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Sowing Clover Seed In August

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Being a constant reader of your valuable paper, and feeling.a deep interest in itural pursuita, I'wisb to learn of your patrons the test mothod of growing clovor, itnd, therefore would bo glad to oxchange thoughte on this subject with different agricuïturists. I have livcd twcnty years in this region, and have raised clover hero for sixars of the time. I have sown the in niid winter on tho snow, in tho ., in the summer, and in the fall, aml have had the seed failincatching in all the seasona, exóept when sown in tho month of August. I now settle down upon tho opinión that this is the proper time to bow the seed, more especially in this climate, as threo years out of fourwe have a. drouth between April 20th and the first of July, lasting, many times, for months, and entirely burning out the ;.'i;iss th it springs front winter or spring seedings. These drouths are not so eomraon in the Eastern States, where spring sowing will do well. My mode is to sow in the month of August, and put no croj with the seod, except it is for protection- whon sown atter raising a erop of oats, enough oats will ooinr up from the Btubble tor protection. Corn is a sure erop for clover to oatoh with, if sown between the rows ; even theii I should sow oats with the seed. I flnd tlie effect of piaster on my clover' to be good. In 1869 we had a good grass 11. Thai vimv T did not use piaster, hut in liSTO I mowéd the gamn ground that I had niown the yeur before, and niy hay was Lncroaaed one-third over the pre-' vioua year. In 1870 1 usod piastor, yet this year was not so favorable for grass as Ivlil was. The increase I credit to the uso of


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