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Fattening Cattle On Grass

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In Groat Britaiu and Ireland the vi;:iUiiiest and most independent farmers are those who occupy large farms of good grasa land, and who fatten and scll anniKilly large numbers ol oattle. This class of farmers are oalled graaien ; thoy koep vcry little of the Luid in tillage, do' not winter large numbers of cattle, but buy two or three-year-old heifers and steers in the spring", keep them on choice pasturo during the summer and aututnn, üinl si-!l before the animáis begin to lose flesb late in the falL The vaet herds bf cattle are Bometdmes maaaged in a similar way, li'in purofaaaed when in low condition, and ilrivon on the ranch and succulent prairie grasa until they have become nearly fat. Farmers who have good graas land should devote at least a portion of it to futtening stock; good two or three year-old beilera and . kopt on a rich pasturo for eix months, would probably puy better than inferior tillage. Tlio moncy would all come together, and the cost of transportation, coinparcd with that of cereals, would b trilling, l'vcrv farmer should fatten all bis young stock that aro not reqniréd for the dmv or yoko. Selling f any kin . I tey are ]roperly made up for the matket is verj' bad ■m. nt, and a deal of money LB : ia tilia w;iy. LittJe six j'ear oM Georgië, having been instructed by his dunt Ratio to pray for hie papa, and licinü: one eveninjf interrupted in Uis devotions, and being fcold liy her that hf must nnw pray for his cd' A uní Katio, you just hold your horses n v. Who's running this prayin'i you or me:"


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