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The Sheep Bot-fly

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As to remedios for this p:'.risite, thcro seeins to bc nothing kaowu that is tntirely efifeotual Whatever will ] thu ily trom depositine the egg oí in tko gheep's nostiil will be a sure 'y, Init at'tor tlic Livvíc or bot has once effocted a secure lodgnaent in the vities of the head, it i nol mu -h ase to try to dislodge I they are y ui mail and looated in the lower part of the ni anythiug that will er. uso llio shi forcé thotn oü. ie time is souiütimcs put up t!unose. A nmltitudo of romrrlos nml preventives are reooromended by vario but perhaps nono of them can be entirely relied apon. The best and i inonable is ! ■ leir hosoh with tar, whioh is asu illy effli ctual if . Bome Vioro large : , ut,, lo ■. of in the pastures, tiil theholea witibaaltand cover tho sidos with tar, and by thia means the shcep will keep their noses well smearcd. When any nuinbers of the larvce are in tho nostrils they may be removed by introducing into the nostrils a foather wet with turpp.ntlno or weak bolio acid.-


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