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Cruelty To Animals

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As rcquested by our correspondent - see Argus of July ülst - wo givo place to the follovnng law, énacted at the last scssion of the Legislatura, and now in force : An AH fór the more effectual prmention of cruelty to amimah. Sfction I. The Pe&ple of the State of Michigan enact, That whoover orerdrives, OTerloads, drives whon overloadad, overworks, tortures, tonnonts, deprives of necessary sustonanco, eruclly beats, mutilates, or cruülly kills, uny animal, and whoevcr, iiiivinu; tho oharga or custody of ;my nriin:i]. iit !u:r ax owner or otherwise, inflicta unneoessary ci'uulty upon the same, oí willïully fails to provide the sanio witli prüpor lood, drink, shelter, or protection from the woather, shall, for every such oirunc, bo iuiiisliQd by imprisonment in jaïl not excoeding one year, or by fine not exceedn.g two hundí ed 'and fifty dollars, or by both such fine and impri.sonmunt. Sec. '2. Any pcrson who shall kcop, or usé, or in any way be connocted with or nteresWd in the management of, or shall íicuivi; :mcy for the admission of any person to any place kept or used for tho purpose of fighting or baáting, or making l target of any buil, bear, dog, cock, or sther oreature, and every person who shall enoourage, aid, or assist therein, or who shall permit or suffer any place to bo so.kot or nsed, sha)l, upon' crwnction thcfcof, bo adjudgod guilty of a misdümuanor. Sec. 3. Every owner, possessor, or persim having tho charge or custody of any anima], wlio crueJly drives or works the same when unlit for lubor, or who shall carry or eímse to 1)0 carried upon any vohielo, or otherwise, auy live animal having thu fuut or lega tied tpgcther, or ii any othur cruel and inhuman raanner, or shall abandon uny maimed, siclc, infirm, or disabled animal, to die in any public place, or who shall carry or cause to be carried any eaibío live animal in or upon any vehicle, or otherwise, without providing suitablo racks, cars, orates, or Cagea in Which such animal mn,y stand or lie down during transportation, and whilst awaiting slaughtor, such' person shall be punished for evQiy such otfenso iu tho manner provided in section one of this act. Suc. i. Xo railroad company, in the carrying, or tTansporüition oí animáis, shall permit thu saine to be conBuud in cars fox a longer pefiod thau twcntyeight consecutive hours, without unloading the same for rest, water, and feeding, for a period of at least live consecutivu houra, unJless prevented froin so unloadiii'jr bv atofm oí' other accidental causes. ia cstimating such coniinémcnt, the time duving whioh the animáis havo been confined without such rust on connoction roads frora whioh they are receivod sball bu ineluled, it the intont of Ibis act to prohibit their continuous confinemont beyond tho poriod of twenty-eight hours, oxcept upon contingeneios horeinbefóre stated. Animáis so unloaded shall be properLy fed, watered, and sholtcred during such rest, by the owner or person having the custody thereof, or, in case of his default in sodoing, then by the railroad company transporting the saine, at the expense of said u'wuer or person in custody thereof; and said company shall in such case Wve a lien upon such animáis for food, care, and custody furnished, and shall not be Hablo for any dotention of such animáis authorizod by this act. Any comp:my, owner or custodian of sueh animals' shall fail to comply with the provisiona of this sectiou shall, for each and every such offonse, be Hable for and pay :i penalty of not loss than one hundr, l i:hhü than iivo hundred dollars: Providt . That licn animáis ahall bo carried in can in whioh they eau and do havo proper food, water, space, and opportuuit.y for rest, the fóregoing proiu regard to their being unloaded shall not apply. Soc. 5. Any person found violating tho laws in relation to cruelty to animáis may 3te6, and held without vnrraut, ia the same mannen as in case of pevsona fouinl breuldng the penco ; and tibie person making tho arrest, with or without warrant sluill ase roasonable diligence to rivi' uotice thereof to the owner of onimalsfousd in the oharge or eustody of the person arrested, and shall properly caro and próvida for suoh animóla until tlio owner thevcof shall take charge of thestune: l'ruvUla!, The owner shall tivke charge of the same witSin sixty days froin the date of said notice, and the person making such arrest shall have a lien on said animáis for tho expense of such curo and provisión. Sec. 6. When complaint is made on oath or affirmation to any magistrate authorized to issue warrants in criminal cases, that the complainant believes that any of the provisions of this act are beine, or are about to bo violated, in any particular building or place, such magistnito, it' satisfied that tnere i? reasonable (!;iuso for such belief, shall issue and delivor a search warrant to any sheriff, deputy sheriff, constable, or public offleer, authorizing him lo search such building or place, and to arrest any person or BOna engaged in violating any ot the provisions of this act, as well as any person or persons tliero present and aiding and abetting thcrein, and to bring suoh person or persons before some magistrate of oonTDetent jurisdiction, to bc dealt with according to law. Sucli officor may, at the samo time, seize and bring to said magistrate every artáolo or instrument found in said building or place espeoitilly designad or adapted to torture or inflict wounda apon ;niy animal, or to aid in the lisrhting or baiting of any animal, unles3 v.-ithin ten days alter the trial of the person or persons so arrestad the owner of said article or instrument shall show to the satisfaction of said magistrate that the same is not designad or adapted to the torture or wounding of animáis, or if so designad or adapted, is not intended to be used or employed for such purpose, tho magistrato shall destroy such article or instrument ; but no such search ah&ll made after sunaot unloss spüninlly awthorized by the magistrate apon satisfaotory oause shown. Sec. 7. In this act the word " animal " OT "animáis" shall be held to inolude all bruto creaturos, and the words " owner," " person," and " whoever" shall be held to includc corporations as well as indivulu■1 the knowledge and acts of agents of and persons omployod by corportitions urd to arirn Js transp trtea, ownod, or Gmployod by. 01 in the eustody of such corporations, sluiü ba h il 1 to le the acts and tnowlodge of such corporations. Beo. 8. It shiUbeth-duryofallsheriffa, deputy sherifls, constables, aad pólice oíficers to proseoute all violations of tho provisions of this aot whioh shall come to thoir notice orfcoowledge. Sec. 9. That soction fivc thousand eiglit hundred and sewnty-nine of the compiled laws is hereby tepealed. Approvod April 15, 1S71.


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