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Ink Stains

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" Suirley Daro wnting to a Chieagi paper, gives the folio wise iaformatiou how to remove mk sinins. lts valué wil] be approeiated by all : "By the way, now that cvery woman does so much writing, it is certainly vevy mach worth wliile to kntvw how to tatc iuk spots out of colored clothing. The jniter, 'O'U a summer's day," when it ' that one had enough to do to support life without extïa tiouble in the torrrd heat, once upset a bottle of iuk inte her lap, over á hneñ díress, striped with brown and white, and triiumed with niiiuy rows of brown braid. Aghiist, the filst thought was that the dreps was ruined ; the Bccond was tt dip the skirt itt once into wam water, rinsing as much ink out is pofsibk', bat nrhat 'irjis left made a raeful siht - hand brcadtha of doleful, tkunder-dark color over the ligJbt summcr ilrcss. Quick H was again plunged into a warm solution of oxülic acid - hot, that it uiight take efftct sooner. Care wu taken to dip oiily the spots into this Iiqnid (therc are somc; people so stupid that fchey wül have to betoldthis), and in a minuto thcy faded, of course tnking tlie color of the stripos with thom. The Hneii was rinsed in warm water again, au wet with a áilntion of ammonii, and the dress was as good as over. Honcclbrth I koep high and sublim? courage over all ink mishaps, suro that acid and ammonia and caro will makc it all right again. Tho process must bc jone through as quickly as possfble, when once begun, bnt it will cancel oíd ink spots on wool, cotton or linen."


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