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-Mis E. Stuart Phelps says viporously - "Bo}rs and girls bogin by boing astonishingly alike. Up to a cortain point thoy go. hand in hand, but pvesently thoy waiv6 B&oh other t':irevr!l. with a oomparatívely few happy exoeptions. Mature lif.' - which develops tho man - stunts th woman. "Bg iïois on. 8he stands still. Heunfolds. She droops. Ho puts himself at. compound im SfajB doos well if she savcs lier principal intact." Tho rcason of this, Miss Phelps fjjoes on to say, is tliat mIic puts hor inte) lis;once, shivwdness, inventive power, indnatry, patience, and n.ll her wits, in tact, into - chifles.' And she rcluntlessly impliea that the majority of women aro dead and buried, and "faahion" is tho headstono standing over thoir graves. A TEX-ypur old miss told hor mother the other diy that she was liever froinsr to mnrry, but moant to be a widow because widows dressod in guoh nioe black, and always loolcod so happy. ,


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