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The New Commissioner Of Agriculture

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Hon. Fredenok W atts, of Curhsle, Pa., has been appointed succrssor to General Capron as Commksioner of Agriculture, to date from the lst of August. Judge Watts is a native of Carligle, and was educated at Dickinson College, whcre ho graduated at the ago of nineteen. Immediately after his graduation he wem to Erie Oounty, Pa., and tlicre livod tliree Vean with an uncle, working daily on hÍ3 fanu. Betoxning to Carlisle, he studied with Andrew Carothers, and was admitted to tho bar. He practised his proi'ession until 1848, when he waa coramissioncd by Governor William F. Johnston, as Presiding Ju'lge of the Nintli Judicial District of Pennsylvania, coinyosed of the couv.ties of Cumbérland, Arry, and Juniatn. This ofiice hc held for three years, when, it having been made eleotive, and the district being uuder the control of the politica] party with which he was not in sympathy, hp retired fioni the bench and roturnod to the bax He-did not, however, acfcivolj ■agage in his profpssion, a large jyrtion of üis time beipj . personal BUpermtondence ot' a farm near Carlisle. Por rnany yeara ! o ht ! been ;i farmer, ;i. wcll as a lawyer, aud had become known as one who believed in the application of Bcience to the tilling of the soil. In 1808 he abandoneü entirely tho jiractice of law, and sineo then luis been exelusively furmer. During the last few years he hus reeided on his farm, triving to nll (hp details of its management his personal attention. He is also the ownei of a ïother faim, which he managos through a tenant. Judge Watts'n prominence as a farmer led to Lia election, in 18 thaLr$t President of the Penney] AgBonltural Society, which ofSce'he held until 1862, when he declined a re-election. He was elected the firet president of the board of trustees of 1he Agricultural College of Pennsylvania, a position which he still holds. Hu has never b-rcn prominent as a politieian, although entertaining at all times positivo views of the public policy and has never been a candidato for either Congreasional or lepislative honors. He was not an apphoant for the distinguished position to which he has just been appointed, and its duties and responsibilities have Vieen aceepted ■with reluctauce. Judgo Watts is a practical and scientrfie faimer. Ho has devoted his life to the practico of progressivo methods of diversified agriculture, and has always manifested a deep interest .-Liid goimine enthuMufm in the advancement nf the fermer'B cnlüng. In his new ofiice hc inay bc expoctod to giva to all the grieultural intercsts of tho country the ime intelligent mul indurtrioua attenon he has bestowed upon the wuried niTitions of his faimand tli; uro of IVnnsylvania.-


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