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-Henry TVard Bee;her in his routh otten waxed high in discussions vith his father - turning on somo such qucstion as this : A njan walking by the ido of a rivor, full of floating ico, hears ,ho cry of a strangcr, and moved by the ui pulse of goncioiity, piunges in, struggles ;o save the drowning man at t!io risk of hia own life, and at last succoe1.? in bringinjj him to the ehore, then takes bim home, and soes that he is made dry and, and comfortuble. "Now," sa;d I, 1 i.uliiT, was it a good or bad act in that man to risk liis own life to rescue a fellow111:111 from diowningf Was it ac ept-tblo t God, or was it notr' ' Thfre was nci virtuo in it," said father; "it was amero nat'ral impulso." "WelV'said I, "supposc such natVil impulses were spread all tlirough u man ; what wjuld be lhe dilfemiloe belween nut'ral iin'j ui ca and gracu '{"


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