paper. Two sizos of paper, thenoto and letter sheet, furnish b iadys eeoritoire. These are of slender shape, twice as long as their breadth, so tbal when doubled aoross the penter they will iill the square envelopes now uscd. Ladies select thickor Frenoh paper than that formerly Been, in neW designs oi waved traccry over the whole sheet, with doubled parallel linea too faintly traced to amper the writer, and wide enough apart to permii the large, angular hand that Avomcn of f&shion nuw aiïect.


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