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The Louisiana Radical State Convention

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AKW UltLEANS, Aug. 9. At an oarly hour this morning a larao orówd of whitus and bl.; .iblort aroun 1 the custoia house building where the Ujpubliuan Convention convened. About oine o'clock two companiea of the Nin ,'t xmth United States [nfantry, with twü Gatlin gnus, under command of Capt. Smith, srrived. TIn; troops marched in and staoked tlicir irms in the hall it tbc head of tho steps of tho Cun:d street entranoe. A largo number of Poputy Unitod States Marshals closoly guarded every ontrancu to the custom houss, and 110 one was pennitted to enter without a ticket from Marshal l'ackard. WAUMOUTn IXDHi.NANT. At half past ton Governor Warmouth, acooinpmiiod by Geni.M-:il Oampbell, Senator Pinohbaob nd somo eiglity followeis, tomo with and soiuo without tickots, entered the building and nndeavored-to pass throagb t.iu li:ill, but wi.Ti' stopped by a doputy m i.-rlial and informed that no one would bo pennitted to mss until the hour lor oponi ig tho oonvontion. Warmouth expresse 1 nis imlignation, and mouiitod a chuir aad said : "Euving been refnged admittanco to tho huil designuted ly the Central Committoe for holding tlie convention. I propose that we nov adjourn to Turners' Hall, and holcl ix conrenfáon tliore." Thia speech was reoeived wiiu cliCO'.'s and n fi;w aisses. Warmouth djscont'ed fioin tl; ohair, prooeeded to and entered his oaxriage The otDwd took out horsos front the oarriage and lr igfii.'l it triuinjihantly through tho Streets to Turners' H-ill. TUE WABMOtTTH CONVENTIOX. At 12 o'clook the Conven tion wasoalled to order and Mr. Ma itera, cf Carrol paris'-x, electcd temporary chaircoan. .Ul ssrs. Warmouth, Pinohbaok, CampGell and Judjje libblo denoanced the United States offioers, Julgc Ihbble charaottuizing the Cus toni Souse Conrention as a body of administration favoritos guarded by b.iyonots and lawluas tjrranny Pir.cbbaclc s.iid : " Is it. possible thiit we idu'to bc put down by tho goverunient we h:ivu Sustained 'í tt' that be tho case, tho sooner tliis govemment is torn down and a monarohy built upon its ruins the better." A permanent orgutdzation wns mad( with Pineliback as President. The Con vention then adjoumod until half pas sftven thia ovniag, to mcot at Turners Hall. TIJE REGULAS C')XVKNTIOX. Mr. Paokard called thu Custom House Convrntion to order at twlve o'clock and J. Henri Burch, oolored, was chosei oh livman. ïiio Com::iitteö on Crodontials reported in favor of the W innauth delogatea in soveral parishea ail tive ..ut of the uiteen city waid. Sputuhes weie 'li'üvi.nd by Postmaster Lowell, Dunn, Carter, Ingraham, Hardy and others, al] exoeedingly bitter on Warmouth, and the ui ijority of them accusint; him of being recreant to every trust, a:nl au enumy to the Bepublioan party. Tho committee rwported resolutinn = guaranteeing n place in the free sohoolfi t i every child ; approving the limitation oftheSt te debtto yiö ; oalfing upon th Qovernor to preserve paaoe ; dedlaring that Gov. llciiry C. Warniouth no longnr ajoyed the oonfidence of the Republioan party ; instruoti i r the delegatjs to voto fbr U. S. Grant tor nDini) ation at th.i next Natinnal Bepublioan Couventi n ; doclaring thu New Orleans Rspublicaa no longer tlio organ of the R'ïpublican party, and itsking tho administratiou t j withdraw the Federal printing ; thaaking President Gran t forhis promptnjss in protecting them. All Federal o&cials were re-oleoted on thu Central Coriunittee. The Convoation then adj urned ritu Tne tr ops ou duty were procured from G.'n. Reynolds, oommanding in Texas, on a requisitiou from the United States Marshal.


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