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Ann Arbor By An Outsider

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Van A.nïwehp, of thejackson a wide iiwake dalljr - wasluonr ciiy a few houra mi Hoodny, and here is wuat he savs o; us in li s luesday's issue : We paid h üriet' visit yesterday to our sister city, Ann A.rbor, aud altiiongh we ditl uut stop in uie towu a sufflcieut leuglu of time to take gei.eral obnervatlous, we s;nv uii'i-iiïi evldeuces oi growtö and iro pi-niv in che ImuiMliate viciulty ui wüsre tke búa aera is transiicttd The opera house, wliicli hj.s buen built and completen Ui year, is.! cerjp liaudome structjire aud 8Qppiii8 a luns needed want to tlie thy Tiicy liavc. we Duderataud, uever bad pnbilc hall of aoy cou9rqueiiee, and con certs, lucturCH and otber amasemeuu hive been giveu either in the couri room ur in out ut tiieit ciiuiclies, aud [niinycompauiefl, tor ihls reasou, have been obliged to pass by Iliu place. Tlie woik ot tiijisliing up and urn imentiug the Interior is nol yet en tlrély completed. iiut ii is so (ar ad vaneed iliat it was o, ciiud last ëveulng by Maiming's Mi:ist els. Tne building cost bout loriy ihouiaiid dollars, aod iliu hall, it la :iM, wlll M'.u lideen luimlred pcr.-ona. Un the uoi'th siiit al tlie public square wo not céd a I rxe br'ck bïock belng erected It coniauis e ght stores and is tbree Btorieo n hetht, On the Kouth Bitleol Uie square, vacant soroe time ;tiii by the removal of Cook' Morel, is liein erected a large i ick biock tur a hotel, aud stlll on anotber Htreet we observed a brlck block of quite inre proportlona lu procesa of construct ou, whích, wheu con pleted, is to oe used lor dus'ukss urpoxes. The iil' Uuiversity building, 'or wlucli n ipproprialion ol seventy flve thousand dollars was made hy the Legislatore last wiuier, is o i t ; 1 1 ji built, lt is t be used, wlien corupleted, for offices for the Professors in the college, recital on rooms, etc, and is to cumain a hall which wil! sent tliree thousaud people. Asile lioin tlit-se public linprovements we were Informed thutularge numht-r o; dwelliug housen - some o( tliem very elíí:iiit ones - are belng huilt, and that Uits year exeeeds uil previous ones for building and otliei' general auit substantial Impruve I1KIIIS. Iikc all othcr Michigan tovvns, Aun ArOor aspjvs lo a well, and witu a view of securlng ttile great desiderátum, has or gome time been boring uto the routid apou the west siile of the public gqnare Tliey h-ive alroadj reaclied n deptb of eijiln lintiitryl íeet, but háve not oa yel sn ceucled In strikim; a vein of' water that wil! rie to the surface, and althongh s(in! of the citizens lüive falth thxt tli -ir laborg vvill nnully be rcwarded ptbera ex pres grave donbts as i the fnoresa ol the eoterprlRe. In boring for water, however, in-v have diMcovered Balt ■ a very txcellent quiility, anti ti:e watpr now belng brooght np is so gtroBgly Imprégnate! wiih the brlny subütancc that i nnmber of the trees in the vlclnlty, opon the roota of whlch it Ikis been thrown bave wlthered aiui rtied. All sound, Van. except as to the court house beir.i: used for concerts, etc, and the openlne of the opera house by "Maunlng's Miustreis." lfyouhave not yet lieard the Spy of Shiloh, DOW ix'iliíí performèd in Iül's Opera ÍIoie, ander the direction of the aathor, Fuank IIoivard, for the benen o: the Porter Z-mives nrl Ludios' Llbrary Amoclatlon, don't fal! to do go thls or to morrow even I Dr. Tlie new hall is roomy and worth seelog, the stane scenerv is fine, soino parts o' the alleorv are amusinu; and some thrllllng, whüe the tableauxs are heautiful, and the vrhole is well performed for amateurs. The object of the perform anee ouirlit to secure full lionsrs, aml m view of the object we waive of the piece itseif. The premia in list for the Union Exposi tion, to be lielil at Grand Rapids 00 t iu I2th, 13U), 14ih and 15'h of September, is potten up on a liberal scle. The least of the attracti)iis will not be tlu ilcp irtmini in clmrite of the State Pomolo;ical Society The attendance of Uuas. Dowring is an nouuced, and fruits are expected from Kan:is, California, Florida, Tesas, and other distant States. Before us is a piece of mnsic, " Clone the D 'or GerUly for Molker's Anleep," composed ly Oüstavds Gkaky, pubüshed by LTON & Hhaly, Chicago, and sung by C. 8 PrbdbbiCKS, of Mnning's Miustrel l'rou i " Close tbo aoor gently, for motlier's asloep ; ] Ii iVvcr is broken- lier elumbcr is deep : Look in her p;ile faoe, tind aee there is no pain ; Oh, darling be thanktul, we ve llother alruin." Rtndered in Mr. Fhedekick's toachlng way it is n popular piece.


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