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Radical Promises

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The Radical press claim that the "Rad ioal part; oan go beton' the people as the party that h:is fully redeemed its pledgos.' I.. ; this bo testod by facts : ' Thoy promiaod io improve ths business inU-rusts of the country. Have they done thia ? No. They pxomised to reduce t;ixation. Has fcaxaüon beón reduoed ? íío. They promiíod a rcduotion in tho ntimhcr of oflice holdciá. llave they duno this?' No. They promised to aettlc and orrangi tho ouTTenoy. Hua thoro beun any improyoment m tho ouirenoy ? No. Th. 'y promisod to reinove tho odiouj Imcomd-taz law trom the stfttute bojks oi the nation. Has this been dono ? No. They promisod to invigorate tho enfoebled snipping iuten:sis of the nation. Dow.' öprovemoot f No. Theso aro tho thins they promided to do. Have they redoemed their plcdgcs'r N'o, not one of them ; the whole pathway of the party frorn the boginning to the at day, is strewn with tho dobris of broken pledges and promi ■■ ; Irenes thu ■rum of the Radical press that that party is tho only party that h:is fully releenied its pledges, is n insult to tho ntelligent peoplu Qí' tho umi.- Mitrmall , ' . ii r. The Courier says: "The Wati-WahSuin Boat Club, of Sagina w City, throogb ;he presiilcnt of the c;ub. Mr. Frcil. Poter, Las made formal ;!.plicatioii to tho Sx'ecutive Board of the Northwestern Amateur Boating Association, for permisión to takc part in tho regatta which akes place at Baratogo, in August noxt.


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