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"the Weaker Sex."

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A lato writer boll!; g tho proverbial pbrase whioh describes wom "the weaker sex." He- perhape !i sbo - says tbo weaker sex ís man. Who ever heurd of a woman giving herself iij to drink on account of reverso of fortune í But bow inaiiy men bocome confirmed drunkards froto no better oanse P One of the excuses for man's drinking is, that he can not resist temptation. Women have sometimos the same temptation but, not büing so weak, they can rosist. Again : women bear pain with gr :.1 .■:■ fortítude. Tlu-y daré to have cancers njmoved and ímmy other fearful operatáons perfonned without being made in8en6ible by ansesthetie ; w'nilo men most invariably take chloroform, or som, . ot' tbc kind. I remember oneo notfcing ttin wall in front of a dentist's chairbroken away, expoBing the lath to view ; the placel oomparativoly new, I made bold enough to inquire the causo of t!ii .■ circuiiistancc. "Oh, that hole in the wall," gaid tho dentist, " was made by men kicking when 1 have been extractino; their t ■■ "Why, are men's teeth harder to draw th;ni woDien'ti 't" 1 uciiun.-.i. "Not ut all," saiil he, "unly the women bear pain better tban men." A il t 'iïs is thft testimony i verywhere. And again. When man fee! he chews tobaooo is a stimulant. Wo man, instead of ohewing, fights till she gains the victory over aii id ends by havmg a i brain and an uushakmg hand! Whtit do you - ■ ? Are not soine of these tliings truef


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