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True Heroines

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Krom (hr I. ;.:'..-' In'l.i ( jMritr.-lulv II. An atteifipt' waa made on Thurédfty éVening last, at 7:30 Voíóok, to tlirow a train on the Toledo, Wabash and Western Kailread off tbc track aboutone mile Ibis side of Attiea. Th er Lcdger of yestenm,' imiki's the f.llowini statement: Two fftdies, Mis. Lyons nul Mis: Town, on theil way to church saw a man cnrrying stoiies and pfltting thein on the track. They watched hiiïj till fully satisfied of hia wicked iutentions, and following up 8 he fsed on removed seventoen rocks, one piecrt of iron usi-d to oonned llie ties, and one tie which -waspiaeedbetTVcen ttto tli'l)f tliü f rnrTr. witi one end resting on the rail so that its displacement by the cow-catcher would have been impossible. The tic was very heavy, and it iook the best exertion af both the women to remove 't. Only a few minutes after the passenger train, with its living human freight, all unmindful of dimger, thundered along, and, thanks to these noble women, passed on without even a hint of the fearful peril they had escaped. A seotion boss was notified of 4ho matter, ■who broughf tlie rtport to Mr. Coen, freight aud ticket agent at this point. The ladies reported the man who did the work, and Mr. Coen, coming to Marshall M. Milford, attorney for the road Iiore, oon had the papers made out for his arItest (tnrf placed iri the hands of Dr. Cunfiingham. As soon as he could get thero Dr. Cunningham appeared at the house of the accused, who lives a short distanco frotr ibe road, east and south of Independence Station, and requested his attendance in town. The name of the offender ia Geo. W. Coghill, an old man, not less than 60 yeare of age. On his arrival here Coghill was taken before Mayor Milford, and the evidenco appearing direct and OTclusivef he was bound over in the sum of $1,000, wlik'h he could not give, and was promptly sent to Covington jail. The only reason lt can no' be arrívtd ut lor this fiendisn piece of business is this : On the evening theaffairhappened, Coghill tras in Attica and tried to get a ride homo on a ireigUt train, but was refused, it being against tner rale. It is, and took this method of revenge. The accused has heen a resident of Warren County for twenty-flve years p:ist, and has rather a bad reputation - dritiks too much, and is generally irresponsible. It seems altogether probable that this act will place hiui whera he will be poworless for revenge the rest of his natural life. Much credit is duo all parties coneemcd in tho arrest, and cspocially the excellent women who, by rapid' anti great exertion, cleared the track.


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