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Kit Carson And The Grizzlies

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Kit Carson caica round the party he wa8 ,,, t0 , muofa chanoo of gettir I jrdinglyoi i diüob on lus own a ■ bing tliree oi the besti'rom those whö vi re aiiidus tojoin hiiu ; and with these [umediately set out tbr Jjaramie Jiiv.r. 'lili- wás in sarlj . and they met with unusuaJ bucoösb during the montos whiob thoy re-maíñed togethi When the winter gave signa of aph, Carson and ! is comp uu ■■ oluded tu join Captain Brid iel oul on a oold, clear tnoming, and tor bovi ra] days met withno incident worthy of inention, te one afternoon, im'i the party had gune into oamp, Curson. who had lingered somewhat in the reats into rauip, and flinging liïQseQ to the ground, gave bis lioi- in harge of wie of the " What's i v now f " inqnired the latter. " ['m tired of riding, and want a httle reroiee oa foot" ■ Going on a hunl E " " Tiüit's my nteution." ■■' When my e &rni " Cm ed iq to the sky, so ae to gure of the time f dy, and then ngwered : if boUüe as, I hall bring yon out Bttpper in time." "Wit h liu'sc wxrds he flung his rifle over is ghoulder, and btarted off on his ovent'ul liunt. Ho walkeil btia t a tile, when he oame a the tiüil for bout half tftatdistai ught ight of the game gazing on t! il!. Aait is an ext: oapp] ' urvoy of the natura) surroundinga to see what help ho oould gain t'rcm them. Yiithin a short distanoe of him were some diminutive serubby pine rd whioh be began creeping on lus . Consid ie was occupied in reaohing them, bnt he snead fbund that had the game within r mge oí' hia i Upon raising I :'-' to fir. , he fonnd that he had not ; the exact spot be I, and he :vsumed his oreeplng ovor tb l; but had moved but a Btep or two when ho :..u ,!:i the wary animáis hud sci dan r,m, ana, nitliougíi he kej this body invisible, yet he deoeive the " delii olfactories. Iinmeaiately jan moving slowly away. This ction on the part of the elk or pe is alwaj inary to a l,.;ij, ■: , . without wait. i rson quickly sighted bis and pulled the ' iggor. The largest and t'attest of fhe game 1 bound into the aii .-. whiíe t forwArd with the interna for the 8npper of himself and friends. Ere he reaohed the prize, however, a terriü . . and he knew at once thi ipallina danger was at hand. Turning his hettd, he saw two -. boare coming towarda him al ful] Bpeed. They appeored to be fairly wild with savagé" hunger - their re ' ■ open, and their white I contemplated the dainty sup] i I t;,, m. : thi n 1!.. j : anee to muttering growla as they advanced rapidly with their long i awkward in itself, bul great speed whenevei ohoose 1 1 ezeri themselves. Atsuolia time hesitation would hae beendeath. The beare were nol soi ik but. the hunter; and they were mm witn ;t vengeance, too. ]Iis rille was empty, in thore was no tini ■ to reload. Had he bul the Blain the without dilficulty ; but hisrifli 3 l'or that purpi ' d he thoughi o ! : making a d Lvmv. fighi ; but Kil Carson ras to oíd a bjiter to commit suicide in that mannev, and he held the thoughi lui :iii instant. The only prospect of safety was in hia : and throwing asida hia tilie, he Lade for thi 1 the ti p of his speed, nut pausing i glanoe ut the ■ close behind. Kit Curson, although sliort in stature, was remarkably active, and he bou over : 1 with the speed t' the terrified elk, who wera dashing .lins with the swiftni of the wind. Never had he sped so tor he was running tbr Efe, the which ever yet tempted a oontestant for Fortunately the distance and, a. moment later, he thunderea beres) tree, and reaching up, he caught the lower limb in one hand, over 1, and eer the top witli y of a monkey. But tl; huntcr was not yct safe. I climb trees, and they frequ utly do it far better i. He knew well ei that they wottld not yield their o in this na inner, but would immediatolv follow him. As soon, therefore, as ho had attainod an áltitude of about a dozen feet, he drew his knife, and began outtinj limb. He labored with despera il s, tor it] 1 njv depended upi n th In a few secoii'ls lic had out it huif off, andquiekly replacedhie knife, He :j' the limb in both hands, (gave it :i powerful wrenoh, and twisted it olear of the body. Just at this junctuv. ',: -n boneath ih' tree, and Ui" oext moment one the linib in ;i iirm groep, and placad himself in the best position hecouid securo to dispute the mat) ■ with thei. There is a peouliarity about grizzly bears, and, in fact, about all of tho various species, wbich, perhaps, is aot generally known. Their noses are very gitive, an3 they are moro susceptible to m that organ tlian upon any part of the body. Kit Carson was well aware of tisis, and the instant the foreraost bear caino within reuch, he dealt hiin a trèmendoue li upon the snout. The lruti shook iad, blinked, bnt held hls gr The nnxt senond a more pcrwerful blow was given him.and bewildered -it!) pain, he beat a hasty retreat to the earth, until he coul i recover. lbo othor bcar, howovor, had not yet mingled in the flght, but iinmediately did so. As he carne scrambling up, Carson i until h was in tho propor poaitfon, wli. u hu gave bim a half-dozen tvith thé qnicicness of lightning, aud with all the great fttrength thai be ".Kilil aummon iiito his mu hik Tlais was altogether mo:c than brit'n expected and taaie than he could st md. He was so oonfounded and pained that. he tumbled tu the groumd in a hei.p, but neither of thein v .,■ diajpoged to give up .■(■-■ It being the fall of the ynar, both of the grizzües itere quite fat. This undoubtedly, matlo Üioin cluinsy and nwk: their movements, and gavu thu hunter additional adyantage. Had it been duriug tl'C spring of the year, v.!..!i these fcuiinalg always are lean aad iniot bo bui ■■ ' ised th;i.t tiic fugi ive could have made auythiag like luccessful resisl [f tl i súoceeded in ing hiw before hejreaohed the tree, they woulii : rded him k fast that he could ii. i have made anything litce advantageous fight against them. By tho tim the s&eoad bearwas apon the tree again, roaring and growling with D fixed upon tlio audacious huntcr na mannex which showed that he b disposition to yield the battle to an un man likt him. The tarea was quite small, and Carson biniself driven to the vury lopmost boughs. Hero, as ho could retreat no further, benl i'.Liit:r t!n; weight oí the - : mi be prossed foi nntii he could alinost touch tho li-ut of the huntrr with his claws. Atthis juneture a auniber oí blo'ys were again straok upon hia nose, with such pover und effeol thai the brute, as before, rcliuquished hia hold and retired to the grouad Tbc bearsnow took a temporary breathLng spell, during which their growling scrceches mudo the solitudo hideous, while the vali&nt hüñter prepared bimsolfi is best he could from anothei assault from his e&emies. ■ iii_Lxt time, the two ascended alinost ber, butby this time Caison had .! up to his work, and he a bia blQws with such energy that one of them Was "i;:i to] ■. and give Büch evidence of pain, that when b ti'eated once more it was plain that he had got enough of the iiht. other ono, howevcr, niado ono or two more attciupts. i!:'.i the trapper was as sliv. ,, lid his knobby carne down with the forcé oí' a sí ham raer upon the tender nostrils of the animal, when he, too, withdrew, completely vanquished. Theflrst bear, growling aud lachryma tiiig, lili '.'.:■ Bpol without once lo back at the dimunitive foe who had bo thoroughly beatón him. The - no time in following him, and a few tniuutes later Carson w,is left alone. antil the bears were out of silit, he acscended the tree, and rogaiu-rií!'.1, reloaded it without deluy. ! pieces froin th be made his way liack tu camp, reaching it iint t in. Tnis adventure oí Hit Uarson's, wliir.'h is entiroly authentic, was certainty a. ivmarkable one, and it may be (!■'. ry man, without asing gun, pistol or knife, ever before or sinee dod in vanquifihing two . ■ grizzly bears.


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