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Betwoen the oras oí' pv, ;.;; i ooi ts and crinoline, there ■ a period of a few years wnen arm limbs oould olimb tn '■' hights Lhirv."i:i. and musole, sinew and lloo;l fair to holJ thoir own. The little I :;■ il giri of ben astride e bridlelesftsnd gaddleleMlK)r8e,OTpaddlingdown 1 gtream on :i rui 't of her own oon tien, had a Beason of pure anim:il enjoyment, and :t was thought Söough i grew plomp and rosy, wi and early to rise," oould to the tune of Yankee Döödle. She must e n Par in b c " i ea ■ " or out of them bofore she cnught a glimpseif 11.0 model young lady, with tapering waist, pinohed feot, fa nid a general air of Languor pervading every aentaud utteranoe. Shelookeduplay-flgure with admiration, and forthwi bnt with indifferen! , "As the , beut thu tree is inelined." Nature start, nul she would nol yield i:in: Btrugglfi. The few : women of fifty to day ;n-c tho ones yor.n; livs hti : ■■ live and óarelees asthei rorfettered l'inbs nor pre sed lungs, whose imj and i: heckyd or killud I re. Ghrnndy's stricture . : are the girls now who c;m play, in which they chii enjoy plfty withoutfear and trembling i 'í hink of trying to wade through ■ ir, and to enjoy the delici tion of water running over barefeel and around ban : y step one must ask, ■ Suc, does the lower flounecs touch the water f Will the orerskirt got splasbed? Ia the panier too low, and are the snda of tbo sush tucked up ': ' ïhink of trying to olünb a oherry tree, and enjoying the featand the fruir, when Umb thri on and tnzziea "T'.ip-inioi, or oí jumping irom a be.iin intu a hay-mow, whon your nother timba ai in l'igu gaitera and bound in tight bands - one would drop os -tniilit and inelastic as a mumniv ! it is unwisc generosity in American cnildren 10 { e uporte to tho [rish and (' ag tbr themBelves oro quet :inl pic-nics at which elal toiletscan be displftyed and studied etiquette ol servpd. These aro forladies, for Lfachild is left to act out childhood, it will no more ehoose u play that is bounlcd lv liinits or rules than would a lamb or squiïTol. -


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