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Greeley On The New Departure

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Greciey closcd a speech thu other day, iu New York, with tho followiug striking aa l uoble appeal. He said : Fcllow oitizens, I trust the doy is not distant wherein, putting behincl us the tilinga t luit concern the pist, wn shall remeuiber that grand old inji;nct:onof the " Speak to the ohildren of Israel that they go orwiud." I am weary of flghtíllg over i-s.-íiieá that ought to bo dead - tliat logicaüy weredead yearsngo. Wlxen slavery died, I thought that W8 ought speedüy to have enaed 11 that grew out of it by universal amnesty and iiupartial suffrage. (Applause.) I think so stilt ; and it' the Democratie party concedo universal amnesfy ; it'not, it will have but a very short leaso of power. So, thon, f rienda, I sumtuon you all, Eopublicans and Demócrata, to preparo for the new issues and new stragglos that visibly open beforo us. In tho questioss miinly oí' industrial policy - questions of national advancemnt - questions involving the best means whertiby our different partáea may, through ro-opr.ration or through rivulry, endeavor to promote the prospcrity, tlic happiuess, and the true glory of the American people. For that contest I wonltl prepare you. And so, truating that the bloodshed in tho past will bo a sutficient alonemcnt for the sins of the past; imd that we ure entering upon a new departore, not fv one party, bnt for tho wholc country - a departnre from strife to hannony, frona destruotion to construction, from desolation to peaco and plenty, I bid you, triendsand fillowi'.s, au uli'.'ctioimte good niglit." ' Ne" issuea," " v. Btrbggles, "question.s ot' industrial polloy, oationa] advancement, the happiaess and true ■ ot' the Amerioan people." That is H, and :ill of it, in a word. Groeloy soes it, and baa honesty enough, especially whoo unier tha innuence of a patriotic passion, to icknowledge it. The Porta go Minina Gitie't? says : Major T. B. Brooks. Assistaut State Geolorist, togethet with Dr. Oorl Bominger, paloontologut, of Ano Arbor, are al wenk m the fiera "n the Upper Península. Tlio latter gentleman, who raa nppointed last ■iiinr b_ th.- Btate Goologioa] Board to ixainino and report upon Éne fossilifcrous portions of the state, is now south and iaat ofMarqaette Oounty, oarrying on lis ecientific reseaohes, wkilethe fonuer gentleman ia busily ongaged in studying out tho oological topography and rock itructoic oftho iron beds of Marqucttc County. Tho Lemiwoe County Tomperanee teagueareto proseouto all saloon-keepirs a&dei thu now law.


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