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How To Kill Trees By Watering

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lieíore wo bad learned what not to do in jjomology and arboriculture, in order to roukc trees thrive luxurmntly and bear abundantly in hot and dry weather, we destroyed scveral ffne evergreens simply by pueiile management. This occurred during a severe drought, when wo knew do more than other boys how not to water trees. Evr-ry evening several pailsful ot' tepid water were poured on the dry ground around eaeh tree, and Üip parchi l earth drank u]i the seanty supply without seemiug to have been even sprinkli d witfi water. During the day the soil around those trees seem'd drier and harder llian when thero was no water. The more Üu-.y were watered, the more tho leaveg :iud branches and tho hard soil seemed to need a generous drenching. No effort was mado to Favo any exce]ting tliose valued most. But evory onc thai was watered liberally died betbre winter. Tho trees were well rooted in grass ground, haring boen plantod two years. Ifsomeone had to!d tho inexperi youth to spread straw or shavings round about those treos, over a arca ot' ten foet in diameter before applying the water every ono could have boen sa ved. If the ground were inellow and not mulched, the tme wy wonld hare been to draw li;;ik ;i few inches in depth of the surfacc, r liberally; after which return tlie inellow soil. This is tho fcrue way to . any plant, if we erald prevent tho ííiound froni l)ecoming crusty. ?,Iulchiii is botter. If bearing :■ : mtdchod dariog the hot and dry woathir, t!ie fruit will grow much ':rfor it.


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