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A Republican On Grant

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A reporter tor the Philadelphia Telt. grapi h;s been interviewing Col. Mc Cluuk, a prominent and popular Pennsy v;mia Republican, and publishns an au thoritativo stutemeut of the conversatioi We quote a singlo quostion and the elab oíate answer : 11. - Do you regard örant as oertain t be the candidato 'i McC. - lt looks very much now as if h would, but future evout.s inay make chango so clearly neoessary as fco efieot i Ho has lost the uinin elemente of popuia strength wbioh gave him such a decidec ti'iumph in 'ÓH. ïhen his eloction wa deiaanded in thu naiue of peaco ; now : would be opposed in the name of punce [ñatead of aimiesty anl tranquility in th South, we havj disorder amoug tilo peo plfi and violent and revolutionary enaotmeats, all iu tho interest of the inos shiiiuelcss and luost widely excc:ated po litical adventuren who 'ever cursed country. But few - indeed i kuor o none - outside of those immediately in terosted in his peronal success desire him as the ltopublioau oandidate. Very man of our best ltepublieans would suppor him with great reluetunce, if at all. Th Kepublican State ticket, m Pennsylvani is in peril to-duy. maiuly by the load of I Grant's re-uomination in '72, whioh was unwittingly inoorporatedin the platform. ïhu leaders ut' the eonvention uuanimously agreed, in the Comtnittee on ïtesolutiuns, that they duro not ventare to declure lor Graut's re-nomiuation, and do ruierenco to tüo nextcandidacy was m ld in tho report ; but un ambitious ofneeexpeotoixt) sick with hopo deferred, preoipitated it upon the convention in the shape ofan amendment to the report, and it liad to be vcted in or voted down. It would liavo been dangerousto some of the managers to voto it down, and it luid to be aooepted. In ordor to save the ticket in the State, it is earefully announced in all 'ii'iiis that the roeolution was a trick and is moaningleas, foi all know that i the issue was t'airly made on Grant just DOW, the State would be lost by thouauids. And as it is, it may be lost onder the apprehension tha t il' the State is carried it will be claiinc-d as deoiding thé re-nomination ot' Grant next year. It' Pennaylvania should be lost thi-, fall, I tako it that Grant oould not be re-noadnated ; and even iï it is curried, it ispossibln that the premonitions of dsfeat may make the party break through the linea of oiliceboldeia and present an available candidate. Should he aooept the advanced. nieasurcs domanded by tbe people, he might bc nominftted aooeptabiy and reoeive tho unitod Eepubüoan support, which would eli-'ct hini ; but that would involve the surrendcr of Santo Domingo, the restoration of Sumner, the abasdonïuont ot' forse laws which aow distnrb the South, a chan'go in the fin.uicial polioy, and, above all, soine reasonable dei'erencc tothe popular will of the party. How t'ar be ia likely to advanee in these im;isures I oannot judge. It scoms oluur that only uii'ler a sonso of imperativa necessity will ho do SO. Wint he will appreoiate that necessity is tho problcm to be solved, and in lts .solution is embraced the issue of his re-nomination possibly, oertainly tho i.ssue of his re-election. - Without such a departure by the idiuinistration tho Demócrata oould hardly oomtuit such stupeuduus follies ;is to ronder Grant's success possible. The oitisens of Beimington, Vt., projose to havo the gramlest oelebrfttion ver known there oi' the battle of Bonlington, on tho 16th of August noxt. l'l.i'v have invitcd the Tweaty-fourth v York llcgimcnt to be present, and t has aooopted. HtoiyWard Beeoher ïas been invited to delivcr au addrees, and there will bp a balloon ascensión and jaso ball match, the lattcrhaving bei an indisponsabló part of ovory true celciration..


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