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Too Good By Half

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■ A gentleman said at a camp-maetlng in Iowa, last week, that ho had been married twentvivo years, and during all that time ba ïad iiovcr given his wife a cross look or word. This man should havo boen an ingel long ago ; he is altogither too amable tor this world. His is an amiabilty, however, that is not entiroly dosirable. He would be olassed by most peo}lo among the woodon men. He would till any liigh-spiritod woman in three weeks by his iniernal oquanimity. He is as unchungoable as a bass-wood tree, as mpirturbable as a mud-tnrtle. A house night f'all down on him and it would not mug an cjaculation from him. His wife might run away with three raon at once, uní 10 would control himself so as to say nothing whatevor about it. Such men as ho raake domestic peace an intolerable )urden, and aro altogother too saintly tor luah nnd blood wivea.


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