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Americans In Egyptian Service

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A South Carolina ex-rebel officer, who has aiTivfil ut New York affcer considerable serritfe iti tlíc aríny f tlio Khedive, givos ttiis iuíonnation of Affierioans in his army Gfenexal W. W. Loringia a Brigadier (Jcncnil oontmnading a dividió;, :-n& is commandant of tde city OÍ Alexaiidria. Genend C. P. Stono is ehief of the statt' of the General of the army, with the rank of Brigadier General. "General T. P. Motte is chief of the stütt" of the Vioeroy's personal staff, with the rank it' Major G ■ucral. (moral Libby ia ehief of tlio artillery, with ihc rank oí Brigadier General. Col. SparroW Purdy of California, is Coloticl of the engineers, and is now at iroffa ín appóc Egypt. Colonel Thotnaa Ktleíf, of Sonth Carolina, is Chief of Ordinanqe, and is now bnildins largo powder works at Cairo. Mr. McComb Mason is a Major in Üi. and besides these officers. General Beynolda and his son, Colonel Frank EeynoTds, have eommissions in tho arniy of the KhediT. I was Captain on the shifi, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. After dsolaxiag the Egyptiau army an ormy of cowards, he says : "Ëfzypt is the most corrupt country in the vorid. Men rige to Wtttuth and position by bartering the virtue of tlnir wives, and evcry official has his price. If you want the Khedive to do anytliing for you, there is a Pasha in tlx room looking like a whipped dog. If tlie IChcflivo says to the Pagha, " Sec that this is done," the fellow scoops up the dust with his hands and tonches his forehead with it, and then says, " Thy will islaw." But wiieu once he gots outside the door, the Pasha 8truigh'ens out and says : "Dog. howd;ire you approach tho Khodive without my permission ; you shall not have imy suoh thing." And he will not have the order granted unless you foribe him, and will prevent your seeingthe Khedive ugiiin. He states that the slavo trado is nxtonsively carriefl on, not pnblicly thougli. You can purchase a Georgian girl of the highest type of beauty ïor abont two thousand dollars, while other slave girls do not fetch more than five hniulred. Thf-sc pivls are pcvfcctly satisfird with their lot ; indeed, they havo no ióev of any other life."


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