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The Alb: y Argüe, tiniversally icknowledged to be oue oi uie aDiosi Üsmooratio papers in tho c 'un::y, haa Üxs loLowing, whicli we toga. d as s-,.i-, uy the uonoiaurutioii oí'all. Denioumti : i b Radical papors take a purtial Eind aupoiliciai viow of the situalion, in discuesing tho political proepeot. Il is futiJo and ridiculous to ussuuie fehat the issues upon whioh vo woro deíeated in 1868 are to be foisted into the canvass in 1872. ïhoy are dead and buriod, and' no more capable oí' rosurrectiou tlum the quostion oí' the oi' Louisiana. We aro not to be íbrced iuto a position choson for us by our oppoueuts. We had some wlioli lessous in tho two kiat Presklential oluotions, awb it is our iatunl.ion to proik bj them. The settlementa oí' the war aro aniong the thiugu that are past, and are not to bo revivod, We take issuo on no obsoleto quedtions. - Wu ínioiid to arraigu tho Kepablican p.irty íbr its uiisdeedí), and hold it respoiibible for uuequal and uujust taxati.m, a languifihing {breiga commoree, and extravagance and torrupíiun in the adniinistration oi' tho governmont. These charges, with tho epecifiuations to support ttiem, will niako up an issue that musl taak the ingemiity of ih Radical party to stand up uguinst And thoy are not to bo kopt in aboyance by appenling to intorests and passions, ovorruling the past, but wliit-h havo now diud out. The attoinpt to divido the Southern Doinocrats by giving importanoe to the utterances ol' men tbrmerly influoutial in that región, but who havo now tallón out oí' lino and ai-d without power, local or general, has ahvudy proveí to be abortivo. Substauúa!, ropresenlativo raen, verywhere, accapt tho Oonstitutional amundmonta as an integral porüon of tho fundamental law. They do nofc admit them to be wise or just, or i'airly incorporated in thu Oonstituti;i. ÍSor du ihey proposa to be re sponsible for futuro resalta. But these organio changos havo bc-en íormally made, and there is no intontiuu of reeisiiag their operatibn It is a oludeii quemón which i hoy do not propose to consider. And tho captiotis, iuconsiderato assortions oí a fow men who fonuerly led public opinión in the South, will makö no impression on tho judgmeiit of tho people. Tho overthrow of Radical rulo, nilor which fcbey aro now groeuking, is too vitad a thing to be jeoparded by disputes on abstract propoaiüons. We oi' the North and West eau eudure the mismanagemont and corruprion consequent upon the ascenduncy of the party i;i pover as it only alíecte our material iatereate ; but a l)eraocr.itiu victorj meana not only Bubstantial relief at the South, but a remo val of political disabilitios, and penalties as Wüll, and a re.ïtoration of social order and a jast adminiótration of law. Thousauds of mon in the Southern country who hve acted with the iiepubiicans since the close of the war. teel that the peoplo of ihe South havo been oppi'osaud and plundorod uniil iurther endur;iucc has becoine impossible. Houestlv regarding the civil and political equality of all men as a permanent consideration, thoy wure long blind to the euormities of Kadicalism, and co-operated with the Ajiministru - tion in all its pernicious mensures lor pöi'p -tuating tho ascendoncy of the party. But these people are now gettiug their eyes opened. They are beginning to see the pornicious teuden cy oi l{ttpublic;in administration, and tho neoesaity of subverting the existing dynasty. Reflecting men, irrespective of party bias, perceive that public prosperity and nalional honor can not co-exist with selfish and corrupt prácticos of the party in power. They will unite in condemning the jobs of the military rings, upheld by the President and his frieuds. They will no longer sanction extrvagant land grants and moncy subsidies to great corporationa. They will insist upon a tarín strbtly for rovcnuo - upon a reducdou of the burdons of taxation by the praclice of rigid ecouomy, and that tho honor of the coun try shall be maintainod by competent and worthy siatebinen, at home and abroad. The traditions of the Democracy, with an expressod detoimination to reform the government, in every department, wid aonstilu'cö a platform broad enough ibr honest inen to stand upon, preckiding tho necestity of going into detail, or puzzling plain'men with metaphysical distinetions. We shall present candidates, at the proper time, who will embody tho progressive "iews of tho party, and make a bold, diroct onslaught on the adversary, without permitthig oursolvos to be put on the defensivo, or being forcod into explanations of any description.


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