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New Youk, Aug. 8. The money market has bccn quite active íbr a few days past, thoogh many of the tioavy operators are still absent. It is r-xpected that the big bullï will be drawn f rom tlieir retreats at once. The superabuudance of curreney Is at last taking the dlrectlon of govpraments, whlch are -teaiily growiug iu strengjth. To day c taponsof '1 closed at 117, and curreney 6's at 114 Gold is flrm at 112 U@ 112J : the exporte are quite heivy. Sterling :s steady at 109%. I,oans 2@2!. Large aniouiits, whlch can not be placed on cali at@! Pcr cent. are carried over daily. Cotton h is dedloed Lc this week, and dry goods jobbers do uot like the signs of the linies. The fact Is there is au unclerstood strite between manufacturers and jobbers. Tlie former have nu faith n infl-ited prices and ar' maklng as littlc as posslble, while the latter vrould like tosee ;reater actlvlty at the prtnit-works, for the moral Influence It woold have In stimulatlng trade. Seasonable woolens and mixed goods are selllnj; :i slia:le lower than expected.but there is a lack of demand in uil departtaenta of dry goode. Breadstuffa rule cl uil. The stock of wheat In elevator and afloat is iully half a million bushcls. Sbipplng gradea of flonr declined to $5.1O@5.35. Wheat a little flrmer to-duy, Mich. Amb. r 140@1.41. Corn qiilet. Mich. Oats 00. Western butter 1O@2O. and but little export demand. Egga flrm at 2l@23. Mesa pork declined to $13 50 spot, or montli. Lard, lOfor kettle, 9% lor steam. Hops held flrm: 1870'a 12@14. Groceries quiet with very few ciianges: sugar dull- Stan. Uarrl A VZ}. Detroit, Au;;. 9. There have been few commercial evento worth cbrontcllng in this city the past week. The midsumraer quietness has not vanished by any means and nierchants rarely Mud the:nse!ves obllged to recall thcir clerk's vacations. Lmnber is moving more fteelj and hlgher prlcea are confldently looked for. The dry goods stores show very little animaüoa. Hardware men comp:;iin but little, but the grocers think it time more business was doiug. There is ti1) scareity of money, on the coütrary "collections easy." In drug and chemicals there is more sttr, and some material cbangea in vnlues. lodlne preparationa continue to idvaDCe, but American Büffron Is lovver and heavy. Paint and labrlcatinu o I are a:iin quiet, with prices la buyers favor. Opium is a shade lovver, and Paris Grien is a playcd out substance, which in mv dealers wish they could get rid of. The bread.-tufímarket is full of life. Flour is quiet but steadily increasing In both city and export demand. The receipts of wheat average from 50 to 60 cars per day L:ist week there wcre iully 000 cara, th largeat amonnc ever ivcelved in this city in same sp-ice of time. To-day abónt 70 care cbanged hands. The cloulng prices j E.vua 181; Treadwell and No. 1 white, 124; amber, 133. Coro la acaree and flrm, car lots of No. 1 sellins at 6üc. Ous steady and in gooJ demand : new. 40; okl, 45 Barley, 1.50 1.60 per 100 pounds. Bye 00@05c por bu. Apples are mxt to unsaiable. Country hippers wlll run mnch risk ofgettlng coxt on their apples Tor the next few weeks Tluy wlll do wel! to let Ihem alone The same is to be sald of ie.-irs. The latter are oöVred at f 3 and the former at $2 p r barrel. Ruiter plenty and dull ut 1O@17. E-srs ll@12 nnd few' bny ers. Oni(;iis, $3..r)0 por bbl. Potatoes clull at 00c per hu., and $2.25 per bbl. Standard A silgar 18o, Money, 8@10 per cent. Ann Annon, 3. We anote th!s p. m., as folio ws : Whe.ví- $MOgl.2O, accoPdlng to quall. tyOats- O'd, 40c; new 30. Cohx- 60r. Nkw Potatoks- 80c. Omons- $!.",(). Bdttei; - 15c. Kr.r.s- A novel sperin candle has recontly bctn iutroduced :n London. Aecording to the desjription, i'our lateral aperturas near the lower end oí' the candle communieate f.ora tho outside with intemal longitudinal passages, so as to admit air. By thi arrangement, it is claimed, upward curren tí of air will be formed in the paasugi ■., which, issuing in close proxinaity to tl.e tiivrae, will produce moru perfect combustión and inciease the qu;mtity ot hght given out by the candle. The longitudinal passages may eit-er extend nearly up to tho tip oí' the candle or may púas directly through it.


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