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__ Boring agaiu- at tlie artesian well- .,,! Vil. .. A inoiltra'e sliower caine thls way on Tuerlny forenoou last, and wis welcome. _Tlie pi stor bei dr iibseiit, Rev. Dr Cocker will pretch at the M. E. Churcli ooSmiday mornlog oext. -Services lu Mie Uiiitarian Cliurch wlll beiwumed next Sunday nibrniug, by the puior.Rev. C. II. Bkioham. Atlne s'iower on Wediiesilay evenlnfr jirfsomctüing towarJ reilevïns Uie crio ofUilwty and MiflVrin.i; vegetation. _ Bjveral farmers of tlie town of Web lTii.lis (ounty have nssurcd u that thcwheat erop o' ttiat tow;i wül average j) bushels to tl e acr. _ A banking a - ociation, undcr the State l!ffs, lias bj a orxanlzed at Manchester, ■Uta capital of $50,000. Il is styiud the 'P-oplc's B:ink of Manchester." -Saline reports parchoslng 105,000 Ibs. mol t'nis peason : L. & Co., 4J - Mi H J. Mir.LKi;, 30,000 : Wt-bb & Huil. i.; L. H. Bats kb, 8,000. -The Presbyterian t'imrcli of this city lusglven a cali to Rer. Samuki, W. Dof k:ei.d, of Claremout, N. .1., a grandson of Ibelate Dr. DOFFIKU, of Detrot. -We have !t on goad antborlty that 0au Pkase, o! Graas L.ike, has just tireshcd eight acie.s of wheat- Treadwcll- liicli cleaved op S:! busiiels to the acre. 1 ís yleM. - Many Argus readers - esp c aiiy uioc tngtgd in theliquor traffllc or hiTlng : dlctecl -o drunkeaoeM - wili t) intcvw.tii In reading the amended llqaor h ir, iriiieii wcut uto operattou ou the 16ih alt. - Several of onr citizens have boaghc the gas works at 8t. Juaepb, Mo., and de feu to enlarge and put:n tliorough repair II Jo. is a thrivtDg town: but, then, we had wther Me the railroad to Toledo under htadivay bcfore it makts .-i draw on omupitalists. -Some musicaüy inclincd youn men pvc serie of free concerts on Simday (renins last, at the same time trying the spsd of their horses on state street -the raacourse of tlie city. Another evenlllg (fiiiotlier localitv, or both, say we. - A. few days ago a mortgáge was re_ crol it tlie Reglster'a office, In tiiis city wering 'iie fi-iinchist'S, etc, of tlie Lake ShoreandMichÍK:i" Southern Railroad and Muehes. It was for only $35,000,000, and las tobe reorded in every county throogh wlilcfi the ro.irl or branches rao. -MO8E9 .Maüks says tbat d orina his ibsence- at tlie circus- 011 Tuesday evenin;, some burglarious fellow " vvcnt tbroiígir his house, getting four or flvidollars from hls uile's pocket book, a tch chuin seven dollars, and snuiiiy other articles. Which is hard on Mosea. - The stockholders' committec and Ruil rad Directora were C&DVaMing the city lor more stock on Friday and öaturrtay Iw, and with fiiir ucces8. thorh tlicy re not met with an exceu of eotbusiwni wlibtrility. Tiie way for tlicin to excite ■he people is to lócate the ro-id and put it Milcr contract. -Prof. Fiuf.ze and faniily lcft homo on MoQrtay to spend a year in Gemiany. Thev s'opa icw days at Providciice, U. I., and ilfrom Ne York on the 12th. Miss I-wiïknte- a sistor of Km. Gov. Fei.cii, HImEmm.v i-'TEVENsoN, and Miss Ciaba Veeblcr, youngeet daushter of J. M, ''kki.kk, Esq., go abroad wilh the familv ■'Prof. P. -Mrs. A. E. KELT.OGO.of this city, bsa 'eptal the position ofgovernlng 'eacher ttd principal of social relations" in the ïoung Ladies' Bemlo'ry and Colielate hsUtnte at Monroe, and will remove to her feU of labor about the lst of September. Mra. K Is very much otceine.l horc, and 'frremoval will be ticrlonsly feit and slnrely rcgretted by a very large circle of faoiis Th? EiRhth National Exhlbitlon or In Pr'ed and American bred Horsos is to bi' 'U at the National Park, Kalumazoo, on Toesrtay, Wedncsday, Thursdiiy, anrl PriH August 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th. "te premiums oflferéd are. open to the "ld, and aggrcgate $30,000. The Park Abraces 65 acres and has an excllent mile nek. The Central Kailroad hus givcn Wlteof reduced ratcs of lare. "cr. Frbdeiuck Scumid, for thlrty ei;lit Mnsccntivc years pastor of the Geruit n w'ht-ran Chni-cli of thla city, has at last tan compellwi by olil as;e,an.l conwqaent bodily inflrmiticg, to res'gn his charae and "ase from his labors. Rev. Hkrmax Heutbee was nstalled as his sucecssor on Sunday last. The closir.g exerclse of the annual term of Prof. Sage's musical school will occur M bis room, No. 24 Bank Block, Main St., Moiifiay cveiiins, Aiiut 7th, 1871, comnciiig st 7% o'clock. The parents am Wrou are Invlted to be prt&tnt. Mr. Charles Nordlioff, for many year toanaging ediior of the New York Onmin J; has accepted an editorial positioi Ila the Now York Times.


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