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"eating In The Cars."

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Ed. Aïious : - Au iirücie joma: te rounds of the press, (-■iititifd "Eatlng on the Cart," deserre mort than a passing putloe from soine ODfl o. lts uumerous readers, The advice giveu N ijood eiioug'.iif It were not ior the spiteful spirit eviuced t)ivairl travelers lo general, and chililfeu in particular, wlio lodolge in the pernicioiis babit. He doe not setin to reiDem ber tbat ia travel lag llie proper appeiitt lor regu'ar mcais ia olteu Taiiliiig, and that it returns or a falntueSa ensiles after a lew miles travel which is only alhiyeü by food, aiiil il' lie thinks "dry crickers" will ■office lel iiim t.ry t. Havrkera pecMItog llieir uares on tiie cars are not very general ly patroiiized, hut sometimos they carry cool, luscious fruits wliicli are esceeiUugly rel'resliin to the faint and vveaiy 'ruveler, trao, inr De makes a "mus" in eatlng, is in his own seat and does not inter-ere witli or iK-eil ainKjy lila nelguboi'. But Whal particularly aitractecl my atteotlon, was the manner u-ed in speaking oí chlldreu. The wivtcli wiio wrote article is cold and cruel, and eau scarcely rate a9 a tlemati lo tiie inuguagc ased. Siiice lie hales "squaliiug bi'as," and liiinks thcy "uuiflit to be apanked within an ílc'i oí thílr Uves," bec.iuse thoughtlvs pamits íívu tliem cakes, cunclies, nuts, &c, "iii(lucing, l'ulhiess, iudlgestloo aml u general feellng of dtecomfort," 1 can wlsli no inore punisliiiieiit olliim than lo ob'ige blm to travel round the globo witU a ;nlux I o: ciiildron, aail let tliem "makt a niess' and 'greaae tlie seats'' a id "c t.rwaul" to their luart-' coateut, on;y it woukl bu too lian) for the poor darllnga To tliink o a penon, a man, I am suro it is, a htuirtless bachelor at that, for lo icjinan dwnrv Dg tlie nmne, vvonld cali a saffedng cliild a "yawper," or lila cries, in conseqiience of illnuss witli storaacliache, ' squawking" and %'yelpinr,'' as thoagb thcv wcre dos and cats. I wónder wtaat kind of a fatlier, teacher urgaaidlaa he wouui be over helpless infancy ! Heaven forbld, ie should ever be elther, uutil he can leun to be more tender t:nd sympathetic a.s Well as vvise in iiis adininistr.itions, and get rid oí tlio general asperity of his uaturo aud tlie acr.mony of ti is splteful (onsoe.


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