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Decline Of Watering Places

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The watering ploos coinplain of slack patronage this.jvar. AH kinds of reasous are assigned for tlin fact, ao melancholy lo hotel keupers. Business at the commercial centers is dull. The war over peoplo go to Europe instnad of Saratogo, Newport and Long Brauch. The weather has boen cool for tho seuson. Such are explanations offored by correspoudunts. In each of these there is some force. Trade has not been vory active in the ei' es, and few persons have rauch rnoney to throw away in the delusiva pursuit of pleasurc at Arueriean spas. The tirio f travel to Europo has boen sprong, but n t strenger than in other yeirs, when t,iu laudlords at tho sprints and on tho beaches hived enormous profits. Bat whilo these soveral reasons of th' s-aut su of waturing places are not devo:d of weight, say3 toe Journul of öomrntrte, tho real trouble is that the American poople aro beooming sitk of th"so rosoi-ts. Taey finl miich fuss thero, som.) fa.ihion of a quostionable grade, a good doal ot sor li - boos aud showy vulg.uity, larg.i, unor. fortau:o hotels kopt at high prices, aud I numeróos otíier p8ouliaritiea trom whioh the oitT is fcee Tharefore th y st y ia town, lil o wise pejple aa they aro, and Ihe watering place hotel kuepors lose moncy.


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