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The " Fat Sheep."

The " Fat Sheep." image
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-Some twrenty-five jtuis tfcgu, wiirn x was pastor ui tl cmircn in , I took occasion, ono evening, to attend a special meeting at the churcji in that place. As is their custom on such occasions, one after anotlier rost; and xavi' in his or her experienc'es. After a time, a man in bunible eireuinstnnces, small in staturo, nul with a very effeminute, squeaking: voice, rose to give in a piece of liis experience, which was dono in the followhir imtnner : " Brethren, I have benn a member of thig chnrcfa foi many years. I have seen liin-d times ; my fainily has been afflieted ; bui I have tor the first time in my life to 3ee my pastor or any of the trustees of tliis church cross the threshold of my donv." No sooner harl he iittcrcd tliis part of bis experience than he was suddenly interruptfd by one of the trusttes, an aged man, who rose np and suid, in a firm, loud Toice : " My dear brother, you must put the devil behind you." On takinrr his seat, the ias-tor in charge quickly arose, and also replied to the little man, as follows : " My dear brother, you must remember that we shepherds are sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Whereupon the little man rose ngrain, and, in answer, said, in a vory loud tone of voice : " Yes, and if I'd been a fat ono you would have fouñd me longago." The efi'ect upon the audienco can be better imagincd than described.


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