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The British Throne

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Mr, Thomas Huchea entortains the notion that the death of Queen Victoria would tndanger tho cxistenceof the British throne, and a many people fancy she will be tho last of the Bfitish soveroigus. But then nobody can teil how long a time may elapso beforo her Majesty shuttles off tliis mortal eoil. A recent writer mentions this rather startling circumstance, that if she lives as long as her grandfather, George III., her reigu will extend into the twentieth contury ; and il she shoüd b3 as 'ong-livcd as were all the others oi'the.IIanovorian British sovereigns, sho ivill bo ou tho throne long alt?r tho part of Üie present gen&ration has passed mvay. Sho has worn the crowu thirty-iour years, biit sho is yet onlv fit'ty-two years of age. Hor grandfather aepaarted thia lifc in his eighty-second year, and tho sixtinth year of his reign - tho longest reign in Knglish history; and if ehe 8hould live and reien for un cqual length of time, she will be. on tho throno in 1901. She coraos from a long-lived family, as may Well be seen (rom i he years of tho four Georgos and William IV. As nobody prupoaos to break down the throno whilo she filis it, tho question of British royalty must be left tOithe dëmocraoy of the twentielh ountury - perhaps.-


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