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Who Robbed The City

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l(1roin the A Iban v Ar us. Tho New York Times has suddenly stopped with its " disolmuxeSf" its " revelations,"' or whatever it calis its exorbitant exposures on tle County Oourt House. Il cominenceU by exposing a plaaterer; it brouglit the accounts of a furniture maker to light ; it unearthod a plumber, with all his monstrous charges. Any one rho ever had a pluraber in his house knows what kind of a predatory animal tllilt 18. Uut why stop at these threo men? A plumber and a plasterer can not build a house. ïhere must be masons, and ca.penters, anrl joiners, and turnurs, and architects, briok-layers imi stone-masons, gilders and paintcra at work. Did not every ono who built a house have to meet the inexplicable bilis and charges of theso men ? The ïfew York champion of v.'r ue and economy stops at the ruvolation 01 thiee items ot' these extravagant accounts - hy is tliis? Tho ïuan firat etposed was a Deinocrat ; the next a man of both sidea ; the next a Republican " o.' ]urest ruy serene." When the limas found tint the men whose extravaganoe and eitortion it had üamed before the public were of its own party, it rocoiled ut its uwit work. It has ceased to speak. lts batteries aie silent. It has callod a public meeting to denounce their trands ; and it cuín monees its work by donouncing the inenting in advance. V'hen any in;ulligent body of eitizens shall meet in Xew York to t:tke into considoration the uanagestent uf that city and the remedijs to apply to it, tlu-y wül have to 9Xjose cl.icííly the infamy of the Republiean e.tbal, and of the Times its organ, and of ;he train of corrupt foliowen that have : .tti-ned on the fpoils of that rieh city. The Tintes stops short when the villi niy of its own íoliowers comes to the liht. !t does not retract but it conceals ! It sneaks fioni a light whieh it entered with jravado and boisterous insults at its poitieal opponents. Unler the system of proflígate expenditure and xtortioa w.n:h its party organized, and whicb lor ton years it tolerated, wiaked at, particijated in tho profits of, thore was a largo nd loose babit of auditing accounts.- lut all the accounts were first sent to the S ate Legislature to be audited there. i he Ra ical majority crected thore a tollgutu tni'ough which all these plasterers vnd p uinüers and carpet-sellers and forune makers had to pass, and to pay. A ladieal editor reeently went through thfi Vew York Court House, and asked, whero i ai] this plastering, all this furniture '; We can teil him. THe hands of Radical Dolitieians at Albanv had to bn Tliisteri(] mnually beforo the New York tax levy oulii become a law. To oup man, a saint )f Ut. Lawrence, sixty thousand dollars md to be paid; to another, a white neeklotl.ed scoundryl trom Madison, a sum nearly as great. Garvcy's piaster whitena rails and fertilizes farms in tho west of ot the State. Ingersoll's furniture decks espectable maiisions in the interior, and neighbors wonder how the Wealth and astr of the owiier were so suddenly doeloped. Does any one supprsa that that old Eeiublican ñrm of pluinbers, the Keysers, vere let off with with farnishing a New York Conrt House 't No ; their lead pipe an into Herkimi-r, and tapped the pol;ics of Montgomery. Indeed the sewerge of Cayuga and Chautauque, it is beïevod, founi their maohineiy and euiplent at this goud old Radical establishïent. There is a drainage from New York nto the interior, under tho laws, wbich morinta to millions annually. The school aw and tho system of appraisement in N'ew Yoik, as contrusted with the ratio n the rural districts, gives an advanttge o the State or against tho metropolis of overal millions a year. But this inoqu tlty undur the lawii nothing cunija.ed vith the secret bubterranean drainage which exhausta the vitality and the trength of the metropolis for the benefit f Jtiidical poiiticians in the interior. But is th;s a deí'enc; of the extravaand conuption of the city adminstration? No! But it shows w'hy Demorats have never been able to apply the emedy to flagrant wrongs. For ton eara the conti'ol of legislation has bei n n the hands of mm wlio had one politcal virtue - loyalty - and every political vice. They rubbed New York of its ight of self-governiuent, and they made no pólice, the health board, tho exeise, ml above all, the douVile li ■adod Board of Supervisors, the placer upon which hey quartc-red their unscrupulous and venul legislators and insatiata officials. We must apply the knife to all this corruption. It wi-1 probabiy cut deep .ito mon of our own party; and the ilesh vill quiv.r and the nérvea reoral. But it vill touch no vital part of tho Dornocracy. The party wnl recover and be stronger for the opcration. As to tho other side, tho instrument that dissecis tais corrupt and gangrened cáncer must each its heart beforo it eau sound the the depth of its disease.


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