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Preserving The Flavor Of Butter

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- llie verman Agrttiiltvrtut says that a : portion of' the fine flavor of tiutter is destroyed by tho usual modo of wushintr, and ho reecommends a t.horough kneading fov the removal oftho butterniilk, and a subscquent pressing n a linón cloth. Bn+ter thufl prepared, acccrding to our authority, is pre-cmincnt for its sweetness of tasto and flavor, qualities which aro retaincd a long timo. To iniprove manufacturad butter wo are advised by tho samo authority to work it thorouplily witií t'resh, cold milk, and )ion('" wash il in clcar water; nnd it is Siiiil thal evon oíd and rancid butter tnay be rondered palatablo by washing it in water to whict a fow drops of' a solution of chloride of lime have been added. A naughty littlo boy, blubbnring bef ause his niofhcr vonldn't let him go to the livcr tin Bunday, upon being admoni hed eaid : "I don't wm to go a swünwant to tro tle boya ;: ior goiu' a BWiuiiuin'."


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