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Hard On Carpet-baggers

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It is tlio yttiW Yovk Tribune, and tiot g iemocratic joumal, which gets off the ollowing : Republicana of the South ! you have a desperate struggle just ahead, and yOn annot win unlesa you scnd these villain, o the roar. You cannot rely on thoir ntodosty, on thcii" sunso of deeentjy ; tj,e will pus'.i theuisulvts forward into the most conspicuons posts, no matter at what peril and nííschief to your cause, unies, you stemly say, " Go bucle, thieves!", You cannot afford to bc delicate vith men who do not know what dolicacy meaos. Uiiless you show by acts that you detest pcculutórs and scorn to bo 1 by tbem, you will be beatón, and willij. gerve to bo. You can put these fellovs vrhere thev belong if you trv;andvnn munt try. Their effrontery will desctt tiuMii wnenovor thoy seo that yon notos, ly loatho rascality but do not hesitate r show your loathing. As you hope to ij respected, confided in, triumphant, vin cate your own intogrity by branding th# the tiiii've-i who would uiake merchandi.of your party's good name. The proposition that tho labor of cigfcf honrg is worth as much to the employé of t M the labor of ten continúes to tiirl favorert. It is not so singular that atn should considcr two mlilitiotKil liours of leisure preferible to two additional houn of hvbor. But it is eurious that ther should fora;ct wh it tlusy are prorcrbially assured of, that there go tn-o to tho inai'. iní of a bórnin. In work for govett. nii'iit it Bxeu;s the honrsof workiajj indeed be so shortened without rfcducio the wagcs of work. The effect of that procedure would be to convei t the laborers to the eztent of one-fifth of thc-ir w tges into pensioners. Thoogh this rt of thing ra:y do for governments it ül not do for the business of commercial cor. poiationa :tnl individuals, actuivted by low desire for profit. Their business ii uot managed regardlcss of exiensc, bt conduetcd upuii the prosaic principli o( supply anddoinand. Thud(ficit betwetn T-ne wagea oí uigui nuure uuu ui ten ig supplied in the case of the public workj by tlifi tax-payen. Kut who shall eap. ply it in the other case, whero philanthrcpy an:l dmagoguery have no scepe? Let onr indignant frionas who aru about to hold i ma88-meeting to ilcmand the en. forcemont of the "oiaht-howr luw " thinV on thcsü things.-


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