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f pedal fíoüccsí. CONSUMPTÏOK Ittf Ctwe Etoá ïts Prevontive. BY J. H. SCHENCK, M.D. Mnny a hum;n ho'uv.x bflfl possed f-r wltnse (tfuth thora was no uther reasun tlmn : fcaown umi Indlupulably proven meana t euro. Thn ■ hear and déartofauilly andTrtcnda nra slecplna i! ■ teüniluit.-5 slum ber Into which, bad they oainuy ado t u DU. JOSËPU BCHENCK'S MUFLE TttEATMENT, and nvaUefl thcmüoivps of his ifnndGrfnlly effionclous medicino, thoy w-mld not have f uilen. )Tr Schenck nos In hla " :isi provcd that whri'nffiolenl vitality rematas, thul TtfnTft.r, bj hta medicino and hla dirtofetem fi flielr use, is qu lekenod Into hCKlthful rfffor. In tbta statemant ihrro Is nntlilng prosmnptuons. T" tl h fait h of the inval i l Is maden representatton tha I not a tbousand timet subetanttatod by llrtn# &ifi visible works. The theory oí the euro i; Dr. Scbenck'a meddoinea t m simple na it i unduime. lts philosophy requires do orgumont. lt is i-if-usMif int, so If -con vinel ng. Toe Seaweed Tonle and Mandnikc Pilla are the flï-t urn wt'íijxnn vrith whlch tho cWj'! r tb mala ly la iisRitlí1. Vwo tbird í ttie öntw of nwomptlon orltctnate In öynpepwht and a funotlonalty dlsurdered llrer. With thta condltlon tho bronolilal tabea " sympathtxe" "ir!i the atomaoh. Th y rexpund ka tlitf morbtfloactionoí tho llver. Here then atme#fhiocw mlnating ivsut, and tlio ketting in, itu all iu Uiairessliag eymptoma, f CON9ÜMPTION. Tl fTv?r1Tlfvf1ií( are componed of oneof NkCowB nohlest tiiftH the Podophlilam Peltatiim. They possess til the bïodearohlnB;, alterativo yrupeiilos oí Cttl01BCl but, iKiliku enliiuir!, thoy "IiBAYB NO BT1KG BEn IN D." Tlio work of cur is now begtnnfiMK The rltlotod aixi nrtKnuw ct?if' "' llltl bowelsana Ut Ihe alimentai'c 0anal ;"■ rhe Mvor. Itke a dock, la iroand np. It stouwt frwm it- tornldity. The stoiuacn acts rMponatrelr, and the patiënt begtoa tt icel thatbolBgoUlns.Ot hu :. A 8TTPPI.Y OF fiOOD BLOOD. Tlio Sfla-weod ToniCiln eonf.tufitfori wiih ttio ruis. pormeatos and assimMiitoi rttl' thö fotd. í'hjiiíhTflon is npw pro t'-i.t n-ltho! Ita prevlnii torturo. Digestí ■ ■ .t:iili-S. :üiil th'1 cu i". ■ i :-■' -n U !■■■ athiind. more flattilenco, noexuccrbatiyn of the stomutíli. An nifpotitn sotn In. Now oomoa the areal t I ï 1 1 ■! Purlfler ever y t civsn y an In luiffcnt í i i big man. Bcnenck'a Pnlmonlo Syrup comes m t pcriorm i(s Fnncttonsand (o basten and ■ m ■ ■ . ft cfrtera ui i m ■■ upon itswtirh. cheatod. It collects Hitó rlpena tho tmpalreil ai , ■■ 'rtlons uf the ííriips. In tho form ( Ratherlngs, :t preiwrca tbem for ratlon.and l" ! tn ;■ verj h tt time the rauludy is vnnquluhc I, tle r itton throno thnt t oocupled Is renovaccd and made new, . ent, m all ili." dlgnity of rcKiiliicd vljinr, m--i fvjith lu enjoy tho ÜlUuhuO or v,'Hit:i : "."■- ! thut tT&S GITEN 11' AS I.OST. Thesccnd'ï patlontsipnstfltarlna warm ro iin i:-iiii thoy p -t wcll ; it la ammst Impnusible !■ prevent blkin ï Oüld WhCH thO In: . I Ore I i ■'.;- il, bilt it must be proTonted nr h oh re can nol !i i effectod. Fresh :t i r and r ding o it, esp clally In thla sectlon of the country, m tlio fiili nnd wintor soason. are t!l ir ron i' Phyaiclana erho recomniepd countp lose thelp fijvffnït-. f ílK-ír fonga uro budly discaped itrt4 ■iis . they are in the h dso tbey must not slt nsi walk ftbfiut tho room as inoch tri.l aa fastas thostren(rth wlïl pet npafcond olrcoliitton f 't il "'i. ïhe paiienta nm.-t. keep In tf jol spliitB- be detorml iod ■- I ir tl. 'l'his haa : preat tíísí ío Ij irttli Um uppotltVi ftcd la the sreot poiotto To despair oí cure after snefi evMenoeof ( paHf btllty in tl" worst cases, nnrt moral certalnty In all others, f rtnfut. T' ". Schi nck'a (K-rïional statement Co the i'iiciili of hij owïi cure i?23 bi tacso modosl wordá; "Many yoari ojíq I wna Ui tlio liwl str'poi of conBUmptloii ; r.t)iii;i .1 t my bed, itnd ni oiic tluoe m nttT.-i.Tikww UiüuKlitthal I cou il not llvoa woek; tlion, itko ii (Jrawnfi ' Ulnsj nt ptraws, ! heard "f nnd obtabaed íno prefñnitlcvM hlih I now oüer t the puMlc, and v.icy made a petfoct core ot me. It spnmcd tomo that I ouuld feel thora penétrate ATf wholo sy-'iñBjL. Thcy i on ripened tho mattur in my ituiK. and nonld spil ir ■ in ro than n pint ol offeaéive yellow matter erery Kiornlnff fpr a lnp timo. AssKon na that becan toaubslde, mycoujrh, feror, puiTM. and nl# itswoulsiJl beenn ; leavo me, umi my upiHil ite beeamo a i Rrwil thstl it ws wHh dlfflcultT thut ■ tLoepfrim oatlng ten) mucb. 1 bood ainay stn-nirth, and u:ivo irrown in flesh over hinco. "1 was vrelg aft r my fecovery, add , " t ien looking Hké n. mort; akcletoni my woiüht v;ih only nlncty-scTcn poundsj my present ÍS twt) liundred nnd twonty-flve (33S) pi und ', andforyearsl h:ivo eojoycü unlntcrrupted i Dr. Schenck has rtlscontinuptl lii proicsslonaJ vislt to Siow-Tork and Boston. Ite or liis sun, Ir. .1. h. Schonck, Jr.. still continuo to tvn rnUents ut thelr no. 16 North Slxth Street, Fniladelpnia, Tcijf Saturday from 0 A.M. t" 3 P.U. Those who wlrii a tliurougn pzan tli the Bespirometr wlll lv i :". Tbe Rcsplrumeter declaren thi exact eondttion of tliö lunsn, andr p;ilcnts can rcadlly learn nrhether thoy are curable on ■ 'l'ni' ' ircot.ii i f ur taking thn medicina?1 nro julnptrd totliointellïgencooven ofn chlld. FnlIowthopcdfrcAi ii i' iv. iiifl kind Nattiro wlll Ao tho rr t, cxcoptlng tnTit ín sanio cíisüs tlio Mondrako l'ills are to ln t:ikcn in tnoroased close; tlio ihrce medldrit s i no thcr aooompanlments tnan thï rmplo Instructie 'it; thnt iccompany them: First creiite appetlte. o: return ln heaMb uunffcr i the tawt wolconie symptom. Whcn ít conif, :is it wlll como, ict iho d smiring at nco bf of ffood cheer. ■ t at once follows, tho coiutb . tlio night sw at i nhatcd. In short tiiuo b'ith of tiles. morbld symptoms are gtme f rover. ]r. Sehenok's medidnos oio constnniiy kei t In tona of thouwnds i As a In xu tl ve or purgativo, tito Mundruho PH1 are a standard prcparntlon ; wliile the Pulmonic Svnfp, u o cre oi congha and ■ Ids, ïnybe regárded nna propiiylactericag:ilnstconsumpi i ti in any of lts forma. 1 PrlCC of the Pnlmmiic Pvnip and Pon-woon Tonlc, SlJWa bottle, or S7J0 a haïr dozen. Mandruko Pillé, 25 ccata a box. Kor sulu by all liiuijgibta tüd doalera HURLBUT & EDÖALIj, 32 JLake Street, üAifcago, 111., "Wholesale PRINTS PJMNTS PAÏSTTS Oils Ö7lS Oils Varnish Varnish Varn'sh Brushcs Brushes Bru'hes vlliVKKAl. PAIKTS. &c, LOOK TO YOCR tNTER] ST AND CALL OX R. W. ELLI8 & CO., BJBFÖlïE PUHCHASING FALSERliPOHT! TH AT A. A. TERRY IIASGONEOUT OF TRADB HE STILL LIVES, AND HAS A LAROE AND OOM PLETE S1OCK OF HATS & CAPS ! JUST THE STYLE, ANDAT PUICES 'I O Sl"IT THE TIMKS. ALSO A POLL LINK O? GENTS' FURNTSHING GOODSI DON'T PÜKCHASE YOÜR SPRING ANDSÜA1MER OUTFITS ÜNTIL YOU O-I "V E HIM -A.O-A.LXj. 15 South Maia St., Aun Aibci. rei-tf, g AM7b7r E VEÑAÜGHÍ, PHOTOGRAPnER I R ETOIJCHES ALL HIS ÑBAÏIV]S BEFOEE PRINÏING, SO THAT FRECKLE8,1IOTHSANDTAN Donot show in any Lis Pioturcs. No Extra Churgcs. Finest Assortment of Toilet Goods in the City,by 8 II ',! í 8 . 8 L w 5 e ttí i pi h s S 3 h ! a á i Ra' f i J'SJi HE I OS U. i ja DQg. . S 5 :■ P58o í W LJ CU ÍS ■ B 3 H O ï . H UAH, B. RbVLNAt'(iH KERPS OX ÜANn . large; stock OVAL AND SQUARE BLACK WALNUT AM) GJLT FRAMES ! OF ALL SIZES CHE AP. No. 30 HURÓN ST. NJEW GOODS WIW. WACKIER'S A Large and Choice Stock o SPHIAII M illER GOODS, INCl.l'DING CLorns, CASSIMERE8, VEST1NGS, &C. LATKST 8TTLIS iKB REST QUALlTiES WIIICH HE W11H MANUFACTURE on terms to snit. Also a full line of READY-MADE OLOTHING AND Qents' FÜRNISHIG Good?. 33EST STYLEi AlsoLAPlES'andGENTS MOROCCO 8AT(5HELS No.31 Sautb Mala Street- Esël sta. OALL AND SEE TIIEM. WILJÜIAKI WiGNER. Aüii Abdr.Mr.y. I8tl. T UMBER YARD. C. ERAPF, 5fTla ñ Iftro nml Wfill utockr rt T.nmbrr Yard on lefferson si reet. In the pouth part of the ('itv. nml will keep cOnttttDtt; on band :iu excellent variely cr LUMBER,SH!NGLES,LATH&C which willbesold aslowasean lx affardod injkliis niarket . (u.ility nndpriccssiteh tiiat NO ONE NEED GO TO DETROITc. khpf. Ann Arhor, Jnnnary20th,]8Tl. S6 GotoR.W.ELLIS& CÖ'f for strictly Pure Drugs and Medicines. Painte,OilE,&c. iÜíiClI Ui A . AciiïNËÏftï ËPOT, Gf. S, WORMER & SON, Dealera in ftll kinds of Wooíl clron Worklng IVTacUinery. 00, mi n-nd 103 JrflfcnoD Ave, Detroit, Hicb. PURISTA A íi :ímí;( V WKSTKItN STi;.M IMT AEBLE -OKKS. Mumfitctiirers of Harbleaod Marbletxed Mantles. 'T;iiiiHt nnd Pirimber' Stock, MoBBineiila] mid (Yinrtry Work of erftrj desérlptloo on hand. ATso U tan in Grates Cor Monroc Ave. ftud Farmer st , Detroit, Mlcta P. Ctitticn. QtO. F. Mkhijno. rJ Dnl:rs Ín CARPETS AND DIIY G00DS 1 87 Woodward Ave , cor. Lamed St. N. 1?. Wo hive an immense stock and wlll sell foofla 1 w onongh to make It as ob'íi fer !hac ín the interior to Boy of us. OABPBTS,We makeaspoíblty. ( I DO. s. FBOST A CO. J Chas. Noble. Geo, S. Frnst. C. W. Noble. 3_, .A. IST ID S FOB su.r In'evcry part oT tliis Sluf.e and ihc United States DETROIT. Ci EJ. Swalis& Co., INDUSTRIAL AGENCÏ í Fur ,:ipt.l)i] :viry ilcscvipll.u of indllBtry WITHC LABOR Office wilh GEORGE S. FliOST & CO., Detroit, - - . Michigan. Jabíes j i:ks, fEstabiishca isj4.i Uraler in all kliul c,r MACHINERY I A! SirppLIES, viso Al;iii for iiitii's Patent siiiniric murliinc. i9 Atwnter slreet E;ist. '. ctvveen Batos aiid Randi.lyh streets, Detroit. Mlch. DÏTT WMAT IF TVSHOVLD rAIl.7" D In the brljfht Lexicon ni yooth, wbtcb fate eMrvw f'T hia yonng mnnhood, there is osuch word na fail. RandaTs Clrcasian Cream Wasli Wns never known t" fail t' remove Freckles, PlmpleSi Motil I' Idus, Tuii, Ar.. if usefl as per diroc (■■ns. mul penevered Ín. II yonr rtrují;ibt has uut got it, tcll him to pcihI for it. J. J. KtXDALL. Proprietor. Fiahcrlllock. Iictroit Pim: ad FJlBJHING i, a mis.- wv í)flcr for fale 25.00 acres of Valuable I'ine and Farmiiií; Londe un Time, at Priocs rangioK from í?L2 to il() Per Acre ::' acf f thexe PlnB Luda are lornted on the Wljconsin lilver. ,120 acrep on Wate-ra Icadínfr to Choboygnn or DuDcan Mlcfa t;4" acn-s on the AnL'rrs Rlrer. 8, 00 acre on Thunder Ii.iv nrnters. leading to Alpena. 85o acres on the Tfdbawavso River. 2.2ÍKÍ nrres in Qladwlo ''o., Mich. fr Parins and Ttmlñr. 1 2T2 uTt's Cboioe Mineral and Ilaril Tlmber Lauda nenr Onton.iL'on. y ono acres Prairie land In Nehragkn near the VuUm Pnrtilc Ballroad. ROO acres god l'irininir Ín Oraliot connfy. Sil to$S per acre. ' M..i. of thoe Lande are worlh the piire wc ftgkforthem Coi Parmlng pnrpoaefl ftfter Míe Tim berta f'.it. For fuH description, pnce and terms, ecnil for Circular. I). PUESTO? & C0., Bankrrs, Detroit, Jfícfi. R. & W. F. LINN, Manuracturors of (round Coflccs, Stirr, .Tliistard, etc , ír. Ahí! (Vboleule Dealere in TEAS AVD GilüCERS' SUNDRIES ! ! 123 Jefferecii Avenue, Detroit. TOHN COPLAND, Manufecturer and o Wholesale dealer in a large varícty of Crackers, Snaps And Biscuits. ()nlt-rs (toltcitod and llilcd at luwcst mcirkcL prloe Bcod :.r Prlee Lts Weel Ovefl Btcftm Tiakcry, comer Randolph nv. Woodbrldge Btreets, Detroit. I.ÏJIiltX Ö. PJERCE A CO., ÍX WHOLESALE 35 Wooíward Avenue, DI'TIiCrr, - - - MICHIGAN. ÜUGH JOHNSON, Hannfactnrer of and dosier Jn C.U:i:iA(.::s, BUGGIES AND SLKIQHS 1 A Une rtssor ment of the latest Htylefl "f home-made u&d Bavlern CarrUtfcs, Inclndlng Lakimcs, (lab■ind Kamily Cak;-iai.i from thu oulebrated factorj of .T. Mhït 'o.. Brldgepórt, Conu., constantly on tMUd and forntohed to ordor. Nos. m i o ni' Lamed Si bi oor. Cass St. Detroit Cari iaf Mmnfaclnvti"j. JOHN PATTON &SO.Y. Are oflorlng the larust aud best assortment of CARhIAGES & BUGGxES iNTii!-: wEsr. At Grejitly Hodnrod Piico. All work mnfle QQdor :-or owb snperriFion , and Fu'i.y VAitHATKi. Pactoryand Wareronu comer Woodbrldge aud üruth BtreetBiDctroif, For ''lircfhiiii;. tsawing WootlMHking ider, Btenmiog 1""oo1 for Catlli-, Aío. )). li. lit' K, Mimulaclurer. 191 ATWAIER-STRBT, DETROIT. C1 DOEIrz A BROTBER, )T. [mportora n Dealen in FlTÑTOY GOODS t Tojs, Yankee Xotion?, Hosiery, Laces and TrlBUDlDgti AND MANUFACTUKERS OF CMH-nttBN-S CAUHIAiiRS, BASKETS ANP Sleigus, No 80aad S V'oixlinl Ave . Detroit. Transplant Tow.-lrrMt and Ornaraentn Xreeí shraba Un-'-, Cfrapo Vine, and al the 'malí Iratta Qre n Honae and Etddln? PlaoU Dahllap, Qladlolnt, 'lobe Rote. Maderia Vluea, &c, should be p!antdaftor the midrllo of Muy. Btai oí ibebeM rarieüe- Field Tejietable anrt Plowei,au ■. f is la thu vcarof oui eed trade, we havi' no oíd se áa n hand A verr lame stock oí ilmabove. moderate rnt8. Addr.FS, RH. AOAIR. Deiroit. TOUS W. AJ1PHIXTT, ti UOlWUK DK.M.F." IN ROCKINGHAM & Ohio STONE WARE CJLASS AND STONií FRÜIT JARS. Bend for Prlce Uít, Ofc5c 6G "Woodbrldg Btroet "West DETROIT MICH. n 8(111 1.KMR;1K Billlard Table IlanuJ tactiircr, wlth Diunni Pa'eni Stwl Wire C'ishions, 98 . 100 :i ii 1 10! Randólph Street, I etroit, Hl h. Branch: st Joseph, M. I alo ni mi lar. tu re Piioouhole, Llnd and Ba-'ateinablcsanddo all kind f aHertng and re m liiiii' Keep aiwaja o fmai Seewid Irruí Tablea lind aTl "ooiIb appertlntn(! to BfMarda. Bowling l'ins :uul lialls for sale. .Uso al) kinds of trimmlng ilonü. SAM. B. HEVENAUGII PHOTOGRAPHEB, VI A K ES ALL KliM)S O! PÍC7ÜRE8 FROH HB SMALLEST LOCKET TOjTHE LIFE SIZE, AND FINfSnKSTHEM IN TNDTA .INK I OIL, OR WATER COLGHs ! IX A BtJFPBHIOH itANMBE. i8:9-iy. s,3omnosïBïLT. pEOPLE'B DRUG STOivr.! R, W.ELUS& CO. FARMERS ! f il. irp now to n;turn my hcnrty thnnka for tbc Ubwal patronage ol the Farmer of Washtenaw .nul adJoinfnjfCoantles. whohave for o man yearsln tl' paal extended i- me thelr t r:iric. u I hoe and trast -Mti-ifftí-tory and íirbá'taWB lp horh partle. I hup? iu recette ,1 fair mare of thelr oatr' ftage in the future. My efforU wili he honestiy directed toWïfda tho Interests of my CustomefS, ■trwell yosii And affalD my afin will bc. not to koop as cheap goode as poaible, bul a x h(d ;l' canbefound andat aa ï,ow Ratea a thequallty of my onda can bo sfforded. Twill not nndertal compete in price wlth Inferior L'oods. I wlll not impair the qnallty of my Implemento in order to re anee the prlce. The parchase of cheap goode "f snj kïntl provea i.n tfitprotfCÉUe Inyestmeilt u.& mauy huw imiiiil iu tttsff coat. Í hall íiitti A Fl LL STOCK OF FAHMIXG TOOLS on hftinl.ttmt ís L't'iH.Tiilly fouml ín mnrket. I am tile nUtlitnízrd;t-'( fif f(f tfcc fullowïfifg THRESHÍNG MACHINES Genuine Kuffulo Fins, Buffalo, N. Y, Hlchlfaai siiocpjitalirs, BattleCrtek. Iflchol A Miiplicrifs Vütrülor, U.Creek. SIM ;itfsr Machine, Rada, i. uio Du1 '!inni;lii Urn jut & Wow er. ScIfRnke. The hirby srir-ltnkin;? Krnper, ioniblncd. The kirby Two-Whrctad BewMi H oori's Machine, Comblncd wUU Si-IMliikr. JACKSON WAGONS, Buckeye and Shnrtsville Grain DrillsFairbnnk'a Scales, áll sizes. THE OKNUINE CURTÍS AND DODGE FLCWS, Mauufacturud ftt Kalamazuo. I have loriitt'd myseK nt the old and well-koowt Appln PacMng lïn'te f l) Henulnfr. on, Detroit Struct opposlte Bnchoe BTocfe whero I Bbail be l;;ippy t" m(M;t is mnny oí my old cnstomAfs, and au uiauy ncw ones ns my ple&ee to cora-:. I have secnred tho pennanent sprvïcos of Bftinnel Mc' laren, one of my old shop hands, who perfectly uudertRiids AH kimïjrof Affrlcaltnral Tool. and wlB ho n hand oarly In the momios and late at Qight, when in oessary to acccnimodatc . M. ROGERS. Ann Arbor April lst. 1ST1. 13XLmO TT E AR YE! The "Bar" not being a Monkey ISN'T ONE OP DAEWIN'S PROGENITORS BUT W1IAÏ OF TliAT AS LONG AS E. J. JOHNSON ! HAS A FCJI.L STOCK O'S HATS & CAPS ! FO!l SPRING AND SÜMMEE ! ! Hls 8TYLES A-E-E THE LATEST. ïilS GOODS THE BEST! AKDUispRicEs ma er: tí'm. isl-c: j9l b= sï:$s ra." m AIso a full line o! Gents FurniMng Ooods Cal! and examine hICUIPS, l'ALMS, STKAW3 I'ANAMAS, aud LEGHORNS, belorc purchaslng, 7 South Main St , Ann Aiboi. SWiff's Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN, I Sounty of liy virtuo of a wrii ■! ■.■■: catión issued oni of unt andei Ui, sea] of ' ircuit Couxi fir the oouitty cd Wiislifenaw, tatc of Michigan, dated June fint, A D. 1 S7 1 , and to me Krected and ac!iveid, :il.mi and chattpls. tanda íind tenementa of Anthony mith and Charles H. Conklni] defendunta thereii oamed, I did, on the lOth day of July. 1871, fortlM want of flooda and ohBttele, levy upon ;'! the Inter■ iuithonï Mnitli haa in the foUowingdi real estáte, to-wit : The andiTidod ono-h%Jf, vis., the northpartol the aonthwest quarter .oi section eeventeen, in towuabip four aouth of range six east. lsi a picce of land on 1 ■ (rf 1 1 1 ■ - mill-iKnitl on the north pnxi t' i tbod qnartei Bectíoni boinf? the premisea heretofore d ïed ly Cornhui Bheherd to Brafttna LeBaron,bearine date Airrl 2m, 1S.Í2. Alsoallthe tenst Cbaxleè II. ConUtn hns in the foUovinff doscribed real estáte towit : Lote No. i ;u(í 2 in sectíon i in Üie vilii-o of Baline, oounty i (Vashtenaw, 8tato of Miohigan, aooordina to the record '1 plat thereof, beginning on the :h lim.' of the .. road twelvf feet west íiom the northeast oornerof iií loi one, thenee northerly parallel witih thc iii-t lni. ol ■ allí 1 with satd Chicago road twenty feet, thenee nuitliery parallel with the ;iil eaal line of the Cbicagoroad (o the pinos of begiiuüng, whichpremúea l 1 all expose forsük'iu public auotion to the htahesl biddci at t!s-'outh door ol rhe Conri House in tlif dty f Aun Arn i Uth day of Eeptembu nuxt, at 12 o'eluck noon of aftid liy. Dutcd Jiily 2(ilh, 1ST1. UTRON WEBB, Sheriff, lím By Jobtin Fobbk, Ündor-Sherrff. Khoriíf's Sale. STATT' OF MICHIGAN, county ! Waabtenaw, aa. íh rírtue of a wrü loutofand onder theeeal ot the-Ctrouil Court for thenmntyof Washtenaw, Ptateof Miebtran, dated Mth das ai April. 1871, iuid to medireotéd and dellyered, gainat tho gooda and chattela, lunda and teñamente oí John S. Sehoiblfl, defendani therein named, 1 diil, on tho .ítli ilay of May, A. D. 1871, for the wanl chattela, levy pon all t!:' Interest John s. - hts in the followingr described traot or parcel of lund situated in thc townshin of Ixli. oouaty of Washtenaw, 8tateof Michigan, Tteing the northenst qmirtcr of nortiiwesl quarter, and northwestauarter of northeasf qnarter, and WSBt half of eeít tlirr-.n:ntTs of outheael tmarter of northeast quavter of íwijuy-nine, tbvn three aouth frrö east, eentaüüng ninety-ftTS aens of laad, te the samo more whictí premises I shall eipoee for sale at public auctíon totfaenighegf bidder a the aonth door of theCourl House, in the dty of Ann Arbor, on the u.h doy. of r. A. D. 10 o'dock a. m. ot' saíd day. Datad July Mth, 18J1. MYKON WT5BB, Bheriff, 1332 ByJoBTn Pobbes, i nder-8hertff. Sheriffs Sale. STAT!: OPMICH [GAX, County of 'Washtenaw, as. Bj rirtueofa writ of ezecution Issued oul ■ƒ n'l undsr the seal of the Circuit Court, for naT, State of I , dated tke Í3d i June, 18Í1, and to me directed :n. the gooda and chattles, landsand tenemcntsof Owen Croman, defeudanl therein named, I diü, im tho24th dnyof June, A. I). 171. fortín' want i-i ■ ■ cliárle-. li-y apon all the intérest thal Qwen Croman has in thefollowing doBcribed real estáte, to-wit: all tïmt piece or parool of landlyinfl and being in thtawn of Northfleld, oountyof Washtenaw and state . llows, toTi i: : the north easl quartei ol neetion number tifteen in township numbei onesoutb, and rri:. . oast, accordiiiK to theoríginal survey, oontaining fortj ■■ land, which premisea I shall exposo for sale ;it public anction, t1 tne highest lú.lil.-r. al I ,.'ii tTouse, in the city of Ann Arbor, on ti day of August, A. D. 1871, at 10 u'ciüi-k a. ai. ot' sand atad, Juuo2;th, isti. TEON WEBB, Sheriff. H2S B Joan Fonaa, DnderSheriJt Shoriff's Sale. STATl'. ('1' ,! ii SIGAN, County ol Wash) naw, as. By virtue ol a vnil of execntiOL inued onl ol and under the aeal of tbo Cironit Courl for the oountyof Washtenow, Mate of Mirhigsv, dated June 6tli, 1871, and to me diveeted and áeliTcred, agninsí tb and chattêls, landa and tenementa oí Aahloi Uinor. defendant therein named, I did, on the Ttli day oí luly, s D. 1871, for the want of gooda andchnttels, levy upon 11 thi interés! Uhley Minor has in the íol[owingdi I estáte, to-wit : Lots 112 nnd 11S, . Hi,,t paieel ■ ' ■ follos, begiasing , the southwest comer of ■-■■-! lol N". 18, thc ■ ■ , -ju feet, thenee waal i"i fect. ... í of h innil ■ ,i,js t,, ■ 'i the city YpsilanM, connty of iïiI.mi1. State of Michigan, wiiich lanaa llmll espose for sale at public auction to the highest bidder, mth door of the Courl House, in Ihe lior.on the .(elftlulay of Beptembat, A. D. 8 71. at 11 ON loci a. ni. of sid ;:y. Pate4JrtjrJk,TíimK)S ,VK!!l, „„,,,„. 332 By Jortim FoBBXft, i'í!t r-Sheztft Go toR.W.ELLlS & CO's for choice Wines and Liquor , for Medical Purposes . ale. OTA'! EOÏ MICHIGAN, County ot Waahtenaw ss. o ín thomatterof tho estáte of Anthony Ely, deNotioeta hereby triven, thatin pursuance oi au ordei ned, ndminí ;t' the estáte of bW the Hon. Judge of Tóbate forthe CótrñtyóT WnSiiftriw,ontlw ffl l;iy nf Muy, A. 1. 1871. theW WÜl I ]bli& endue, I ;i d-W of tho. y of An:i Arbur i;i thewmuty of W:iii.'!.;r.v in Baid State, on Wednesfty the nintli lay of Auuust, A, I. 1871, ■) mu o'docli in the af01 that l:iy ' :-. U í i j ' ■ . "til'i;i!u r-i by norlgnge or otheywi ■ t the tínw ■ Leath oí . " the rUt of towci "í" hU '.■ ral catate, t"--wit: nndivided halfof t parce] ol and bounded as follón : Beginning at northeast : = ; the cily i.; unty and Stal and running I north atntiu Hurón streetnine roda, thern t. n.ukI' i -' i; to the river, t heneo down the ri r t. ros8 street. t;. septing and reserving the paireóte M. lana owned by kfc "i mick imd the ity of VpsiLuiti. Dated, May 50th, A. D, l71. U DAY, Adminístrate. Mortgage Sale. ÜEFATTliT having beon nudo in the oonüitions of a ed by William l'omeroy uul i !ha . :■■-. hit! wife, both of Ann Arbor, Michigan, tu Lutfcer K. Alien, of Un which mortgage beors date the fifth dny ol bVl . I). 184 ■ roed in the office f fïïtf I tf Deeds of the county of Washtonaw, in Iibcr41of l:is, nul waa assigned by said Luther E. i i i,. Folter, by atfl made in Ubex two of assignment of mortgages, on Ui sister of ÏJtMiils, nn i daj oí Maroh, A. 1). l&ol, and waslurther v L. Fuller to Lucy A. Bennett, ■■■ sol ■ iid i : by reoson of Baid ftefanlt the pow c : Bale ii! . .", nul there ln'iiif now ■ ! . i i i ; i - - i to ueAue and owing 6n s.k ■ oundred and. efghty-one dollars and flfti i □ cents, also ttn Lttonu fee of fcwenty dollars, and nu suit r proceedingrat iaw or in chancery haviiig been inatituted to : i anj pari tl. i N 1 1! ii tbe ninth da? ol Ë o'cloclt a. ir. oi said day, at the sOftth deorof the In the oity of ann Arl tr, In Baid county of Was ome beiñg the pluce wh 1 'ii culi i OOI ' ti.r - .'. . . "... I -'..■! public aaction, I bidder, the hereinfl ing the pnan in Baid mortgage ot bo mucb i b shalt aary to ■ atisfy I on rfd mortgage and note al I ■ this notice, wítli tntenat and costa and expenses ullowcd by law, tftal istosay : allthai piece of tand BJtoatedin Ann Arbor, tn tbe eounty ol Woahtenav, describcd os all that pari : hatf rt thc-nortni ast quartéf ft Bectien dukIk c nlneb en [18 in townvbip number tvo south of rttnfre eaat, in Michigan, which vas deeded by OeorgQ ]. Hill and :wt to the parties ol tin ftrsi pari in suid m by deed made on the flrefl day oí October, A . ! and recorded in libeïr nmnber 61 of deeds, fov the county of VfTashtenaw.on page 109, contaimi three aerea more or leas, to vbJeo ti deed this adrertiaemeni refors fot a "further di ácrip. tWn of Büid premi Diefcctr Asn Albor June 12, 1871. hVCY A. HI'N'N'I ■:TT, T)., ígMfl OÍ MOl . Att'y. foT BAJ - :i':tí Mortgage Sale. DEVA.ULT 1 r ■ rni u ín the oondition-of & mort and Adam ücMahon. d;it''l Aprü SOth, A. D. 1868, ai une day u.the Bagister's offipa ol ■ ■ 1 18, by wlii'i[ tbe power of Bale I med befe ; initea Biertg8jfF was on the twonticth day of September, ito Luey W, B. Mor g-ftn, and (ha Oflsignnient rocorded June 'J1-!, 1S7J the record of said mortgage, and thesumoi jK-vmíy-üve dollars batag now idalkned as duc and no suil or proceeding haTimpbceniustitutedt) . -■' }.j;-.rt t'-:t-ri i ■! : Noticc Ü ■ w. li be ton do ■ d by ; be - ►-wit : " T.ot 1 thirUcn, in blocknumbci tour bouth, ranga number twp west, in the city of Am Aroor and State of Michigan," or som at public vpnduo, at tiie oSorl Qjtniaein seid city, on tho twotttr-third day of ptember next, üt uoon. 1871. V W. S. M0EGAK, Mortgngoe, E. W. Moboah, Att'y. Mortgage Sale. D "I,T having been made in the payment oi money with ten pi r cení interost bhereon, by ;l ■ i - 1 1 : i i .itcd by iiiiitm Stormt) and a be city of Ani Arbor, to Joliu A. M b . betering tittto the serenth tïay w June, A. i '. Í870, and i coi ted ín the office ol tibe ín the county of Waahtenaw, , on the fihih üity of June, A. I). I -,,"ii, ín libel 13 of uiciiL . .', i y whích }efault Uie i ■■■■' become re, and no suit or proceeding at law or in ■y bai in;1 '■■ ■■ i rtheamouui dueon ■■ or any part taereof, andüxe Bum ot' aoven hundréd and liíty dollars being no? ■ L to be due upon said mortgage nd tlie borfïJ - -toe; Kotice i therefore hereby giTen, that said mortgage will be í . ■ i ir, a. ] '. 1 ; 1 at the hourof eleven a. ic. of said d.iy, tt the soul h door of the Court Souee, in the city of Ann Arbor aioieaaidj t(he bume Wiug the place - taxttotamáwuwtf is held) and that at that time and place t shaU aeU at public aucÜon, to tlie hí . the premisos oeri desexibed, (being tho said mortgaged premisoB), or so iniífU kbeveof us Bhall vc neo [rytbe amouni 3ue oo Baid mortgage and bond at tli-' tliis notiee, vith ini its and expon with an Attorney's fce of thirty doliara pronded for in aaid mortgaye, that is : all toóse certain meces ot pareéis of land sit. a the oounty of Waahtcnaw and 8 :n. kiuAvn. bounded and des nlx the woolen factory ín Brown & Puller's additííon to tLe viUage ol Ann Arbor, in said it WaebteBcnr. mtuall the privileges and appurte-, including all Öie macliinery, oppaxatus Hnd v reon and tobe put therexm; and aleo the followinu describí taevcnUpaxcelsof Una and privileges and water power, to-wit: eommenoing ai the aouthwestexly boundary of Uillstxeet in b diti'jn, nity-.-ix link-' BWUieMteriy ft-om thc iKjiut where a line drawn Cram the sou corner oL blocfc three in m, acroas and al right angles wiih MiU street, will mtereeot said buuudary, tlienos north.;. along Baid boundary three chams on ■ : ii thirty degreofl west to the mlUraoe, thenceMown said raeesoiaxthataeourse north thirty I will intersect the ]oint oí ■ ence io the place of beginning, with all the pxivüAgea of usmg thereon seventy-tw) 30,111110 intln.s ui' wut'.r tn bs t;iki-n trom soidrace; amencingtwelve feet northwesterly trom the aer of the raktj factory or oabinetshop . standino betwo d (!■■ race and rfveron tho Bouthwestcrl) sidi ol saíd mili race, tbonce ap the Hne of the raee forty feet, thence Bouthwesterly at ngil wit h the lint of the mee ttthü lirfx'lluron, thence .i b down the river fort] thence northe btangles with the Une ox ■ to the place of beginniufr, Tor tb erecting ;i bulk In ad und Buch othei buildingB as the pai tic f with the pril : ■ 00 said land L 44 square inches of water, tobe taken ïromsjiid race. togetber witli uil the land and privsleges vi avery nature, kind and description, oonveyed by ShekUm Tomlnason and Abby 11., bis wifo, to the party of the rt, on the 2d day of June, A. l. L8CT. Dated, Ann Arbor, June i-th, 1871. JOUX A. NICHi D. CnAMER, BsToi Ait'y. fox Mortgagee. I32fl Mortgagö Sale. DEI' ■ made in the condition of a certain moi VV, BlcCormick and. N uoCormick, of tho city of Ann ■ rbor, county oi Wi and State t Michigan, to Alicti M. Bei i - day ol . a. i. 1869, snd recomed in the of the i i Deeda oí aid onunty of v. uaw, on 23d dfty oi Bfarcb., k868, a( 8 oclock P. u. of said day. ín Ciibei 89 oi morte ■ ige there is olaimed to be due at I of thïsi im t' one thousand andsixty-eighi dollars and sev tty-1 ur cents, and nn Attorn i thirty dollars therefor, iu uddition to all ocher logU ipuld any proceedüigs be taken to forcclose ixklaiv1 or ueouity havins bei o had toi i .■ oraay . hi reby given that, by virtue of a power of sale in said mortffage : ihallsellat public auotkm to the ] bidder, on the second day ■ c next, ;it _ I day, at the front door of the Couri House ín the city uf Ann Arbor, oounty aforeha1 being thepliu of holding the Cireuii Couil oounty), all pieces or parcclsof I ín the city ot' Ann Arbor, connty of Washtenaw atoresaid, knoivn, bounded ond desenbed as followB, to-wit : Being 'i-' wesi balfol tota nine and ten [ii & 10) blook number three (3] south ot Quron . And rangennmber tv ing toa recorded pial oí the village (now city) ot Ann Arbor, county of Washtenaw afov June lat, 1871. ALIGB M. BBER8, MortgaBoe, Josv N. Gott% Atty for Hortj agee. 1324 Mortgago Sale. Dl".[rir hfti ing been made in the eondition of et certain mi y C. ThomgH ■ :.:i Arbor, county oi ■ umi st;. ■ ti, to Phebe Jane EHswo the townahip of Lodi, county oi Wsshtenau Baid, un the fed day of June, a. d. 1868, and r iii the office of the !'■ ds for said county, (in the 26th day "i' June, . d. 1668, at 1' ie., ia Liber !8 oí mnrtgages, on )■■■■ -■ 191, on wbieh the same there is I tobedne at the date of t liia notteo tbe sum of ninehandred ind ststy-two rents, üso an attorney'a toe ol thirty dollars should any ao suit or prooeedinfl in ïaw or eqaity havinñ b ttitnted to reoovi i the debt oi any part thereof : Ko. that by ra I ne ('t' the powei of '.I st 11 to the kifrbest bidder I day of September i Lo ik i'. m. of Baid day, at the front dooi 'oi;rt House Ú1 the ei tv of Ann ArN r, in Baid j' Waahtenaw, the premisea deecribed in said mort: - of Juud situLnn Arbor, oounty of Washtenaw o aforesaid, known, bom I 'ollows, to-wit: lieing lots uumber U ü and eli ven n one, and lots flve, six, tweu-thii wonty-four in block nomb i wo, and l"t number fonr in block j tlatof Hül's addition to the oits of AnnAx'box, cm in doek on ftfon i ased. Juno lr. 1871. LHEBEJANE EUSWORTH, Mwi) John N. Gott, Attoniey tor lïovtgngve. i ■: J Mortgage Sale DI't-'A r r,T having conditions of a mortj ■ d by Mary M. VVatlrfns to Kdvard Tiv;tdwcll. niid dated April 4th, 1870, whuh . ís ',)■'- offii e el 'l'1-1 ' ■■ ,: the ouv.: ite of Uichiran, in Uber 49, on pago 221, on of said deonlt there being now duc the buïh of two thousand evenhundred and twenty-three dollars and eifrhtynts, alw) nn Attorney's fee of thirty; dollars, . dinga ai law Or in i auitj havii un éaturday, i be 5th -■ : the i-i oi nunty. I Bhall BeU at public auction, to the highesl ridder, the prei id mortgage, thwt if land lituato iu tb i Baid, known - (bil v, : i ■■ Ni . one, and ti ■ inlf of lol Ne. two. in bleek No. ane QOrth of Hun n ni'i i. in :m:l'i No. two easi to the reoordcd f. Ann Arbor, May Bth, 187Ï. KiJWAiíi i v;i:aia í ii., D. I i amir, Morti Atty. for Bfortgi . ■ 1321 f IVE GEE81 FISAïHifiRS FJBSTQTJALITY, Constatttiyon tuiad and for salcby BACIIé ABEL, Real Estáte For SalT" STATE OF M!riii(;,x,t„„„t)„MV In matter of the cMt H J„tt, v tetw,i, '■-"■ Kote=ihe? ■ i' p'C an order granted tothe undendgned ■tri,,,í ■( ■tl, the jrill annex! uf ',.,, "L'"t( Se tweatj Bfthdny of j uiv a twk Id a: ftubhc vendue, lo thí'ho "I ler, á thedvellinghoiueon thcpremfc,, Uscribil, in thecountyof W;,,],,, ,.„„. ; n cduo-il.-iy. the tliirli ' nthdaj .im-t-' S71, u oncoVInrk in the nítemoon ol t ect touli encumbram ■- liy nu; the time of the deatb oí said d. Y ollovring desenhcd real mtate, to-ivít ■ N I quartei of Motion ten i, ?'lKi !. Of ranga four cag, eentainúw ,., iÍ'-'Í oureoí lew. And alai ..:! Éhirt parí .,i"t] ' ■ ' " of the soothwest charter of . lime township and range, lyra ■xmiII, .. ■ .1 " %' dcd on tho south by u ditcb ali3 oa the nLffi Dütwi Jul'y 'Mlh, A. 1). 1S7I JACOB BATOS, A.lmini,!. Chancery Notico. s,TATK Of ttlGrUQAN.-Tke Citcnit G- vs. I OH M. BAVAO] , Upfcrt'iutit. 11 satifcfac+orilj iii'i.irmt! totliiCourtb that the defendant, Aofrustua M. Suva "M 1 thia lítete, l.ut rendes in ti ?, # [lbnou; on motion of Mi-i (iinut . colunlainunt, it is orderud tlmt thc cfèft M!"" apjX'iinm.-i. ti) 1 f entcied iltm tin, (.1 tuis order: and that m cacol '"-' Ll ' ":- ' hi nnswci (o tlic complninant'iik!! Oled, and a copy theicof to be serred , theiJÏ?ll ant's solicito uilhin twcnty dnys reftM LS? copy ofsaid bilí of eomplaint, undnoticeof tfc?!! lofault thereof. tlmt the :n.l (,n k., u"i I bythe said defendant. And i ,! T ,tliul witliin lueiiiyilai, ihe midlt í1" nnt pause a copy of this úrdor to l.p pubi 2 ?■ enaw, and thttt the publication tomÍS" tow( anea a week for six weeïa i„ mZL Ihal Aemn o ny of this order to belZ1" iierved on the Baid dafondant uccording to thíST praotioeof thiíCouit. """nuouj Dated, June 27tli, is7l. nnuitrourtcómmi ■n . " '1s'l founlv. llirfii, ■ fttínASTLBplainanf Soucitony't CTATB of Mil rGAN-The Fomtt iLC5 Circuit- In Chai 'L Suit pending in the Ci'rcuit Conrt, for (l,c _„. ashtenaw, m Climi.í.iy, whnein EHon I S?" m.d Wiiliani A. lioy.lon i., ,l.'.'f,SÍ? Al"' Arl unty und state uforeuitf tliithSS of Jol;, a. s. 1871. """is, On reading and ffli'ns iluc i)ioof b affld.n. , v Daed Wendint, w'iUinm A. BoZ' ■ Branek Ceunty, in the Ktate of SIivKV th:it ii Babpoana couM uot bo acrvtd nniriJ'1 toaaon of bla absence from hisplucuof ÍL "" On motion of John -V. solintor for Sit ordeied tbat said di Cendant, w iliiam a & cause hit appearanise to be enten-ri in snid rhree months from the dateol thú order' iCP11 ct 1. appwMe be kiuío liis answcr to tíii "Züi? (lofooropialnt, to be oled, and ttHÍ ■ : cm .MIll,l:iiiiai,r,,ul:,toi vtliin,,.r?''1 ailtr the service of a copy of sa id bilí imdïïft thú order; and in defanlt thereof that fL??2? be taken as confeawd by the uid dofondaoT Anílitis further ordeted that viiUiin t,t,j_ tliC MUd complninant cause tlii order to i imkSS in tne M.chimn Arfftu, a nowgpdper pi.b]sht5 TS .ni ol Am. Arbor, in asid county, ad th .i ' ':rt be .■.ulinucd in said l.air ónt i, " week for mx Miceossive weeks. "wom 1!. HKA1IAX, Oni,,.:, W,„htraw C,,, Joas X. Gorr, Solidtoi for Complninant tur,. Estiite of Hernán R. Gi. ' OTATEOF MICHIUAN.Cu.mtv ol W-iL,,. ofWaahtenaw. hofd.n at the l'r,,íJn . "f ii0!"? City oí Aun Arbor, oo Tuesdoy, ihe 'vc! '"■■■■ ■ n the yar one thSïïifS aaudred and seToiily-one. '"asudojli Present, Hlram .í. Beake, Jadee of Pntu, Witter of.tlic „t,,t, ot'U,'mlX Onreadlneanaailngthe petiti..n dnltwriiii Idiüi I{ auge and Knssell Whln iSuS tora pn.jtagtbtthi-y tnaybe licewed uT3t taiu rea] cácate where! said dreeawd diw " „5 Thereupon it is ordered, thai iVci,,!, slsWen h day of Aunst .,t, ai ten o1mÍí2 , be asslgncd CM st,,. henrin o?i5 pernio.,, and tfci (he nefr. at law of K2 and al! oth.T ponoue Intercsted in Zá. are reqnired to appenr at a unión ofwuS thes t.. be holden al tbe Prol,at üflicr h ií j Ano Arbor, and show canse, il ny tw kfií Che prayerof tbe petiUoner thoold ño h .I7 AndTtlaftheroaered.thapfta3 ce tothoporeoTisIntereBtedin salí etteó iVa 'rdei tobepablbWhi .newspaperprinted amlcirtiiliiS Inwid coanty, foor soccessïve week pw, aid ilay ofhenrlng i"" (Aürsecopy j HIRAM J.BEAKU ]A) Judt'e ofl'robítt Estáte of John E. Woodwortl. QTATBOPHICHiaAN.CoDntyorWulMnj k_l Al .1 sewilon o( lüe Probate Conrt fonliKVf: or HunteBow, lioklcn attbe Prohate olHeí iii Olty nr -imn Arfcw. oí Thnrsday. thc .xl j,, or .luly fu thu year iD thousa'nd ci-bt tandidl and seventy-ui -■ . Preeeut. Hlram 1. Beakes. Jndge f Pnbn, Ín tbe maitir or the cítale of John K. Woodmrtl incompe unt. Emory Maníes. Guardián of said nfiit comn ini Ooort ai)d represen ihat U miml lo render ! i sccond account aj .-[ici C-aOü Thereopor It is ordered, tbal Mor.dny ihttmnlb day ol Aognet oozt, al In u'riock iu líete nonrn, beiuiaím-il for i-xaminin-: and alli.mjtBil account, oml thni the n. xt of kin ot nil iucompetent, and all other perions iuttw:Sd 111 said estáte, are rvquired to augjuritl saBslMi if ikl Oiuirt tiieu to be holilo al rtt Probate Office, fnUeCtty ol Ann Arim, in nt connty, and sbowcanse.if anj thercl, whj uuutshODldDolbeallowed: And ii fv thei ordered, that Bald Guardian iítc notict tbeperaoni lntreeted iu said enaU, ol tbe p deucy ofsaid account, and thc hcarhic ther! k caualuga oopy of ihls order tobe publlíhwl Inte Vickigan Arput, a newrapaper priou-d and fim laiiiiL' J said Connty. three surersslvt fh prerioae to miM c_t of hesrin. copy.; 111RAM J I'.KAKES. 138 id JnckeoiPrubíl! lt;;to of Cornelias Laagblin. STATE Oí ilIfHH ; A . . ..,,,,iy f -ValiteMt,, At a - --ion of thc Joróbate Court for the tío? ol 'ashtenaw, bolden at the i'robate Ottüe, úát l'ily of Aun Arbor, on ftilurdur, the eighth dajcí July, iu il.f ycax ouc thousand tight hoBndufi . -.:.■- Preacnl Kiram ,T. BeiAe, Judge of Proliatc. Ín tU-uiuiu-r of toe Bátate vi t n!ii! LnufUi deccar..i. i in reading and filinir the ]X'tition, dulv tctWií Bridvt Taylor, praymg that seme suiiabie ptwn muy bé appolntéd Adminidtrator of said t-iute. 'riii.n'uiHjn ii iaordered, ll.:it Hondiiy, theieiad day rl AQgUBtnest, at teno'dockin tlie forew. For the hearing of said peliticn. sw that theheirsal law ot .said doceased, and 11 ceber persons interested in èvad estáte, are ivniircdtoapi! . i'tiuit. ííi-'n to behyldeu.iítit rrobate Offioe, in thc City uf Aun Arbor,adk cause, if vny therel-, whythe pmyeroftbepetiftas shoiild nol 1.' granted : And it is further oidíreitlii said petitioner give iiotice to the p ir. oí thf nendenoy of said potitiim, aud ii hearing thereof, eauBfng a copy of tlus unler to _ pubtiabed in the Mtehtffm Argot, a newsfajicr priB} and cireiilatin in said county, tliree successive Ittk lrrvioi tAflAan day tA hearing. Atniecopy.) ' HÜIAM J. BEAKM l:!30 Judfcof I-KEst:ito of Jacob Sangrcc. QTATEOF MICHIGAN, Conntr of WaahttBM U At a aesaton of the Probate CourI lor ihe CuW if Waehteoaw, holden al Probate Office. a_J City of Ann Arbor, on Thandfty. the ciitb ? of Jalv, in tlie year oiie thuusand cljjut I"1' and seveuty oue i'resent liram J. Beakes. Judge of Probite. Id the matter of the Estáte of Jacob SnpN [sed. , Ou reading and Hing the petition, duly vcrii1Auna Sangree, prayine tUst a ceriaiu in ment uow ou öie it thrCort.piirportin;;to l" 1:i-ï wlU and testament of faul deceased. ma.T &' mltted to probate, and thui she may be apprt suic Kxecninx f. _ 'ltïerc-npoii it is orrlcred, that v servnto day of Aajjust neit, at ten rfcwj in the torenoon. be asftigned for the heaniíjj snid petition, and that thc' legateee, devbf hi-irs! at luw of said deceased, and all c persons interested iu sairt e;itfc are rl"_ lo appcar at a smsIob of said Coort, tben löj. bolden at the I'robate Ollice. in thc City o' Mij bor.and show canse, if any tht-r.1 be wliy the prfTv of ihe petitioncr should not be gianted: Ad"1' lurther orderad, that sa d petftlonei ivcnoïi10 peraona tnlercfeted m -:ii esta%, of the fenrte" raid petition, and bcariivs ' bereof. by ___ copyofthta order tobt publisbed in tne -. _! I newtpaper printed and circnlatlDg ■ _, Connty, three snecessivu weeka rcviontílo sí01of beanng. Ci traacopy.j hiiía.m j.heakes. 1331) Jndee ofPrai Estáte of Patrick Holwn. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wasliti__J Ata sessionofthe Probate Court f"'t!ier% .,1 Wa-htniaw, lioldeu at the l'robaie Office, ""_; of Ann Arbor, on Tutsdar, tho twenty-e_2 ot' June, in tbc year ooi) thousaad tié'ht huui1" si-v. uty-one I Uin.m J. 13ckei. Jmijre of Probate . In the matter of the ertate ot 1'atna "" ling mul mina; the petition. doly TC"rri i I u-kin. Administracor dt roL ____ iiH annexed, piaying Ihat hc may be ru tazn tsiaie, vherief suitl ö .1 W ,- Thereupon it is ordered, that Vednesoy 'vTy doy of Aognsl next, at ten o'clock in thc forcl!_r#'. asaigned fw the aaansg ot pL'tition, anu tt" . bslrs at. law of said dcaI(stl I to appear at n aesston of said eourt, tht-n to t1! at tho Probate Office, in the City of Ann A""! i . . u any tfiére le, why the riaicr ,_--( petitioner should not be granted: And it Is . - ordered, that said petiooner givc nolicc to tr[ intercsted in said estáte, of tlm xK"linL said petition, and the hearing thereof, b_ c'!ruJeópy of tliis order to be nunnshed in thc r__ - newspaper inñite.1 and ciiculatiDi; l? connty, fom sucoessiTC weeks r'viouto sn"10 icopyj HIRAJIJ.BEAB; ; Jndgo of WCommissionerg' Notice. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, ( of Wnshieo'% 0 Thi nndersigned havioj been appol Probate l'ourt for said rinuily. C; mm eiamiuc and djTsl all claims annwijji 01 all persons Oirali BttboeslaicofCi ristopnerwa ,Id i - iinty, rlecoaccd, bnIP 'JjJÏ tbalslznonlha from dfttf are allowed. oy mj1 ■aid Probate ''"uu for credltors to Prf'""d linsl the estáte of saiil rtt_c.-i'.-J . " , ti„v ÏÏlmeel at the office of Ru hard 'n"Jn ilio'citv of mi Arbor. In said Connty, i Ihe mih day of Angnst, and Salurday, _"_J day of - nnary ten o'clock A. of said days, to n-ceive, examine, and U11 claims. l!yff4 RICHARD BEABAS, ( coimuM JOU.N LÏ.NCU, i


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