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We do not belifvis that any portion of tho Domoorotic party, north 01 south, desirc to go back to (ita old oendition of i beföre tho war. Baob i thiog ús süaply imposeible, even it' desirod. Slavsry always was and must havecontinuedto bo 11 sourou of constant irritation. No one desiréa to return to it. The negro musí huw be lelt to work out his owii lestiny, among us or away f rom us, as ovonta sh-.dl determine. Instead of endeayoriog to go back, all thoughtand energy ahouid bo directod to going forward. Certain Lnterests hostilo and fatal to uny republii; have grown up among us during the last ten yi::trs, ar.'l tlieir restraint vill probably evolve still further constitutioual nm. ndmeatt and chauges. It must alwaye bc liurne in niind that our foriu of gbvernment was moroly an experiment to be eschanged or modiiied as the popular exigencias gnould require. lt was progresa trom monarohy, and n.u t neeessariiy progL6M into :i more udvauued republie, or go back to monnrehy. All recent and present legislatiou, Ijy the fa - tion ia power, tonds to subvert the republic ÜÜ'OUgh tht: pretection and organïzatiüu ot' special interests. lt is creating masten for the people and the republic. The siiim: causes and influences now bc coming niinp int amone us have heretofore Bubverted all republios. Tney do uot accomplish it by open force but secret treaohery. They make encrooohuient little by little, through tpecial lcgislation, untilthe people have no louger any politieel powor ieft. As we can neither go back to ante-war oonditions, nor remun as we ure, it i. clear tbat we must go forward to contra! - ization and despotism or to a higheï developnnnt of the republican idea. The Djinocracy are the natural representatives of this idea. ïho truo statesman mint look uhcul, and prepare for the eontingencies natu a ly aris'n ; trom -mix. t legislation. If tuis legislation is tënding to centralization and du-spotism, it must be checked through legislation or o:nstitutioual ehanges adequate to meet the emerg-'ncies to come. It is not the Bopublicsn party, liu! the imiiivrl power of this countiy and Europa that now controla the giwurnmant. It is run in the interest of the foreign and üounistic bond holder, and moaeyed aristocraoy. The peoplo havo nothing to do witli it except to pay texes and vote for tho tools of the ruling faotion, No republic can long oxist under such a state of things, and no party is titted to control tho govurninent except pledged to do so for tho intorests of thü wholo people, and to accomplish this requires great changes in uur systom of finance and tixation, such as oan not be institutoil ox(irpt, through an ovorwliolming defeat of tho tools of the luling fuetion. Eveiy Democrat must preparo to go forwurd, lettine " the dcad past bury its doad." -


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