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1. Tbo first iüsliiu t - bout a new fashion is the true one. Don't wait till your eye has In-t its accuracy and your judgment ■t the af nuce to ner.-tl rule, and bówto the decisión. '_'. !:! Buits one p x.n does not suit anothcr. Knmv thyself. ;i. Dress should supplement pood points and córreot bad ones. Thick and thin, long and short, uro not all to be subjeoted to oud Pfoemstean style. !. ( olors should be hurinonious, should ::i isscd, should be beconiing. ïd est, ïniviy little points or blotchfes of color sprinkled n-.-.r a oostnme prodnees a piod ;i td speckled effect, aè of i monstrous robin'e egg in ,1 plum pudding; One tint should prevail, n.'Hiíved by a contrasting tint. No amuuiit of fuebionable prestige can eaable tm unbecomíng color to be coming. " Ñile Green will turn sonie peoplc into oranges, though twenty eatpresses ordain its adoptio 5. Lines should be continuous, gracoful and feminine. It is better t; look like a w man (if you happen to be one) than j : ; .1 1 piale. ü. Orii.'.uii nt raust be stiborainatë. Xature, witb all her profusión, never forgets this fundam ntal luw. 7. Above uil things, be neat. Dainty precisión and freahness is as essential toa a as to a llowrr. 8. Individuality'ia the rarest and tlio cheapest thing in the world. !. A,i! tastty, "StyHsh" is of all the words in the Englisfa langu most It has slain its thouiands. -


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