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Burlington Lcílving the Bast ftnd irrivine; nt Chicago or Indianapnlis, how shaU Wfl reach the West ? The )et Line is aeknowlfdfd to lic the C: B. & Q., Olnedtog Uu-r uith the B. & M. R.ailroad by the ron Bridge at BarUugttm, on 3 CHÏled the RnrMngou Konten Tbé nlalü line of the Houtc running to Omaha, onnects wich the greit Paciflc Rotdl, and formo o da the to&dlag route to California. The Midlo B ranch, er tering Nebraska at Wiittruoiuh, ifcöea throujjb UdooIOi the state Capital, ad wïll hisyear bo Üniehcd to Fort Kearnoy. frmïng the hortest rouio across the Continent by over 100 miles. Another b ranch of tho B. M-, divergí 112 at Red tak, fallsiuto a line runntug down the Missouri hi'üiih 5t. Joe to Kausaë City, and nll Kansas. 'assenberg by tliis route to KAJMM, sce Illinois, outh losva, and Missouri, nnj, by a sli;;ht divorencCf can sec Nebruka alno. Lover' of üae views should remember the BurngLonRonte, foritstowni " high-ieaminy from fje ' - u treo-flrlngdd streima- lts rough bluff and quarrk'B- lts coru-oceans stretchlng over the praircb furthor thun cyc can rOACb. Land buyurs will be ure to remember lt, frthey ïave (Meada among the two thousund who hars aleady bOQgbl fHrraa fiom Qeo8. H:irrin, the Lfinil CoitimUsiJuer of tbc B. & M. R. R at Burlington, uwa,or amonf; the four thousaud home-Ëtuadeie nd pro omptora who lastjre&r flled claims iu the Jocolo laud office, whcro ' Uuc!c Sam Ls rich aoagb to gtrs uila farm ChilLs and Vtm are pKOnptly cured by líarr's Aguo Medicine. Only n. fiv more of tliosc Point Iace Shuivls It-it, it 1 O,7. 50. S.. O, at tbe Tlilliuery Sturc. .- loix; than one hundred thousand jwrsons nnmmlly ie ia tbU country from Consumption, whieh is but be child of Cntarrh. $500 rcward is offered by the pruprietor of Dr. Suge's Catarrh Remedy for a case of ?aturrh whieh he eannot cure. Sold by druggists, or end sixty cents to Dr. R. V. l'ierco, 133 Sentcu street ïuffalo, X. Y., and get it by mail. Don't gt anriniled by men calling thonudtrta Dr. Sage ; Dr. Pierce is lbo ouly man now Uring tliat ha the riglit and can jjrepíir'j the lmiuíuo und original Dr. Sage'a Catarrh lïemedy, and his private U. 8. Government Stamj) is upon the outside wrappjr of every puckagc of tlic geuuijio. l'.4llt Barr's Agr. Medicine is plea?a:tt to tftke, is sure, Ls ffective. Those Parker fcugar Cured Haou at bluwson & Sou's are clioiue culiuf; this hot woathflr, when the odor of the best kept uud ck'iiulicst bu[chcr'd stall is nol vury tempting. Vüh cun find the lurgest itsNortninit of Hoop Skirtis :i:::I corcts n.t the Iomm 1 rit os, at the t u ITlilliuery Store 47 Soutli HEain Street. Buy Barr'a Agüe Medicine a a preventive or as a cure. Iionníj (o Soldicrs. Thoscwhoenlistedin 1851 onthe llrut c:il] ofPrceIt-ni l.uieoln, nuil wliü wero houorably discharged ueforethe explration of ihc leim of tueir ealiutiiMit. are entilleil to $lüü ench, as bounly. AndsoldicrscuUstlng muler act oí July 4th, 1S04 are to be allowed thc uupaid iuslalmcuts ofbounty I' they were dlscharyed by cxpírtition of service rhe abovc clus.scsUould make applicatiou to tbe andersiguod. Marcb4lh,lST0, lüOatf JOHN N. GOTT, BountyauJ Clalm Ai-nt. fl'c iiave, in oriicr to close out onr romuiiiiniï stock of Purusols, rcducctl tliciu to cost. New mUllnery Store, 17 S. nialn St. Soldiere of 1S12, who served sixty days, are en. tltlcd to Pension, and uhonld apply immcl!Uuly to John N. Gott, Bounty and Fcuslun Agcut, inn Arbor, JlitU. Sccond líanc! and Ao Orgnns And Melodeons Tor sale Terycheap at lrof Mills' raufricroom, No. 43 Main ütreet. (Over llalli Kob liT6tf ALVINWILSEY. Earr's Agüe Medicine contains neitber quinina a arsenic. A lottcr froto Alexandria, Egypt, statcs that Ex-Scoretary Suwnrd paased througli the city reoently, on liis wayto Constantinopk:. While in Alejandría, he was the guost of the Khcdivo and tbc recipiënt of osteatatious attention. It is thougbt that ha and li is party will at once sut out on thoir lionio journey.


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