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Salt For Oats

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MM-. -At a meeting of the Farmers Instituto ot Bastera Pennsylvania, rcccntly, P. Monis exhibitcd to the Institute a sample of oats grown liy II. IngeTBoll, of the Philadelphia Society for Promoting Agricultnre. ïliis waa oí 8Xtraordinary si.e and early matarity, pro duced by tho nplication of tax fcnshols of snit to the acre. The stalka are mneb largor than usually soen, the leaves broader, and in every way superior to other samples exhibitod. Mr. tngersoll stated that the aflvanced condition of bis oats, ns well as the unusual sizo of tho Btalis, was owing to the fact thut he had sown broadcast upon the field six bushcls of salt to the aero after sowing tlie oats. A largo qoantity of salt conld be used, Vjut never greattr than forty bushels. Salt, to le eüicacious on oats, wheat or corn, should be put on sandy soil, and not on stiff clsiy lands. Mr. Ingersoll had been using salt for a nnmbrr oí years, and found that not only the grain crojw were benefited, but thc aíter crops, jmrtieularly clover. -


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