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Commissioner Pleasonton Suspended

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Tiie Preüdaat t.ii; maraing reoeived tha ibllo .viu ' irja Ujjl. isoilton : Ti'.Fa -i: Di a i.;et, Oítjceoí' .h . Ojmw 8a .. . . --.. ' ! I Mr Piiu.-iDKXT- In iniawur to youi reqiwst, traotumitted thcough Geut. Porter last eveni;i,y, tnat i sAould tender my resignación o i tho oilie of Comrnissioner of Internal Revouue, I eau only reply that .under ordinary ciroumstancoa nothing would give me greater ploasure than to accede to any request yoa raight make ot' this kind, but tho causo tbr making this request was stated to be tho ditforence existing betwoen the Secretai-y of the Troaaury, Boutwell, aad myselt'. As regards tho governmeut and managemout of the interual revenue, Boutwoll claims pjwers whioh onder the Iaw3 of Con gress are vosted sololy in the Commiseioner. ïhi; quostiou is, thorelbre, a logal one and the precedente oi' our government ha;e baon to have such questioas, when aptjealed to the Prosiieut, roferred to tho law officei" of the govornment for bis opinión, and upon ■which the President would base his decisión. This course waa puraued by Presidenta Jnckson, Tyler, Van Buren, Pierce, Fillmore and others, and has been tae niibnn oourae of tlie goverument. Knowing these facts, and belioving tiiis to bo the proper way to 6ettle nnjr ditference of views as regards law wüich migln exist betweoii the Secretary and the Commissioner, I addressed joj. a couiínuiiícation, some time sinoo, making an ap peal for your decisión ot' the powers oi' the Oommissionor uuder the act of July 20th, l.OÜ. This appeal, as I uaderstjod it, is not to be oateronued, but th subject treated rathr aa a pcr: soaal' dltfereuoe between the Sucretary and mysölt'. In this coaneütion it is proper to add that the personal conduct of tho Sjcretary has been such as to preolude the tender ot' ray roiiguation uutil aa opprtunity is givmtui of rindicating my adminiatration in tho Internal Ravenue Boireau. In justiee to the public iuteresta placed ander my oharge, aad tha importaaoe to tho taSpayors of a popular solution of these di!ü nüties, l injst rospeotfuliy decline to tonder you my rsignation, and trusting that it will not be doomed inappropriato, L will agnin suggest thut ! your preseut doteroiinatiou may be j icoonsiderod and an inwstigation oi' the matter of the dilïerence botween the ecretary aad myself be referred to the Attorney-Qoneral for his legal opinión. With respect, (Signed) A. PLEASOXTOX, (Jommissioner. This letter was accompanied by a private note from Commissiouer Pleasonton esprossive, it is saiJ, ot' his devotion, frieudsbip and sappjrt of the President in future. Within two hours of the receipt of Mr. Pleasonton's noto the Presiden' sent to him a noüñcation of su pension : Execotivs Mahskot, Aug. 8. You. are suspended from the office of Commissioner of internal Kevenue in accordance with the terms of the act approvod April 5, a. d. 18(58, to aniend an act regulating the tenure of certain civil offices, passod iarch d, 1867, 6ubject to all the provisions of law applicable therebo. (Signed) U. S. GEAXT. To Commissioner Pleasonton. On recyiving this notiQcation General Pieasoatoa vaoated the office, lea ving for his siiccsssor the folljwing note : To J. W. Uouglass, First Deputy Commissioaer of the Internal Bevenue Bureau : Sik : - Ilaving this day been sus pended from tliis office by the President, I turn the same over to you. Eespectfully, (Signed) A. PLEASONTON. Mr. Douglass immediately ontared upon the dutics of his office, and received the congratulations of' his f iends. Mr. Pleasonton is suspended until the end of the next session oi' the Senate, and Mr. Douglss is to perf'urm the duties of the oflice in the mean time The immediate cause assigned in official quarters for the sa-pension are, tha; the internal revenue was not collected with efficiency ; that Pleasonton reversed the rulings of his predeceseoi's in several important particular, and made decisión?, the eli'ect of which was unnecessarily to lesson the public receipts, acting indepeudently of and not consulting with his superior officers as to theso and other matters of' ailministration, and that the change was necessary in order that there might be harmony in the working of the Treasury Department.


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