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Bad blood, too muck blood, giving headacke, bad taste in tU wiosith of niornings, variable appetite, sickness at tbc stomach, cold feet, and graat susceptibility to taking cold ; 110 one person muy have all had these SymptoiDS when bilions but one or moro is always preseut. Sometimes a bilious person has a yrllow tingo in the face aad oyes, oafied 11 bilious," because ihe bilo, whieh is yellow, ís not withdrawn trom the blood ; it is the business ot' the liver to do but when it dors not do it, it i BOÍd to be torpid, to bo lazy, does not work, aud the physician bepins at once to uso remedies which are said to " promote the aetion ot' the livrr." It has been diseovercd within a few past years tlmt acids " act on the liver," sueh as nitric acid, elixir vitriol, TÍoegar ; but these are artificia] aeids and do not have the uniform g'ood effect of natura] acids - those which are found in fruits ftnd berries. Almost all persons becorno bilious as th warm weather comes on ; nine cases out of ten nature caïls for fier oin cure, as witness the almost univtrsul .tvidity for " pjreens," for " spinach," in t lio wrv early spring, these boing caten with viuogar; and soea after, by the benign arrangement of Providenoe, the di licioaa ! Btaawbeny comes, the raspberry, the blackberry; then the cherries, and peaohe and-apples, carrying ua olear into the full of the year, wlu n the atmosphexe is so pure anti bracing that thcre is general gotxl Lealth evcrywherc. The meet benefic-ial anti-bilious method of using frtrit and berrios as kcaltfa promotors is to 1 ;i Ut-; them at dessert, after broakfust and dinner.


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